Ukitake and unohana relationship counseling

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ukitake and unohana relationship counseling

Livejournal apparently automatic shrinks the images so the quality aren't that great. I was just experimenting but since I went through the trouble I figure I'd share. Bleach// Kyoraku Syunsui and Ukitake Jushiro. Kyoraku and Ukitake Bleach Couples, Bleach Anime, Mixtape, Anime Stuff, Geeks, Otherwise my advice was mega helpful, right? AGREE . Shunsui, Ukitake, Unohana, and Yamamoto. I'm going to say the old guard (Yama, Ukitake, Shunsui, Unohana) probably at least have the most reiatsu, if they aren't the outright strongest.

He tells Aizen that a Captain should raise their blade in duty, not anger, and that swinging an angry blade is just violence.

He then admits that he doesn't care if he loses his seat for doing violence to Aizen, he's just that pissed for what he did to Momo. Gets one during the timeskip. It's the same colour as his eyes, and fits in with his ice powers.

Daiguren Hyourinmaru's true power is the ability to "freeze" things. This includes special abilities and powers. Thus, while in its most powerful and mature form, no other abilities can be used, triggered or activated while everything is "frozen".

When he was in the real world, it was for almost everyone, to great comical effect. Flashbacks reveal he was the straight man to his previous captain as well. His Zanpakutou's most powerful and most basic ability can be used in either shikai or bankai.

Against Harribel, he only decides to use it when his Bankai is half-gone, allowing him better control than he would have had when his Bankai was at full power. Wise Beyond Their Years: He doesn't behave like a typical child his age due to having been thrust into the role of youngest captain in history. Aizen works out that the truth is obscured and that Hitsugaya does actually have the in-built weaknesses associated with his biological youth such as lacking both the life expectancy and emotional maturity of a grown adult.

When Aizen triggers this weakness, the ignition of Hitsugaya's emotions into an Unstoppable Rage and the other captains' inability to have foreseen this weakness spells disaster for everyone. Bleach characters, much like ancient samurai, ask for their opponents names and rank to acknowledge that they are facing an equal. Most notably, when he faces Halibel after a long solo duel, Hitsugaya prepares to use his ultimate attack, and the scene quiets as he asks for her name.

She obliges, and he returns the favor before bringing that portion of their battle to a conclusion. Haineko Shikai Voiced by: Rangiku is Bleach's epitome of Ms. Fanservicewith her having the biggest breasts, wearing her uniform in such a way that reveals her ample melons. She is a stark contrast to her no-nonsense captain, often sleeping during the day and going out for drinks at night, brushing off all her assigned duties.

She has a past with former Captain of Squad 3 Gin Ichimaru. Her Zanpakuto is Haineko, which dissolves into razor-sharp ash which she can control.

Her uniform is worn to expose her body just below the breasts as well as the cleavage. She's a surprisingly effective fighter despite her lazy attitude. Her hair is blond in the manga but strawberry blond in the anime. Oddly, she gets her original hair color back for one filler episode, Rangiku's a smart, skilled and loyal officer, that just so happens to love getting drunk, slacking off while on-duty, shopping for tons of stylish clothes, sneaking her way out of work and deviously getting her captain to pay and work for her.

In the past she was actually much more active due to the previous captain being the lazy one. Double Subverted as she didn't want to do the work herself Buxom Is Better: She's not above using her appeal to help her get what she wants, such as the time she tried to convince Ichigo to let her sleep at his house by unbuttoning her blouse.

Her breasts are used in a comedic way to embarrass the teenaged Captain Hitsugaya but the small-breasted Apacci insults her for being a "cow" when they fight at Karakura Town.

The omakes and anime takes this much further and has a field day using Matsumoto's chest as actual weapons to help her manipulate men, especially Hisagi. There's even one omake where the Soul Reapers are at the beach and she begins training the equally buxom Orihime in the art of carrying water with breasts instead of buckets—much to Ichigo's horror the anime replaces Ichigo with Nanao for the scene. Gin saved her life when they were younger and they were very close, leaving her somewhat conflicted over his defection, though she never considers going with him.

