Tarz and tina age difference in relationship

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tarz and tina age difference in relationship

Jun 15, Sponsored by State Farm Defying all odds, Mumbai born Tina Sugandh family in New Jersey and was musically discovered at the age of time as she married the love of her life, Tarz Ludwigsen in Knowing you can make a difference, even to one person, is just an amazingly uplifting feeling. Nov 6, Here are 44 celebrity couples with a big age gap between them. 1/44 Reed, 30 , and Somerhalder, 39, started their relationship in May 1, Pop singer Tina Sugandh and her husband Tarz have just fertility struggles, merging finances, major cultural differences and family drama. . is hoping to encourage people to embark upon a spiritual journey at this age.).

On an even more positive level, Jeff and Blair displaying their relationship to the world has benefited many who have came out and being true to themselves. Which I love to hear.

Who is to say who we should love? Since when does love have restrictions and judgments?

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During their separation, Blair has admitted that he has changed his life a great deal by running and now has gotten into spiritually and praying a lot more. It makes you wonder during a break up, do people do things because they are trying to prove something to the other person or are they really doing it for themselves?

Blair started his own business and Jeff suggested that Blair should use the garage as his new office space. Last season Blair felt he was not getting enough attention and enough sex. Being that the age difference was vast, I can understand why Jeff was more of a calmer nature than Blair. Asked when they separated if they went outside of their relationships, Jeff said he did not see anyone else or date anyone else, while Blair chose not to answer the question, giving us the assumption that he did see other men.

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Sadly, after much effort, Jeff and Blair found themselves back in the same place they were in before, arguing and not finding the common ground of communication. Their domestic partnership ended when they met at a restaurant to sign the final paper work. Seeing the end of this relationship was quite painful. Jeff and Blair seem to love each other very much but cohabiting together was the final straw that put an end to what could have possibly been a great relationship.

When I used to make 12 step meetings, I remember a guy sharing about the secret of relationships, they are hard. It takes a great commitment to compromise and respect the person that you love. They are not to be taken for granted. Final words of advice from the couples were: In fact, the very reason I made sure to say that "1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage" while being a guest on Andy Cohen's talk show where I knew millions of women were listening, was because that knowledge helped me to feel less alone about my 5 miscarriages.

I really hoped it could help other women too. How do you keep yourself motivated? What do you do to push yourself beyond the standards that you've set for yourself?

I keep myself motivated by trying to motivate others. Knowing you can make a difference, even to one person, is just an amazingly uplifting feeling.

tarz and tina age difference in relationship

I know when people are kind to me, it makes me want to be kind to others, and so I try to remember that. Treat others how you want others to treat others. Ok, that was the stupidest sentence ever, but you get it. I'm motivated knowing that I can motivate others to motive others. Looking back, which were the most fulfilling moments on your way to achieving your professional goals? There were so many moments that I will always be so grateful for! I got to say to the millions of women watching that "1 in 4 pregnancies are miscarried", and the feedback I got from women as far as how much this knowledge-as well as my openness about it all-helped them, meant everything to me.

It inspired me to become a voice for miscarriage and pregnancy, so much so that I now even sell my own pregnancy products that helped me get through my 3 pregnancies! Another moment I will always be grateful for was when I got to go to Ringo Starr's house to sing and play tabla an Indian drum on his album.

It almost felt like a tribute to my beautiful, radiant, always-smiling mom since she raised us on The Beatles! She would have been beyond-thrilled to see me teach Ringo the tabla.

Being a mother of three and still rocking those abs. Any fitness tips you swear by? One thing I swear by are my pregnancy creams!! I am really proud to say that because of the question that I got asked constantly after going through pregnancies and miscarriages on national TV, which was "what stretch mark creams do you use during and after pregnancy", I am now selling the exact creams I used!

I partnered with a physician to perfect the all-natural, organic stretch mark prevention and stretch mark fading creams I used for all THREE of my pregnancies.

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So, those creams are just 1 thing I swear by as far as bouncing back from pregnancy and tightening up the skin. Other than that, I have serious food-binging issues and I'm very open about them.

I'm NOT one of those girls that has the discipline to eat just 2 cookies. Every day is a struggle for me to be "perfect" about my eating, and having toddlers with their darn "toddler carbs" does not help! It's tough not to shove a whole handful of goldfish pretzels in your mouth as you're giving them some!

tarz and tina age difference in relationship

For example look at the Real Housewives Franchise. The producers are constantly starting up trouble for ratings. How do you feel about your relationship being tested? How do you think you will survive the constant media scrutiny? A lot more footage is taped than viewers actually see. Are you concerned about being unfairly judged or scrutinized?

How do you explain what goes on behind the scenes to viewers who are strongly opinionated. We filmed for a little bit over a year, and they somehow magically smashed that all into 8 episodes!

It is seriously unreal! Anyway, I think being unfairly judged, scrutinized, and misunderstood is just part of being on a show where you put it all out there. Tarz has been such a blessing in my life for teaching me not to care what people think. Whether you are on a reality show or not, you can never please everyone so why try? Just be the best version of yourself that you can be, and feel sorry for insecure haters that will smack talk and try to bring you down.

Do you have any regrets about doing this reality show? Would you do it again, if asked? I can say that Tarz and I had a pretty insane year with some very dramatic and tragic moments though, so that may be tough to watch for me. Overall, the crew was absolutely incredible, and the producer, Lauren Lazin, was an absolute dream, so yeah sure! I would do it again! Was this show a mistake?

What advice do you have for single women who are struggling to find dates? Ok, so dating around sucks.