The blacklist 3x09 ending a relationship

'This Is Us' 3x09 Review: 'The Beginning is the End is the Beginning'

Author has written 9 stories for Blacklist, Sleepy Hollow, and Bates Motel. I love the relationship between Keen and Ressler it intrigues me. Which is weird .. After the fight in 3x09 thru Romero's eyes. Hope you like the ending:) **. Since the start of the series, Beth and Randall have been the ultimate power couple and relationship goals for a lot of people. This episode. Tonight on NBC their criminal drama, The Blacklist starring James Spader As they are leaving with Elizabeth to kill her – Agent Panbaker.

So pop some popcorn, grab a snuggle buddy, and definitely tune into this amazing series! Red warns Ressler not to let Elizabeth out of his sights — he is about to see what the shadow government is really capable of.

Donald hangs up on Red — so he calls Aram, Red tells him that at this point he is the only person that can keep Elizabeth alive. They still have Karakurt — Harold and his wife Charleen begin bickering because he just found out that she cheated on him with their neighbor. Harold heads out to get supplies and warns them all to be on the lookout for the Kabul. Ressler arrive at headquarters with Keen — and a squad of armed FBI agents. They are holding her there in a bulletproof chamber until it is time to take her to the court house.

Elizabeth tells Ressler that he is never going to make it to the hearing alive — he promises to keep her safe. Ressler catches Peter trying to have his men move Elizabeth to another location. Ressler tries to stop him, but Peter informs him that he has permission from the FBI director to take Elizabeth I for questioning at an undisclosed location.

Ressler calls Red and tells him that he is right — the director and the Kabul are after Elizabeth. Red tells Ressler that all he has to do is keep Elizabeth alive, and get Karakurt from Tom and Harold. Back at FBI headquarters — the Director has men trying to drill in to the chamber where they are holding Elizabeth with lasers. He thinks he an trust Hitchin and tells her about Karakurt in Maryland.

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She's gone into the wind again. Who was on the other end of the phone call that Gina had after Tom left? Is Lizzie's mother still alive and if not, who killed her? Who is Solomon working for now that he's not working for the Cabal anymore? Is Liz really dead?

If Liz isn't dead, who faked her death? Kaplan faked her death with help of Nik and Tom to protect Agnes and herself, so she wouldn't have to raise Agnes' in Red's world. Why does Liz's mother want to see Reddington dead? Is Katarina Rostova keeping an eye on Liz because she knows exactly what Liz looks like?

He knew what he looked like because he had seen the news about Liz in the Russian embassy and her announcing to be Masha Rostova. Why does Solomon's boss want Liz alive and not dead?

What is Red going to do with Mr. Kaplan after this betrayal? What's Red's connection to Lizzie's mother?

Apparently she fell in love with him, admitting that he might be the only one she's ever loved. Which patent did Matthew Hadj and Sonia Bloom apply for? Is Alexander Kirk really Liz's father? What does Alexander Kirk want from Liz? If Alexander Kirk really is Liz's father, did Red know his true identity and that he's still alive the whole time? Did Red and Katarina really have an affair like Kirk claims?

It was less an affair than an assignment of Katarina towards Red but she fell in love with him in the end. Who is the guy that is holding Mr.

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Why does that guy keep Mr. So he protected himself. What's Red's goal with Dr. Adrian Shaw aka Sonia Bloom now that he's set up a lap for her? He needed that patient to save his life by giving Alexander Kirk the option to be healed of his deadly a-plastic anemia.

Will Red see Dembe telling Liz about Mr. Kaplan as a betrayal and what will he do about that? He understands why Dembe told Liz. How will Liz react to learning of Kate's murder? Is Maureen Rowan this woman named Annie that Mr.

She has been in Witness protect for a very long time because she witnessed a disposal of dead body and testified against the person who did it. Why does Isabella Stone want to see Red dead? Instead Red helped Gavin walk away from everything he loved in order to protect his family. They met in a bar and they moved to Amarillo together where Annie's uncle Little Nikos lives. One night Annie and Kate get shot at the bail bonn office where Annie works. Annie dies while Kate survives.

What happened to Mr. Kaplan that was so horrible she didn't know how to move on? Kaplan and her girlfriend Annie got shot. Annie was killed and Mr. Kaplan was left in a coma for three weeks.

Did the night of the fire really never happen like Kirk says? The night of the fire did happen. Did Red miss killing Mr. Kaplan on purpose or did he really fail? He thought he killed her. After he pulled the trigger he forgot to check if she was really dead.

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