To Orihime, Haineko in the anime and Hinamori. Death By A Thousand Cuts: Her shikai, in which Haineko turns into a cloud of razor sharp ash she can control. Licks a long Popsicle in the Beach Episodebut makes sure to hold it horizontally to keep it from being too explicit.

According to the Bootlegshe's the sexiest woman in the Gotei 13 and apparently not a single man can defy her. The personality of her Gigai in the World of the Living is basically a more sex-crazed version of her usual self. If you wanna have a great party, she's the girl for the job. The anime has a field day using Matsumoto's chest for comedy. The first was at the end of the Soul Society arc, when Hitsugaya scares her so much her chest almost flies out of her top.

The second instance was in the Beach Episodewhere she yells at Hitsugaya for not partying with everyone else. Her gigai, definitely, though she herself is just flirty.

Loves her drinks and can handle her alcohol well. Wore such a costume in a filler episode and manga spread. When Yumichika complains about his Zanpakuto being stuck-up and vain, she points out that it's an accurate reflection of its owner. She then starts complaining about how lazy and moody her own Zanpakuto is, provoking Yumichika to throw her own words back at her.

She also often chastised her previous captain Isshin for lazing around and going out and about without telling anyone in advance because it deprived her of opportunities to slack off. I Am Not Left-Handed: Pulls this against Kira in the Soul Society arc. When he uses Wabisuke's Gravity Master powers on her Zanpakuto, Matsumoto simply activates Haineko's special abilities and it turns into ash, freeing herself and enabling her to defeat him offscreen.

When Ichigo tries to turf Hitsugaya's team out of his house, Rangiku retaliates by beginning to unbutton her blouse. Ichigo tries to resist, but peeks through his fingers. While Isshin Shiba is 10th Division captain, there is a constant battle between him and his lieutenant, Rangiku, to push work onto the other to avoid doing any themselves.

Shiba goes to enormous lengths to find new places around Soul Society to hide, while Rangiku goes to even greater lengths to track him down, drag him back to the office and make him do the work. In the time it takes them to do all this, the work gets completed by Third Seat Hitsugaya, while the effort to avoid it leaves Shiba and Rangiku tired, bruised and sweaty.

Weirdly, Rangiku calls Hinamori by her surname, but Momo herself calls Rangiku by her first name. Ukitake x Unohana, background Shunsui x Nanao.

Spoilers for the Soul Society Arc, mild adult content, descriptions of illness. Thanks for your contribution! I'm sorry this took me so long, I hope you enjoy it! The curriculum was four years long in those days. None of it should be skipped recklessly. He wavered on his feet, determined not to drop his swords. The pull of unconsciousness was too strong, a black riptide dragging him under. He fell but never hit the ground. He woke to find a huge creature with one eye staring him down, and fell back into the black, certain he was dreaming.

When he woke again his vision was clear, the terrible tightness of his lungs eased. There was still some pain and discomfort but there nearly always was that.

ukitake and unohana relationship counseling

He'd learned to tolerate the limits of his body, even as he tried to stretch them. The ceiling was unfamiliar, but the firmness of the bed and the smell of unscented soap mixed with tangy blood he recognized. He sighed, closing his eyes. This was the third time he'd been here in the last two months and everything was just as he'd remembered, except for the heavy dampness of his clothes and the feeling of hands unfastening his hakama.

He sat up abruptly, leaning on his elbows. A young woman with dark hair and tied-up sleeves was straddling his knees, struggling to unfasten the wet stays of his Academy uniform. How do you feel? Her hands stilled on his waist as she waited for his response. I just had a bad moment at the practice field, Unohana-sempai. Her face slipped back into serenity. Of course she remembered him—he was in and out of the hospital almost on a weekly basis. He'd never been personally attended by her before, but she must have heard of his illness and weakness.

