Smoke signals victor and thomas relationship tips

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smoke signals victor and thomas relationship tips

In the independent film Smoke Signals this is not the case. as an independent woman as a source of wisdom to help guide their child through a difficult decision . This particular scene reminds me a little of the relationship between Suzy is another important character in helping Victor and Thomas on. Thomas Builds-the-Fire.2 Thomas recites this poem while Victor dra- matically . no one has ex- tensively analyzed how it explores the relationship between fatherhood I usually show Smoke Signals in an upper-division undergraduate class . grudgingly embraces this advice, wearing a T-shirt that says "fry-bread. In "Smoke Signals", we see the protagonist, Victor, challenged by two people who When Thomas informs him that their tribe were fishermen, Victor disregards.

Suzy is another important character in helping Victor and Thomas on their journey although she also appears to be finding herself. The interesting thing is the film does a lot to openly convey and stress this message. She is pretty self-sufficient she has a job a hospital administrator and now she is truly all alone in the world since Arnold is dead.

This leads me to believe that she is also someone looking to find herself. Smoke Signals is often billed as a coming of age movie about two young Indian men. However, Suzy appears to be just as confused about where her life is going as Victor and Thomas. There is also another different between Suzy and the other female characters in the movie. In a few instances Suzy seems to have what Laura Mulvey describes as phallic power.

Two main examples of Suzy displaying phallic power stick out.

smoke signals victor and thomas relationship tips

The first one is her house. Suzy is able to establish control over Victor and Thomas due to the fact that she is letting them stay in her home. Suzy owning the house and letting Victor and Thomas stay there help her exert some sort of power over Victor. The form of phallic power Suzy has blends perfectly with my theory that she is also finding herself.

Behind Suzy is a car with a dog looking out the window. Earlier in the film, she mentioned she did not drive and Arnold would often give her a ride. Now seeing this car leads me to believe Suzy is also leaving behind this life in Phoenix and off on a new adventure. I remember in class a comment being made about how the movie poster, shown below, conveys a different message then what the film actually is.

The film is about people coping with the difficulties in their past and the poster displays the people in the movie trying to find themselves. Seats, Beyonce Knowles, Frank G. Comstock, and Geoffrey Donaldson. This one saved Thomas from the fire he lit himself around 20 years ago. He was only a baby. However, this is why he considers him a hero.

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Nonetheless, his son rather thinks he is anything but a hero because he left his family but also because as his child, he saw his dark side. The public slowly understands why the two characters are the way they are and act the way they do. This is to allow this that the director chose to tell the story by mixing the present and the past During and after the travel relationships between the characters are going to change: At the beginning, Victor is mad at his father for being drunk all the time, for beating him and beating Arlene.

During the movie, several characters take physical journeys, they are not just physical but spiritual as well: The travel to Phoenix, Arizona helps him understand Arnold and he calms down. The trip also helps him reconciliate with Thomas. At the beginning Victor treats him as a child telling him what he has to do or not and acts as if he was a burden.

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Consequently their relationship becomes more stable. Thanks to the journey, the relation between Thomas and his grandmother evolves as well. Their bonds are still very tight but at the end, the grandmother has understood that this week has modified the relationship between her grandson and his friend.

Before her husband left, she was mad at him for the same reason her son was.

smoke signals victor and thomas relationship tips

She was trying to make him fit into the right way. Despite all this she still loved him. We see it when she expresses her state of mind to Victor. When Arnold comes back from his long journey, she holds the ashes above her head to symbolize peace. Last but not least, the relation between the father and his girlfriend also changes, little by little.

smoke signals victor and thomas relationship tips

At first they were mere acquaintances. He used to give Suzy a ride sometimes but one day the car breaks. They begin to walk and talk. From this moment they become confidants, keeping each other secrets. Except in this one, in all almost all the relations of the movie, there are problems of bitterness.

For example, between Victor and Thomas, his father and also between his parents.

Smoke signals

Indeed something relates the two young men: This is one of the metaphors of the movie. In the very beginning, it is defined as something destructive: Thomas compares it to the general Custer. He also mentions children born in flames that burn everything they touch. Yet, fire is progressively defined as something else. Then, fire is something that pushes your acts. For example, at the end of the movie the carwreck scene Victor goes to get some help, and we clearly see he has the force to run because he thinks about the fire his father lit up.

But in this scene, fire can also be something which helps close the story because as everything started with fire, we can deduce it has to end the same way.