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Naja der Süwex FLIRT 3 ist beim anfahren im Prinzip leise auf dem Führerstandt und im . [vR & Influenzo] MF DB Br EL They use RGB which means the texture is compressed from 8 bits red,green and blue. JPG. Deutsch: Einer der ersten Flirt 3 von Abellio für das Niederrhein-Netz. Date, 28 April , Source, Own work. Author, Metrophil A reproduction of the Stadler Flirt 3 passenger train that can be seen all over Europe. Rnet (2 wagons), Arriva (2 wagons) and DB Regio Süwex (5 wagons).

The drive assembly is suspended at the inner side from the bogie frame at two points and on the axle side a quill shaft rests on the wedge packet coupling which drives the axle. The articulation bogie is of a similar pattern, but here a longitudinal link connects with the main articulation and each carbody has its own yaw damper on each side of the bogie.

Stadler FLIRT - DB Regio 429 028 "Hansestadt Stralsund" at Ostseebad Binz

The electrical traction package is fed by one pantograph but otherwise incorporates full redundancy. The equipment is housed above the end bogies. An oil-cooled transformer transforms the 15 kV AC to V, which then feeds the DC intermediate circuit through a four-quadrant converter.

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  • Stadler FLIRT - DB Regio 429 028 "Hansestadt Stralsund" arriving at Ostseebad Binz

All of the equipment is liquid-cooled. Auxiliary inverters and batteries are placed under the floor of the middle coaches. Each car has its own heating, ventilation and cooling unit on the roof.

The main traction control package uses Bombardier's Mitrac technology. Up to three units can be driven from one cab through the train bus, which is linked between sets using the Scharfenberg automatic couplers.

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Each unit has its own information and diagnostics system connected to the vehicle bus. Service braking is electro-dynamic, with full regeneration back to the 15 kV supply. Electro-pneumatic brakes on 10 axles can be automatically blended in parallel with the dynamic brake should the deceleration be insufficient.

There is only one brake compressor. Spring-applied parking brakes are fitted on eight of the 12 axles. For a "mixed" texture like grass or rocks, this isn't noticeable. But for textures where "pure" colours are used, like the red stripes in the Suwex version, or the blue stripes in the Dutch trains, the colour compression results in blocky square artifacts both inside the stripes and along the edges.

This is unacceptable for almost everyone.

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I used to do my textures so they could be compressed, but the universal feedback I received in and was "this looks terrible". That's a deliberate move on my part. The second issue is shared textures.

You'll find on most of my trains that parts of the train that are shared with other trains also share the textures. Normally this is things like bogies, wheels, electrical parts etc. Sometimes - as you've seen - things like the wipers get through. That IS something I can look at changing. On, the memory issue. There is a lot of misinformation on how models are loaded into memory in this game. There is a perception that activating a particular author's set of assets when making a scenario, forces them all to be loaded into memory.

This is not the case. If you build a scenario and activate "christrains" but don't use any of my stuff in the scenario, none of it it loaded. The same is true for multiple colour schemes. Unless a texture is shared like the wiper that you pointed outthe other versions are not loaded unless they are used in the scenario.