Thor and jane foster relationship

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thor and jane foster relationship

She and Kincaid began a relationship. After some years Thor discovers Jane dying in hospital, his love for her undiminished. Sif sees that Thor. Her newfound relationship with Thor introduced Foster to the Nine Realms and the true origin of Norse mythology. Though Selvig initially tried getting Thor to. We've known for a while that Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), the as existing only in contrast to each other and within their relationship to Thor.

thor and jane foster relationship

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thor and jane foster relationship

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Hyde attacked Blake's office, Thor was there to stop him.

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  • Jane Foster
  • Jane Foster (Earth-616)

In response, Hyde began committing robberies disguised as Thor. Even though Odin tried for a long time to quash the romance between the two, he ordered her life to be saved when she lay dying after an explosion caused by a battle between Thor and Mister Hyde and Cobra.

Thor intended to marry Foster, but then Odin forbade him to marry her on the grounds that she was a mortal, not a goddess.

thor and jane foster relationship

Thor later asked Odin to reconsider the issue, and Odin relented, saying that Thor could marry her if she proved herself worthy. The superhuman criminal Mister Hydeseeking vengeance against Blake, captured both him and Foster, and made Blake a prisoner in a room with a bomb. Blake escaped and, as Thor, battled Hyde; but Foster, fearing that only Hyde could save Blake's life by deactivating the bomb, helped Hyde to escape.

Outraged by this seeming betrayal against his son, Odin rejected Thor's petition to marry Foster. Such assailants included Hyde and his partner, the Cobra ; [23] [24] his bitter foster-brother Loki; [25] [24] [26] and the Enchantress and her partner, the original Executioner ; [27] [28] as well as the journalist Harris Hobbs.

Foster left America and took a position with a man who proved to be the High Evolutionary. Thor followed her to the High Evolutionary's citadel at Wundagore Mountainwhere they were reunited. Again petitioning Odin to let him marry Foster, Thor brought her to Asgard itself, a place forbidden to mortals.

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Odin agreed to let them marry if Foster proved herself capable of functioning as an Asgardian goddess. Odin then physically transformed Foster into an Asgardian, granting her superhuman powers. As Odin must have expected, Foster was confused and bewildered by her new abilities and by Asgard itself. Declaring that Foster had failed his test, Odin turned her back into a mortal woman, sent her back to Earth, and removed her memories of her experiences with Thor.

Odin sent Foster to work for the physician Dr. Keith Kincaidand the two soon fell in love with each other. Years later, Foster fell ill and, lying close to death, called out to Thor in her delirium.

Jane Foster (comics)

Sif vanished, and Foster recovered, [33] also regaining full possession of her lost memories of Thor. The love between Thor and Foster revived, but soon she was captured by trolls under the leadership of Thor's enemy Ulik.

thor and jane foster relationship

To Thor's surprise, Foster succeeded in capturing the troll king, Geirrodurwith his own spear; Thor himself defeated Ulik. Thor attributed Foster's new liking for adventure and fighting spirit to the presence of Sif's spirit within her, although it is possible that Foster's personality had simply evolved this way on its own. After some time, Foster finally insisted on accompanying Thor to Asgard.

There, the Asgardian Grand Vizier presented her with Sif's sword and when she struck it against a wall, she was seemingly transformed into Sif. Kincaid launched an investigation into the whereabouts of Foster, whom he had not seen since her hospitalization.

Thor revealed his dual-identity to Kincaid and explained what had happened to Foster. Thor and Sif took Kincaid with them on a journey to the world of Kamo Tharnn. It turned out that when Sif infused Foster with her life-force, Sif's own spirit and body had actually passed through the Runestaff and into another dimension.

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When Sif reappeared in Asgard, Foster took her place in the other dimension entered through the Runestaff. But when Kamo Tharnn somehow absorbed the denizens of the latter world into his own body, Sif and Thor used the Runestaff to release the beings trapped within the Possessor, including Foster. Thor and Sif brought Foster and Kincaid back to Earth, and Foster and Kincaid were married almost immediately afterward.

Foster has given birth to her first child, a boy named Jimmy. The world at large remains unaware of Foster's past relationship with Thor, although a few enterprising individuals have learned of their connection.