Teddy and spencer relationship with god

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teddy and spencer relationship with god

Teddy's marriage marks a new beginning for the entire family. PJ, Gabe, and little Toby stood to Spencer's left, as they were his groomsmen. "Oh god, look at me," she laughed as she fumbled through her purse for her. Shane Harper and Bridgit Mendler aka Spencer Walsh and Teddy Duncan- Good luck .. Disney will introduced a married lesbian couple to their Luck Charlie and is a Christian, who is starring in the upcoming movie God's Not Dead. After dueting “Your Song” at the fete, Teddy and Spencer (who isn't far from Yale, . for a totally different reason (the struggles fo a long-distance relationship). . I cried at the last episode, and I am praying to god that they will.

Also, PJ gets too old to get his hair cut at the Orange Balloon. Bob takes him to his barber shop and PJ falls for a cute hair stylist. This episode got approx. Contents [ show ] Episode Summary Ever since Teddy and Spencer got back together, the basketball team hasn't been able to win a game.

This leads to everybody thinking that Teddy is a jinx. They fake break up and the basketball team wins and Teddy announces that they did not break up. Overhearing that Amy and Bob are thinking about sending him to military school, Gabe starts acting on his best behavior, only to find out it was not true after Amy and Bob took advantage of him.

Really it was one of Amy's friends sending HER son to military school. PJ frequently attends his local barbershop to spend time with Syd Rachel Melvinan attractive female barber.

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The next time that PJ went there to find the she was giving a hair cut to another client and PJ then says their "relationship" was over. She disagrees, saying they never had a relationship and that she has other clients, to which PJ responds, "That's all I am to you? End Credits Spencers final shot for the state championship is blocked by a hand.

Once the crowd gasps, the blocker is shown to be Charlie, as she says "Not in my house! Meanwhile, Ivy has a date with Serurge Leflure. Gallery The image gallery for Bad Luck, Teddy!. You should see my legs. And you're related to him so Gabe, everyone knows I'm not going anywhere, right Charlie?

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Teddy walks in and Spencer runs and hides Teddy: He told me his parents had somewhere to be so he told me to go to his house early. Then he's not there and his parents lie to me about where he is.

Spencer Walsh

Honey, Spencer's hiding in the hall closet if you want to yell at him. Spencer comes out Teddy: You and your parents lied to me. Can I at least ask you a question? You go too your room. I'll be there in a second. Where are you going? To finish our conversation, Mr. Duncan, may I marry your daughter? If she'll have you. Spencer goes up to Teddy's room Spencer: Teddy, can I come in?

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Spencer goes inside Teddy's room Spencer: I'm sorry Teddy, I'm so sorry for lying to you and about having my parents lie to you. I just had to talk to your dad. Spencer gets down on one knee with the ring box in his hand Spencer: Teddy Duncan, from the first moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you were the one for me. Spencer opens the ring box Teddy, will you marry me?

This is why you had your parents lie to me and talked to my dad? Then yes, I will marry you.

teddy and spencer relationship with god

Spence, will you please get off the one knee thing? Spencer As he stands up: God, I love you Teddy. I love you too, Spencer. We have to stop.

According to our religion, we have to wait until marriage. I wish we didn't have to wait. That would be great. Teddy opens her video diary for Charlie Teddy: I hope you love him as much as I do, if you don't, well Good Luck Charlie.

teddy and spencer relationship with god

Teddy snaps the video diary shut Teddy: Let's go tell my family. In the kitchen with Teddy, Spencer, and Amy Teddy: Mom, can you call a family meeting.