He repressed the urge to squirm, miserable and wet. You asked excellent questions, Ukitake-kun. Retsu Unohana remembered him, and not for spitting up blood. She knew who he was, and she'd smiled at him. Her small hands had unfastened the ties on his hakama. Retsu Unohana was undressing him. Retsu Unohana ravishing him in a hospital bed. He closed his eyes tightly, trying to banish the image before he developed a humiliating erection.

The cold dampness of his fundoshi worked in his favor, but his mind wouldn't stop dreaming. Retsu Unohana in a nurse's uniform, short and tight, straddling him in bed. No, no—Yamamoto-sensei in a nurse's uniform. He made an audible gulp of horror, his brow furrowed.

Are you in pain? The position was awkward, but the bed was too high to undress him from a standing position without turning him on his sides and stomach, something that he knew from experience was uncomfortable or painful, depending on the severity of his latest attack. He could feel the warmth of her thighs on his bare legs through the thin layer of her hakama. She nodded, one eyebrow raised.

I have to get you out of these clothes; it's not good for your health. He'd never asked anyone about the inside of their soul again. Whatever sort of place Minazuki resided in, he wouldn't ask Unohana and risk offending her. I just didn't remember what happened clearly. Her eyelashes were dark and thick, her skin bright with health. He hoped there wasn't dried blood on his chin.

Her arms wrapped around him as she removed his clothes. She smelled like soap and rosewater. He breathed in deeply. If he closed his eyes, he could imagine that this intimate undressing was happening in another place lit with candles, that plush bedding was beneath them instead of a plastic-coated sheet, that she was close to him because she wanted to be, not because it was her job.

She turned back to him. He felt a moment of wonderment—Retsu Unohana felt something when they were close, too. He was shallow enough to hope it was attraction and romantic enough to hope that it was more, unlikely though it might be. She shifted off him, moving across the room to bring a towel over from a shelf.

ukitake and unohana relationship counseling

He stared at the towel for a moment before accepting it. She turned her back to him as he removed the wet fundoshi and set it with the rest of his clothes. He wrapped the towel around his waist and perched on the edge of the bed, where it was dry.

She turned around when he stilled. A nurse came in with fresh linens in her hands. Her body was warm and surprisingly strong; he tried not to put much weight on her, but she shifted until he was leaning against her more fully. He let his hands rest on her back softly. Her hair stirred slightly with his breathing; lustrous and short, it barely reached her ears.

A practical style for a shinigami, but he thought she would be even lovelier if she wore her hair long. The bed changed quickly, the nurse took away the pile of wet clothes. Unohana picked up a clean robe that the nurse had left on the bed. She dressed him, his attempts to help lengthening the awkward effort.

After she left medical duty, he'd probably not see her for years, perhaps. His best chance at spending time with the woman of his dreams was to be hospitalized. Yamamoto-dono believes that constant rotation reduces the effectiveness of our troops, more than it relieves them from challenging duties.

He wanted a few volunteers to test his theory that specializing is more valuable, and I have volunteered. Do you like medical duty? You have an obvious aptitude. Healing is at the heart of shinigami success on the frontlines. Returning people to their optimal health as soon as possible keeps our forces strong. More than that—" "Please go on, Unohana-sempai.

Her eyes were alive with passion for her subject, her face and voice animated. As many people as I can. Triage is a critical part of battlefield medicine. Admitting that people can't always be saved is important and necessary. Wanting to heal everyone—" She shook her head. He covered her hands with one of his hands. Bold, given the way she looked up in surprise, but he wanted her to listen to him, to feel his sincerity.

Having that as your guiding light is powerful. And if you fall short of that ideal sometimes, that doesn't make it worthless. Sometimes our bodies fall us, our resources don't stretch enough, and our abilities can't overcome obstacles. But doing as much as you can and striving to do more—that's beautiful.

Her hand curled around his. You're naturally inspiring, Ukitake-kun.

ukitake and unohana relationship counseling

You'll be an excellent leader of shinigami. That's why it's inspiring. Many have called me a fool lately, although not to my face, for staying on medical duty and not seeking the glory of the battlefield.

