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Had the chorus and the images not lined up at that exact time, the video may not have had the same effect. Everything in this song lines up with a scene in the video that helps portray the lyrics in a more expressive manner.

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This allows the true emotions of the song to emerge in a way where it is very obvious to viewers and affects them in a strong way. Now, without looking at the comments, I could assume that I am the only person who had such a strong reaction to this video, however many people did comment and it is very obvious everyone had a similar, heartbreaking reaction. Virtually everyone who commented on here said something about how deep this song is and how the video is very misleading, which only makes it more emotional in the end.

One reactor made note of how they felt fine watching the video until 1: The video with this music creates a story and a powerful image for viewers which evokes a lot of strong reactions out of people. Lego has captured the imaginations of millions of children and adults worldwide with their system of stackable colored bricks, offering endless possibilities for creation and even more endless opportunities for toe-stubbing. In any case, you can understand the ubiquity of this toy, its iconic status in popular culture.

This status makes it all the more impressive that an artist could take this toy and use it in ways not previously conceived of, could re-appropriate it for artistic purposes in a totally novel way.

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Why this artistically bold-yet-inherently childish style for the video? The lyrics to the song suggest a kind of paradoxical struggle between love and lust, with the narrator trying and failing to distinguish between the two. Perhaps this duality is meant to be expressed by the silly-yet-complex Lego animation.

Perhaps the depiction of people with small plastic bricks is meant to convey the humanizing force of love versus the more animal force of lust. Indeed, the people depicted in the video often Jack and Meg White are often stark white — is this a sign of ghastliness or purity? The collective hive-mind of YouTube users tends to agree with this assessment. I mean, this should be at least three minutes long. The song is relatively short, for better or worse. However popular the band has become, though, there is evidently some question about their place in history, as evidenced by comments like this one, from Memedkemal Aksoy roughly one year ago: