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In the episode of Stargate Atlantis with Sam, Rodney and Jennifer stuck Pretty sure there's also a scene in SG-1 in S9 or 10 where Barret asks . I have no problem with them starting something up in the SGU era I guess. It is only for discussion of Sam and Jack's relationship. Fluffier Stargate SG1 Season 3; Episode 2 . Whew, SG1 is not in trouble yet. Why the Stargate fandom can officially declare Sam/Jack canon (even though the relationship between Samantha Carter and Jack O'Neill has never been. been hinted at in both SG-1 and SGA, as well as in interviews with writers, Later, after everybody has recovered from the disease, Sam and Jack.

So it could be the ultimate fantasy. And thus fandom connected with that as much as Tapping. This potential was indeed a reality in viewer's eyes. Enjoy the moments and the memories as we search back across Carter And O'Neill: The sexual tension between Carter and O'Neill begins.

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The Broca Divide [Season 1] [Episode 4]: Well, not exactly of the romantic variety. Later, the awkward moment. Solitudes [Season 1] [Episode 17]: Carter and O'Neill are unexpectedly brought together through no fault of their own and grow closer as a result. Well, a frozen tundra, ice caves, and a few broken bones leaving one immobile has a way of bringing doing that. There is a lot of emotion in this one.

An alternate SG-1 reality is helmed by a General O'Neill and Carter, as a civilian, hence the lack of any need for military protocol. This story written by David Kemper of Farscape acclaim allows for the tender and hypothetically loving embrace. Out Of Mind [Season 2] [Episode 22]: This very sticky situation even permits for a bit of O'Neill carnal, male instinct to creep in despite heavy odds stacked against him.

Point Of View [Season 3] [Episode 6]: O'Neill discovers Carter is married to him at least in another place and time. The alternate reality checks are a constant on Stargate SG-1 and the creators cleverly utilize the infinite possibilities of science fiction to examine their potential for love.

It's so hard to say goodbye A Hundred Days [Season 3] [Episode 17]: Of course it's kind of hard not to enjoy the other woman when you're lost and a long way from home with little chance of finding a way back. The other woman here, Laira, was played by none other than Michele Greene [a la L. This infamous episode left open the question, did O'Neill [RDA] father a child off world with the other woman?

The answer appears to be YES in the closing shot of the episode. Needless to say, it's an ever so slight, but powerful reaction by Carter when O'Neill is bidding farewell to Laira.

Nemesis [Season 3] [Episode 22]: The power of suggestion. Apart from being one of the best episodes ever made for SG-1, there is this moment where it looks like maybe, just maybe, Carter would cross those professional boundaries. There is also the fact that, apart from sweeping her off her feet, O'Neill wouldn't mind if she did just that. Divide And Conquer [Season 4] [Episode 5]: This is an extension of Upgrades [Season 4] [Episode 3].

Some fans may have felt a tad too manipulated here, but I like intentional tuggings on the old heartstrings now and again and it's one of my favorite tender moments in the series. This solid entry merely confirmed what fans had hoped for and believed all along for four years. I like that Daniel finally gets to Atlantis, but it's a shame he is stuck in the hallo room the whole time.

I don't understand, however, why they brought Vala along. She's not a member of SG1 at this point and she doesn't have any expertise to offer. She's just there to hang on Daniel and annoy him and ME.

I always liked those two together. At one point Cam steps in and stops McKay from basically sexually harassing Sam. That may be because he has a chivalrous protective streak he stopped another SG Team from speaking disrespectfully about Dr. Lam at one point. Insiders I hate that the gou'ald controlled Trust likely headed by Baal is brushed aside and not being that important in the new era of the Ori threat.

It seems symbolic of the show's direction in general. There's the old Stargate and then there's are shiney new version that is far more important. And doesn't it just seem like Baal isn't as scary anymore? He used to be chilling.

Samantha Carter: Family And Relationships

I think Mitchell's admission to Landry that he has no real authority over the team should give his commanding officer real pause, but Landry just brushes it off with a quip. Just one more reason Sam should have been in charge. She has the respect of her teammates and authority to lead. Yes, I'm going to keep beating this drum!

I don't like how passive Sam is when she is captured by Baal. And she gives in so easily. I would understand her caving quickly to Baal's threat to kill the hostages if this episode came after Company of Thieves where she watches a Lucian Allience terrorist shoot Emerson before her eyes for refusing to help. When she came to visit him before his mind became overcome by the Ancients' download of knowledge, he did not seem happy to see her, and their conversation was painfully awkward.

Later, when he gave her command of the mission, she wanted to tell him something presumably personal, but he immediately stopped her, sounding irritated that he might have to deal with any feelings 7. After Jack moved to Washington, Sam made a reference to not being exactly single, but she never said for sure it was Jack she was seeing 9. The last few times Jack visited the SGC, there was no indication of a romantic connection between them Therefore it is uncertain whether they are currently pursuing a romantic relationship in spite of Air Force regulations that prohibit it.

Teal'c In spite of being something of a loner, O'Neill spends some of his free time with his Jaffa teammate, Teal'c. His relationship with Teal'c is one of equals — warrior to warrior — and he relates well to his alien counterpart. He is extremely loyal to his teammates, and though Teal'c is an alien, Jack does not treat him like one: From the very beginning, he offered a place in his home to this near stranger, because of the sacrifice Teal'c made to save him and the other prisoners of Apophis 1.

Often when he has leave from active duty, he invites the Jaffa to go with him. Most of the time, this pursuit of leisure activities involves fishing, but sometimes, watching videos with other team members or Jello wrestling are involved 5. Though Jack had the opportunity to leave the labyrinth of Thor's Hammer, he refused to do so since Teal'c could not accompany him and would have been trapped there as long as the Hammer still functioned 1. Accused and later convicted of murder on P3X CartagoTeal'c chose to accept retribution from one of his victims rather than leave as ordered by O'Neill.

Jack was ready to bring armed troops back through the stargate to free his teammate, but Gen. Hammond refused to engage in hostile action against a peaceful people, even to rescue one of the members of SG-1 1.

Teal'c was the prime suspect in an attack on Cronus during his visit to the SGC for the purpose of treaty negotiations with the Asgard, but Jack refused to believe Teal'c was the culprit and assisted with the investigation to prove his innocence 3.

During the events of the time loop that trapped Jack and Teal'c in a repeating day for the possible period of several months, the two men engaged in many acts of frivolous play to relieve the stress and boredom, most notably, golf in the gate room and juggling in Daniel's office 4.

At one point during the mission to test the X Interceptor, Teal'c expressed to Jack how honored he was to have served with the man. Jack was so moved he experienced a rare bout of not knowing what to say in return; however, he also felt the same way toward his Jaffa teammate when Teal'c stated they were brothers 4. Teal'c experienced a crisis of confidence after sustaining an injury which would have killed him had he still been carrying his symbiote.

Teal'c was forced to recuperate conventionally and at the end of his physiotherapy still did not feel himself ready for duty.

Jack was sympathetic and understanding of Teal'c's feeling that his weakness was akin to death, accepting that if he was not ready for duty, he was not ready. He understood what it meant for Teal'c to have lost his 'mojo' and was very supportive in the difficult mission which followed to rescue Bra'tac and Rya'c. Jack was strong enough to allow Teal'c and Rak'nor to be tortured in order to keep his team safe and keep the chance of escape, but it is sure that he suffered for Teal'c along with Daniel and Carter 7.

Knowing that he might never see him again, Jack embraced Teal'c before Teal'c left to find reinforcements to help in Earth's impending attack by Anubis 7. Reunited but knowing Jack might not survive the mission, Jack and Teal'c exchanged a warm goodbye, wordless on Jack's part since by then his mind was nearly taken over by the Ancients' language and knowledge.

Jack refused to give up on Teal'c or leave his side when Teal'c was trapped in the combat simulation game, even throwing out an idea that Carter used to help Daniel rescue Teal'c. Once Teal'c was safe, Jack smiled broadly at him, very pleased 8. Jack fully supported Teal'c's desire to move into his own apartment, even going against the wishes of the OSI.

He sent Daniel to tell Teal'c to keep a low profile in order to increase his chances of remaining among the civilian population, though sadly it was not to be 8. Jack listened to Teal'c's worries about Rya'c getting married at too young an age, providing some sage advice about sticking his fingers in his ears. He also provided support to Teal'c and Ishta when they were trapped and under attack by Moloc and his forces, and showed great concern for Teal'c's welfare 8.

Doctor Daniel Jackson Jack's friendship with Daniel Jackson is one of the defining relationships of his life. Beginning with their first mission together, O'Neill felt only distaste for the scientist. With Jack's mind clouded by the death of his son, Charlie, his only ambition was to end his pain.

The trek through the stargate offered that, and he leaped at the chance for a suicide mission. Though he kept his desire in check, looking out for his men and conducting himself as an experienced officer, he still prepared at every opportunity to blow himself up as an act of sacrifice for others, convincing himself that this was a noble deed. It was Daniel Jackson who pointed out to him that he was really only seeking escape, and through this moment of enlightenment and Daniel's courageous behavior against Ra and his troops, Jack learned to respect the "egghead" and develop a little affection for him.

This bond grew as the two men fought side by side until eventually they succeeded in destroying Ra and freeing the people of Abydos and Earth from the alien threat Stargate The Movie. It is possible that Jack took up stargazing after his return from Abydos in an attempt to locate Daniel, to "keep an eye on him" in symbolic fashion.

Whatever the reason he took up astronomy as a hobby, when Apophis came through the stargate and regenerated the research program, the first person Jack wanted to contact was Daniel.

He confessed his deception about Daniel's death to Gen. Hammond and contact was made via a personal gesture that only Jack and Daniel would understand — a box of tissues for Daniel's persistent allergies 1. Though at the time Jack only bore a grudging respect for the scientist, their experiences in serving together drew them inexorably into a deep, extremely close relationship: Jack sympathized with Daniel's loss of his wife, Sha're, to Apophis, and offered the younger man use of the spare room at Jack's home upon Daniel's return to Earth 1.

When Apophis made Sha're his queen, O'Neill knew Daniel would do anything to get her back, and upon being faced with the choice of saving Teal'c once he reached the end of the labyrinth in Thor's Hammer or keeping the machine intact to save Sha're once she'd been located, Jack understood that only Daniel could destroy the machine and free their Jaffa friend.

This came from an innate knowledge of Daniel's character, and is testament to how well he knew him, even only a few months into their friendship 1. On Ernest Littlefield's planet, Jack could see how much the knowledge available there meant to Daniel, but pressed the scientist to leave it behind and save his life, rather than be left behind, marooned forever on that alien world 1. Jack was so upset at losing Daniel on Oannes P3X that he was unable to pack up Jackson's apartment when he was believed dead.

Jack scolded Carter for reading Daniel's diary aloud, and at a wake given at his home, Jack became so distraught he smashed in Gen. Hammond's car window with a hockey stick. He also spoke eloquently at the official memorial service for Daniel, describing how privileged he felt to have been able to call the man his friend 1. During the covert raid on the ha'taks coming to destroy Earth, Daniel was mortally wounded by a staff weapon blast to the chest.

At Daniel's insistence, Jack broke his most important rule and left the other man behind to continue the mission to destroy the ships. He touched Daniel tenderly on the face and was obviously distraught to have to leave him 2. Trapped off-world in the prison colony of Hadante, Jack wanted to make sure his team did not become targets of the other prisoners. Having been incarcerated in an Iraqi prison camp previous to that situation, Jack understood the psychology among inmates and consequently did his best to educate the others.

