The bugle podcast ended relationship

The Bugle podcast

the bugle podcast ended relationship

Buglemasters John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman have suffered from overrunnitis the condition affects the overrunner's functionality, work, and personal relationships. Patients may feel compelled to begin their own podcasts that never end on. It's the trans-global satiricast that leaves no hot potato unbuttered. Andy Zaltzman breaks down the news with comedians from across the world including Wyatt. I would be accosting people in the street if I wasn't doing the podcast. released an episode on the day their romantic relationship came to an end – but I'm glad.

There is also an exam special for especially thick students.

the bugle podcast ended relationship

As we know, this queen's got back, Andy, she's got back I'm not ashamed to say that, Queen Elizabeth has got back. Sharon Stone fludges her pontullius Week beginning Monday, the 2nd of June, In our bloopers special we celebrate Sharon Stones comments about the Chinese earthquake being karma and Hilary Clintons latest gaffe.

the bugle podcast ended relationship

I've had a few' Week beginning Monday, the 16th of June, In an interview with The Times George Bush voices his regrets at not sounding like, you know, 'a man of peace' in his eight years as president. This week Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver bring you a European special in which Ireland ruins the future for thousands of bureaucrats and a village in Romania votes overwhelmingly for a dead mayor.

Barack Obama and his disappearing change hat Week beginning Monday, the 2nd of June, This week we look at overdog Robert Mugabes hardly surprising election win and the changing tone of the senator from Illinois on guns.

the bugle podcast ended relationship

Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver bring you a holiday special however the asterisk is because no one involved in the making of The Bugle recognises Americas independence. Have an 18 course meal Edit Week beginning Monday, the 14th of July, Bush Bids Goodbye to the G8 John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman return with a special from the G8 summit where Gordon Brown told the world to stop wasting food before sitting down to an 18 course meal.


Barack Obama is coming to Europe! Week beginning Monday, the 21st of July, John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman ask doctor love if the media has a crush on Barack Obama as he heads over for a tour of Europe.

the bugle podcast ended relationship

John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman try to make you feel safer by revealing that Osama Bin Ladens transport options are now severely limited now they've jailed his driver. McCain Attacks Obama In this infantile stage of the election the two presidential candidates turn to the childish weapon of the attack ad, something which this week John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman use against each other. Osama Bin Laden's taxi driver Week beginning August the 11th, John McCain claims in the 21st century nations do not invade other nations er apart from Iraq.

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This week we look at the Olympics with everyones favourite tactful diplomat The American, he's out in China as the sole representative of The Bugle as he dismisses things like Non American Olympians, The Great Wall of China, and passport control.

Democratic convention special Week beginning Monday, the 1st of September, Only when the entire podcast consists of which Bugle segments have been thrown into the bin will they consider not renewing their contracts.

Overrunner's Anonymous official logo Edit The early, primary stage of overrunnitis takes the form of extended, pointless anecdotes, long wedding toasts, and voluntary chatting with telemarketers on the phone.

Patients may feel compelled to begin their own podcasts that never end on time, host drawn out award shows, and compulsively dial wrong numbers to strike up conversations with strangers. In the lethal tertiary stage, the patient removes themselves from all situations that would impede their ability to talk incessantly.

In each of these three stages, the overrunners impulsively share their opinions, thought out or not, with any straggling person nearby enough to generously be called an audience. While some are able to support themselves with the revenue they make from such behaviors, most do not fare well.

In the final quaternary stage, the overrunner speaks constantly and does not require an audience. It has been speculated that patients at this stage forget the concept of what an audience is and just like to hear themselves talk.

Differential Diagnosis Edit Overrunnitis belongs to a family of garrulous disorders, affecting men and women of all ages.

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As a spectrum disorder, it comprises two overlapping conditions. Overrunitis can refer to a speaker having valid points of discussion, but not having enough time in which to delineate them, as well as a speaker having pointless things to say, but not having enough time in which to delineate them. Both subcategories aptly apply to The Bugle. Related conditions particular to The Bugle include: Speaking in a loud, idiotic manner kleptophonia: Unwarranted amount of testifying polytestcricketophonia: Not-humanly-possible recitation of cricket stats diploforecastophonia: Unnecessary betting and prediction on trivial matters uberapenisification: Rapid permanent enlargement of the penis Underrunnitis, the opposite of overrunnitis, has received much less attention in the medical community and the press.