I'm superior in battle, but that's not who I want to be. We can only be as strong as our supports allow us to be. The serenity that she seemed to strive for was not present on her face—instead she was luminous with warmth and intensity. The moment stretched, both of them still. Her eyes were full of mysteries and depths that he wanted to explore. Her full lips parted slightly.

He shifted closer, only a few breaths separating her mouth from his. He wanted to kiss her more than he'd wanted anything before. There was something—a connection—that he'd never felt before.

It was wonderful and more than a little scary. He brushed his hand over his face, stunned. It was more than an hour before she returned. It was as if that magical moment had never happened. He didn't say anything about it to her, because what could he say? Yet he couldn't stop thinking about it, and about her. Retsu Unohana was seriously distracting. I want to be close to her. You're in love with her.

Accept it now or don't, either way is fine. But I think you should buy me a drink when you realize that I'm right. And weren't we going to study now? I'm going to the library. He held to that belief for several years. He graduated from the Academy, becoming a shinigami of some regard. Whenever he met Retsu Unohana, she was serene and he was polite, and they never spoke on anything deeper than his health and the weather. And then there was war. Yamamoto-sensei said these events happened in cycles, foreseeable but unpreventable.

They pushed back the enemy, but it would only be temporary. His eyes opened to a jagged and holey straw roof; it was a building in the Rukongai, where the main front of the war was staged.

From the quiet he judged it to be removed from the front lines. He listened to his own ragged breathing for a moment, wincing slightly—he sounded bad, but it was just exhaustion exacerbating his condition—it was painful, but not enough to take him out of the war. Below his own gasping breaths he heard even, smooth breathing. He propped himself up on his elbows to look around. A woman was next to him on the floor, her head resting against his thigh, as if she'd been on her knees beside him and collapsed from exhaustion.

He couldn't see her face clearly—it was partially covered by her hair—but he would have recognized her under any circumstances. Had she come to heal him and fallen ill herself?

Jūshirō Ukitake

She shot up, coming awake immediately. She brushed her hair out of her face, tying it back quickly. You collapsed on the battlefield.

I just need rest. But how are you, Unohana-san? It looks like you fell asleep where you were sitting. I hope I didn't make you uncomfortable. Please, let me heal you now. When she brought them to his chest he could see her trembling. How long have you been on the front? When did you last rest? I will heal you, take another energy pill, and return to do triage on the front. He could see deep, heavy shadows under her eyes, and her face was pale and drawn.

Her steely determination shown through the serene expression she wore most of the time. There's downtime now, so please take some rest. You obviously need it. She pressed his shoulder, attempting to get him to lie down again. This time when new wounded soldiers aren't being brought in is critical. We must heal as many of our powerful fighters as we can, so that we can overwhelm the enemy when they strike again.

But there are many other healers working now, aren't there? Ones that have been brought in because of the enemy retreat, ones that are fresh. You can rest for a little while and go back out when you're revived. There was no arrogance in her words or manner—it was an acknowledgement of fact.

There were no healers in Soul Society right now as skilled and strong as Retsu Unohana. I don't imagine anything like that. I don't know you nearly as well as I'd like.

ukitake and unohana relationship counseling

But what I do know is what it is to be frustrated by the limitations of my body. You're at your limit, Unohana-san. I know what it looks like, because I've seen it so many times in myself. Did she want one of the positions? It was very likely she would get one. Do you know how many female candidates there are?

I am the only woman being considered for a position. You are wrong about that. Even though you are a candidate for one of the Captain positions, you didn't research your competition? I don't consider it a competition. I'm sure Yamamoto-sensei will choose the best people for the jobs. Unfortunately, you are very wrong. This is very much a competition.