He made Daniel remove his glasses so the other man wouldn't be instantly perceived as having a weakness, thereby protecting him from attack 2. Initially irritated with Daniel for his stalling in getting the rest of his team freed from slavery in the naquadah mines on P3R, Jack became worried once they returned to base and Daniel's addiction to the sarcophagus became apparent.

He kept watch over Daniel, and when Daniel escaped from the bed where he had been strapped down to prevent him harming himself, Jack went after him. The two men fought violently, and Daniel threatened Jack with the pistol he had taken from a guard, even firing it.

Jack talked Daniel out of additional violence, expressed his sympathy for what Daniel was going through, and when Jackson put the weapon down, Jack held him in his arms, offering the comfort and support that reflected how deeply he cared for the other man 2. When there was a question of identity after the Salish "spirits" invaded the base, a moment of inane questions and answers that nobody else would have understood proved to Jack that Daniel was himself and not one of the aliens posing as Jackson.

These two men have an entire language of subtext all their own 2. Following an angry outburst with each other, both men were convinced there was something terribly wrong with them. Fraiser pronounced them in perfect health, it was very upsetting to them both.

The men were consequently discovered to be suffering from reactions to inaudible sound waves, emitted by an alien plant 2. Sometimes they even finish each other's sentences, like an old married couple 4. After being invaded by one of Ma'chello's Goa'uld eradicating devices, Daniel was kept in one of the isolation quarters on the base, and Jack spent time with him there, playing chess with his friend and keeping him company 3. On more than one occasion, Jack and Daniel have acted as co-defense counsel for others.

The men support each other in matters of logic and emotion, filling in where the other misses a point, as a perfect foil for each other. As Skaara once declared of them, "O'Neer is strong.

Playing the role as circumstances dictated, Jack could not reveal at the time how touched he was by that visit, but made sure it was known once the covert operation was over.

Daniel surprised him with the admission that his visit was by chance, not by personal choice, though this comment may have been made simply to extract a little vengeance for Jack's unkind comments to his team during the mission 3. As much as Jack hated to be reminded of moral imperatives when technology to fight the Goa'uld was at stake, Daniel's plea to look more closely at what the Eurondans required in trade made a point with Jack.

Only Daniel could have pushed Jack up against that wall of morality, because he was the only member of the team not bound by the military code to follow orders, and because the men's friendship is so deep that Daniel has that freedom. Jack's response was rude initially due to Jack's desperation to acquire that technology, but once Jack understood the truth about the Eurondans, he encouraged Daniel to continue with his role as moral compass of the team — to 'ask questions' 4.

It was Daniel's innocent question about consequences that prompted Jack to have a little fun to relieve his excruciating boredom while trapped in the time loop 4.

Jack O'Neill: Family And Relationships

Though Jack was aware of Daniel's fear of heights, the other man willingly jumped out of an airplane when Jack directed him to do it. This spoke highly of how much trust there was between the two men 4. Carter to rig a naquadah reactor to explode, in the hopes of stopping a Gadmeer terraforming ship from killing the Enkarans, which the SGC had recently transported to a new world.

Not realizing he had given Daniel an imperative to find a different resolution to the problem of competing races needing the same world, Jack was upset when Daniel went back aboard the Gadmeer ship to talk to Lotan, the Enkaran-replicated communication interface created by the Gadmeer.

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Jack was forced to activate the reactor, knowing Daniel was aboard the ship and might be killed for his peacemaking efforts 4. After having his memory removed and replaced with a false stamp that gave him a whole new personality, Jona Jack began to develop a grudging respect for Carlin Daniel as they worked side by side to avert a disaster in the heating system beneath an iced-over world.

Even without access to his memories, Jack perceived Daniel as someone he could trust 4.