The west wing josh and donna relationship quizzes

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the west wing josh and donna relationship quizzes

28 questions and answers about 'West Wing Mix- Easy' in our 'West Wing' category. Did you 5 In season six, Donna quits her job as Josh's assistant. 9 Which character had a relationship with a woman he later found out was a call girl?. The main set of The West Wing was so large it originally had to be . Doonesbury's Josh Lyman was a young Clinton staffer, and a . Moloney initially auditioned for the role of C.J. Cregg, but was offered the role of Donna. .. If You Get 13/17 On This True/False Quiz Then You Know Better Than Most. Photo of The West Wing — Josh and Donna. the sudden end of his forbidden relationship with Riverdale's young music teacher, Ms. Grundy.

When Annabeth took Leo's watch, Leo responded by telling Annabeth she wasn't a very tall person.

West Wing - Season 7 : Trivia Questions and Answers

Annabeth responded by telling him she thought he was fabulous. Trivia Josh explained to Edie that Vinick would win on security, but they could win on Economics. As far as the third box, it was for any other stuff that came up during the campaign.

the west wing josh and donna relationship quizzes

At the end of the episode, Santos told Josh that they would win on security, economics, and trivia. Bruno comes into possession of a personal item of Matt Santos' that might mean a political advantage. Part 14 click to play it. Question by author timence. His briefcase with personal papers Bruno urges Vinick to leak some papers that show Santos is paying for a woman and her child, but Vinick refuses to take the advantage on moral grounds.

As it turns out, this is an innocent situation, as Santos is covering for his brother. How does Bartlet react when he finds out who leaked the information about the military space shuttle?

Part 13 click to play it. He fires them Bartlet feels he has no choice but to fire Toby, who had offered to resign. Meanwhile, Josh and Matt Santos make the tough decision to let go some of their less experienced staffers when they continue to fall behind on polls. Question by author jllamb Annabeth Josh and Donna rush to the hospital only to find Annabeth in tears with the news that they couldn't save Leo's life.

the west wing josh and donna relationship quizzes

Josh tells Donna she looks great in the "stolen" dress, "The Portland Trip," Season 2 Excellent banter opens up this exchange when Donna puts on a red dress she bought for a date. Josh insists it's stolen, because she plans to return it the next day, but Donna insists she's just being thrifty.

On her way out, Josh stops and tells her, "You look really great in that dress tonight, Donna. You should buy it for yourself. In this Christmas episode, Donna issues repeated pleas for Josh to buy her various items of ski equipment as her gift. He appears playfully disinterested until episode's end when he gifts her a rare book on alpine skiing with a personal note inside.

It makes her cry, and he tells her he "meant it. Part 1," "The Midterms, "Noel," Season 2 For the purposes of this ranking, we'll group a few moments together that all showcase Donna's devotion to Josh in the aftermath of the harrowing Rosslyn shooting.

the west wing josh and donna relationship quizzes

Part 1," when Toby tells Donna that Josh has been shot. It's a brilliant moment of acting from Moloney, whose devastated reaction could not possibly feel more real.

In "The Midterms," Donna takes charge of Josh's recovery-work balance, creating a set of rules dictating how the other Senior Staffers are allowed to interact with him.

the west wing josh and donna relationship quizzes

And lastly, in "Noel," we find out after Josh has been officially diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that Donna was the one to first notice his symptoms.

Josh has a related hand injury, and at episode's end, Donna gently leads him to the car to take him to the emergency room. Josh tells Sam he think it's puzzling that Donna is the one pushing the union -- it's not that he gets jealous when she goes out with other guys, but he does "do everything within [his] considerable capabilities to sabotage it.

But, the poll wouldn't tell you it's because she likes you, and she knows it's beginning to show, and she needs to cover herself with misdirection. Yet the interaction that sticks out most in our mind is between Amy and Donna, safe in the White House late at night.

After Amy makes repeated unsuccessful attempts to try to enlist Donna's help in understanding why a comment she'd made earlier had offended Josh, Donna finally breaks and says "You have to get Josh.

After four full seasons of rising tension without a single overt mention of Josh and Donna's "love" from within the show, this scene was, to put it simply, huge.

Even though we don't hear Donna respond, the fact that she says nothing as opposed to some kind of quick deflection a la Josh to Joey Lucas in Season 2 is extremely telling. The scene is also notable as the last Josh-Donna nod written by series creator Aaron Sorkin before his departure at the end of season 4.

Josh throws snowballs at Donna's window, "Inauguration Part 2: Over There," Season 4 A very close runner up to the number one spot! What Josh-Donna supporter does not melt when Josh pauses his big good-cop speech in this episode to look at Donna longingly and say "You look amazing"? Often butting heads with, well, everyone, Josh would stoop to low levels to protect and promote his senior staff.

His assistant Donna Moss remembered his appointments, dressed him, and kept him out of trouble, but she left to work for someone else, because Josh was what? When she was wounded overseas he was first by her side, but he otherwise took her for granted.

Josh was sharp and savvy when it came to political maneuvering.

Josh and Donna: Through The Years

He was also hotheaded, rash and overly blunt, he was shot, he had PTSD, and he once caused the shutdown of the government. His troubles with women were frequent. Josh spent the last two seasons in conflicted but effective campaign with a long shot, Congressman Matt Santos, and when Santos won, Josh became the new White House Chief of Staff. In the series finale, Inauguration day for Santos, Josh and Donna wake up together.

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What is his brother's name? David David was an astronaut. He killed himself after being diagnosed with cancer. We learn of his death in the episode "Drought Conditions". She had a profession before the White House, and one she utilized secretly while there.

What was her occupation? Bartlet secretly treated the president for his multiple sclerosis MS. They were married over 3 decades and had three grown kids.

When Jed was shot and rushed into surgery he told Abbey, "Don't scare the doctors". I've been married to it for 32 years". As First Lady she helped the poor, children, and women overseas, and was often a sounding board for Jed in his work.

West Wing Mix- Easy Trivia Questions & Answers | West Wing

Though she made Jed promise he would run for only one term, a promise he broke, she lost her MD license temporarily for her role in hiding his MS. As the show closes, the Bartlets fly to their home of Manchester, New Hampshire, where Abbey will return to medical practice.

She promised Jed she will be by his side if and when the MS takes over his life. How many votes did they need?

the west wing josh and donna relationship quizzes