All of the candidates are competing at this moment, in this war. Your position as Yamamoto-dono's favorite may insulate you from this situation, but that is the reality. The other candidates are not. We must show our worth here. I must show my worth as a healer, instead of as a warrior. He had been arrogant without realizing it. He'd seen the rivalries and the machinations among his peers, but hadn't connected it with the Captain positions in the new Gotei He still believed that, but perhaps it wasn't the same for everyone.

I should have seen that. You were focused on what was important. You focused on battle, and trusted that Yamamoto-dono would make the right choices. I have been working to my limits, it's true, not only for the sake my patients, but for the position as Captain of the new healing division. There's no one else as qualified as you, and regardless of what you think of Yamamoto-sensei, I promise you that he will not be swayed by any temporary show put on by other candidates.

You are the best healer that we have, and you are an excellent leader of troops. There's no one else that deserves the position more. She glanced down at his hand on hers. He felt very self-conscious, but didn't remove it. My training says victory at any price, but I don't believe that is the most ethical choice.

I've tried to leave that training behind," she said. Why would you say that you feel ashamed? I've been thinking of how much more I could do with command of my own division, how I could train my subordinates, how important it was that I be given one of the Captain positions. But you have simply trusted that the outcome of the selection process would be fair, and that you would receive whatever you deserve.

If you didn't receive a position, I doubt you would have raised a fuss about it. You are—cleaner than the rest of us, who considered our own advancement even in this time of war. You've done your best for your patients in this war.

Wanting to have a position that allows you to do more in the future isn't wrong. If I haven't, it's not necessarily that my motivations are purer. It's that I have limited resources to spend on things. I have to focus on what's in front of me now, because my health doesn't allow for much else. How can I plan for a future when I don't know if I'll have one?

You must, especially if you aren't sure that you'll have one. That's when it matters the most. But you will have a future. Your condition can be managed, and we will manage it. She was beautiful in her determination, and that he was the subject of her intensity was aweing to him.

They were paler pink than usual, but still full and lush. She had a sensual mouth, one that he'd imagined kissing more times than he'd admit to, even to himself. Unohana didn't speak, just watched him with her dark eyes brilliant in the dim light.

If she knew what he'd thought, what he felt, it didn't show. Her health was important, not only to him, but to her patients, to all of the shinigami.

She inclined her head slightly, releasing his hand and moving to the pallet beside him. In an hour I'll get up and heal you, and then we'll return to the front together. To be honest, I need the sleep," he said, self-deprecation in his voice. You are suffering from exhaustion, as you'd suspected. I don't always stay inside them, but I know what they are. They were very close—he could feel the warmth of her body next to him.

It's still the truth now. Shunsui assures him that he will eventually. Ukitake, however, retorts that it would be best to not reveal his Bankai in front of everyone. Starrk interrupts by asking Ukitake how he fired a Cero. Ukitake plainly says "who knows, maybe he'll figure it out if he does it again.

No sooner does he fire a large Cero, that moments later, it comes right back at him, to which Starrk dodges. He fires again and notices the same result. Ukitake is surprised that he figured it out after only three attacks.

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Starrk then expresses that he is glad that Ukitake's power isn't to reflect any and all attacks back at his opponent. Starrk surmises that if Ukitake has to absorb the attack first, there has to be a limit to what can be absorbed. He then tells Ukitake that he doesn't think he'll be able to absorb the attack if he fires 1, shots at once.

Then seemingly out of nowhere a Garganta begins to open, surprising the three combatants. Ukitake asks Shunsui if it's someone new. Shunsui responds by asking if Ukitake thinks it's someone who could back up the top three Espada, as he hopes it isn't. When the Garganta is fully open, Wonderweiss Margela walks through.

Ukitake and Shunsui both question who he is while Starrk, just as surprised to see him being accompanied by a huge hollow[60], simply says his name. While Ukitake's attention is on Hooleer, Wonderweiss attacks him from behind, impaling him in the back and out through his chest with his hand.

Seeing this, Shunsui goes to attack the Arrancar, but is quickly shot at point blank range in the back by a Cero from Starrk.

