Spock and captain kirk relationship

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spock and captain kirk relationship

The two previous entries in the rebooted Star Trek franchise were very much focused on James T. Kirk and his relationships with the crew of the. The Simple Feeling and Beyond: Kirk and Spock's Place in Queer History owes the lion's share of thanks to James T. Kirk and Spock. Leonard Nimoy made no mention of the perception of the relationship as romantic in. How Kirk and Spock's Relationship Held Star Trek Together Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock and William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk in.

The only difference being, the Greek ideal—we never suggested in the series—physical love between the two.

spock and captain kirk relationship

This book was published inwhen there was still time a-plenty for unholy hell to come down on his head were he to suggest a physical relationship between Kirk and Spock.

I speak, naturally, of the largely reviled Star Trek: A Space Odyssey, there is one thing it does very well: Of course, the actual details of why Spock has chosen to purge himself of all emotion are on the vague side in script and novelization, but whatever it was seems to have happened quite suddenly and left an enormous, painful emotional rift between himself and Kirk.

spock and captain kirk relationship

But let me not be coy. A fragmented plot synopsis: The Enterprise—headed by new captain Decker and a very midlife crisising Kirk—go out to try and stop the incoming threat, where they run into Spock attempting to do the same hold that thought.

spock and captain kirk relationship

Decker offers to be absorbed by the probe so that it can be whole, and so that he can be together with Ilia again. The only difference being, the Greek ideal I never thought of that before. InGerrold commented: One of the truths I've been telling lately is that Kirk and Spock are not lovers They're just good friends.

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This has offended a whole subculture that is convinced they are I was at a convention in Milwaukee a few weeks ago. This lady comes up to me with this stuff, and after a thirty minute discussion, I finally said, 'Stop! We're arguing over whether or not two fictitious characters are getting their hands in each others' pants. Fontana replied, "In answer to your question, NO — there were no homosexual double-entendres in the script — at least none that were deliberate.

If some viewers chose to read that into the dialogue, etc. It also was a peek into the Vulcan culture that no one had seen before.

That's ALL we were doing. He refused to have his make-up completed until the photographer was allowed back. Only after civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jnr complimented Nichols on being a role model for young African-American women did she decide to remain.

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Their co-stars were not so forgiving, however. Yet Shatner was oblivious to the loathing he inspired.

spock and captain kirk relationship

Doohan and Chekov star Walter Koenig refused to talk with him. But Nichols hit Shatner with the bitter truth.


Ostensibly held to honour a star, it is also an opportunity for every failing and frailty to be mercilessly lampooned. Naturally, Shatner was paid handsomely for this dubious privilege. But you made sure everyone who worked with you was treated poorly and paid less.