Tom and b elanna relationship tips

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tom and b elanna relationship tips

Complications in their relationship lead B'Elanna to consider ending it because she wondered if they really belonged together and realized that. B'Elanna Torres was a Klingon-Human hybrid and former Maquis who served as chief This also led to the first obvious hints of a relationship with Tom Paris. I've always found the Tom and B'Elanna relationship to be one of the more interesting aspects of Voyager, but where in the series was the first.

From groan-worthy comic relief to embracing his inner Klingon, we discuss the things we love and hate about the character of Neelix in Star Trek: Jul 26, To The Journey Left Behind Jul 12, Innocence.

We discuss Tuvok's Vulcan parenting skills, the fear of death, and Chakotay's diplomacy learning curve in the second-season Voyager episode "Innocence. We discuss one-off characters that we wanted to see more of, and characters we wish had joined the Voyager crew.

Jun 21, To The Journey We discuss the fifth-season Voyager episode "Nothing Human" and the pros and cons of using Crell Moset's morally questionable research to save the life of B'Elanna Torres against her wishes.

Jun 7, To The Journey We bend the Prime Directive in an audio commentary on the third-season Voyager episode "False Profits. We compare our picks for the top three Harry Kim moments in Star Trek: May 17, To The Journey It seemed to mean nothing to him that the crew of DS9 was in peril.

tom and b elanna relationship tips

Bashir and Ezri These two seemed to be a fine enough match for each other, but like every other circumstance surrounding Ezri, it felt strange and pretty dispiriting to see an echo of a character we liked, and one who was in a relationship with another member of DS9, embark on something else so soon after her introduction. Miles and Keiko On the plus side, Miles and Keiko have a foundational link that makes their relationship believable. Unfortunately most of their screen time is spent bickering.

It gets pretty tiresome. They also managed to sell their compatibility. The main reason for not being rated higher is that the relationship seemed to frequently bring out the worst in each character.


Worf seemed like more of a giant baby and Jadzia became a jerk. Gotta like Corporal Cole, who gave Tucker a smack on the butt in front of everybody at a combat training session.

tom and b elanna relationship tips

Tucker and T'Pol discussed the matter, ten just gave in to their raging hormones and got naked and sweaty together. T'Pol tried to dismiss the importance of it, and they decide not to have sex again, or even mention it. She may not have smiled, but the look in her eyes spoke volumes.

Their future scenes together were hot, but soon started to pack an emotional punch as their relationship, initially resisted by T'Pol, slowly grew.

tom and b elanna relationship tips

In "Harbinger," aptly named, we see the true beginning of it, in all its sexy, steamy glory. The Defiant breaks through an energy barrier and Kira is wounded. The rest of the team beams down to the planet below and comes face-to-face with their own descendants; seems that the barrier threw them back in time AND prevented their escape. An entire civilization has risen, and everyone has family there, except Kira, who died--or will die--due to her injuries.

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But the Odo on the planet, not a descendant but the same one who crashed, can. Not many people would trade your survival for an entire civilization.

tom and b elanna relationship tips

Dax had a core strength, both physical and mental, that only Worf could both appreciate and match. She tries to keep going, but eventually insists that Worf complete the mission without her: Worf, devoted to duty above all else, heads out, then doubles back.

He hoists a now-unconscious Dax over his shoulder and takes her back. The Cardassian agent is killed, and Worf's action costs him a shot at ever getting his own command.

tom and b elanna relationship tips

Sisko reads him the riot act, but admits he would have done the same for Jennifer, and when Worf visits Dax in sickbay he confesses he'd do it all over again. Turns out Worf is the biggest romantic of them all, and the bond between these two is powerful.