They are both seen falling out of the sky to the city below. Ukitake notes that 10 days have past since the battle, Yamamoto has lost his left arm, but it looks like his stamina has returned, which is a relief as Soul Society still has yet to see a being capable of replacing the man.

He congratulates Renji on becoming more proficient in his Bankai's use. Byakuya's mood seems to change which leaves abruptly, causing him and Shunsui to wonder what is wrong. Upon the arrival of Captain Hitsugaya who asks him what is happening he details that he really doesn't know and apparently no one else is sure either. Upon hearing this Ukitake witnesses Captain Komamura move to attack releasing his Bankai against the mysterious man only for it to turn on him, much to everyone's surprise.

Upon a release of Reiatsu a large being appears before Komamura and fights with him and easily dispatches him as all in attendance look on in complete shock. Shunsui states the he is taking this whole thing seriously, but is more concerned where Captain-Commander Yamamoto's whereabouts are.

Ukitake is outraged that such a thing has taken place. They discuss the situation with Yoruichi who tells them she will return to the Real World and inform Urahara of the situation.

He and Shunsui then discuss the turn of events surrounding Byakuya, who has disappeared. Unohana arrives and details that while severely injured Rukia is stable, but still unconscious. She then explains to them that 12th Division has asked for test subjects and she has just returned from assisting Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi. The two captains are quite surprised that she went to see him personally. They are shocked by what Unohana has learned from Captain Kurotsuchi.

It is decided that they will have to quickly get used to combat without their release or else it could be costly for the Gotei 13 forces. As their opponents aren't just going to wait for them. They are then interrupted as Renji and Zabimaru arrive so they can be be asked if there is anything else they can use to further the situation. Zabimaru unfortunately doesn't remember anything about being controlled and can't help. However, they manage to obtain Gegetsuburi.

After the meeting, Ukitake resolves to be the one to inform Rukia that her brother Byakuya has turned traitor. They apologize for being late. Ukitake stops the poisoned Rukia from getting up and asks her if she found out what her brother was up to.

The party finds the cave by tracing Yamamoto's Reiatsu. He is forced to constantly chase them through the caves, it is not until he threatens to stop playing with them if they don't hand over their fans that they stop. They trick him and try to blast him, but Ukitake ducks out the way in time. They run off again and begin to play a game of hide-in-seek with Ukitake, much to his annoyance. When the twins try to attack him from both sides he surprises them by catching them both, but they kick him in the face break free and run off.

Ukitake finally realizes that the games that they are playing are just a delay tactic, allowing Muramasa to use Ichigo for something of importance. Upon sensing a huge explosion originating from Ichigo's power, Ukitake rushes to the location to find Yamamoto freed,but greatly troubled.

Muramasa makes his escape, while Yamamoto reveals to the others that Muramasa intends to destroy the Gotei 13 with it. Ichigo attempts to escape by jumping over the wall of flames, but is unsuccessful.

The twins get rowdy and he tells them to quiet down, and they comply. During this time, they happen to mention how it may be better for their spirits to reside in their sword form, which make the spirits very unhappy, with the twins assaulting Ukitake.

When Hitsugaya gets annoyed and storms off after discovering Nanao's involvement in Rangiku's responsibilities, Ukitake states that it is a nice feeling to be able to worry about normal things once more and that it was a sign that things were finally beginning to settle down in the Soul Society.

Later, whilst discussing the disappearance of Nanao and Rangiku, Ukitake suggests that they may might have been involved in an accident while in the Dangai, which Kurotsuchi disagrees with. When the lieutenants show up and insist only three hours have passed, Ukitake comes to the conclusion that time within the Dangai must be out of sync somehow. He is present at the meeting when the team is assembled to survey the Dangai World. They are then informed that Ichigo has been broken out of confinement by Rukia.

Their concerns center around how everything seems "too perfect", with too many captains agreeing that Ichigo should be arrested immediately.

Ukitake still doesn't believe Ichigo is responsible, but cannot figure out why all the evidence is pointing towards him.