Slater young and divine smith relationship

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slater young and divine smith relationship

Some of the housemates are Jaz Manabat, Jan "Slater" Young, Kigoy and Fil- British Divine Maitland-Smith, the "Darling Dude ng Cebu," who admits . Sharon Cuneta reveals important detail about relationship with Richard. She is a model for men's magazines and has been in a relationship with her Jan Slater Young (born December 19, ) is a year-old from Cebu City, Cebu. . Divine Maitland-Smith (born March 9, ) is a year-old Filipino- British. PBB Season 4 big winner Slater Young admits he's got a crush on one of his Toni had mentioned that Divine can go for a relationship with either male or female. PBB Unlimited: Slater Young hugs Divine Maitland Smith.

Pinoy Big Brother "Kuya" opened his famous house to the newest batch of housemates last night, October 29, Pinoy Big Brother Season 4 is dubbed as Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited, which signifies unlimited surprises, challenges, gimmicks and twists that will be revealed throughout the new season.

In a previous interview, business unit head Lauren Dyogi explained why they decided to call this edition as PBB Unlimited. To jumpstart the show, host Toni, clad in a stylish blue beweled long-sleeved dress, entertained the massive crowd by performing the very popular PBB theme song "Pinoy Ako.

The housemates held masks to conceal their faces.

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First put on spotlight is year old sultry charmer Jaz Manabat, the "sensual siren ng Quezon City. The third housemate personifies toughness and said to be "street smart"; year old Kigoy Abarico goes by the moniker "Bay Diskarte ng Ormoc.

Twenty-year old tennis player Tin Patrimonio, daughter of popular basketball player Alvin Patrimonio, completes the first four. The housemates were escorted by Bianca and Robi.

The fifth housemate introduced is self-made man year old Roy Gamboa, otherwise known Sales Lakay ng Pangasinan. The third set of housemates features a fearless female comic who goes by the name of Pamu Pamorada.

Meet the 14 housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited |

Having had an extra-marital affair, he strove to reform his ways and live a harmonious life with his family. Affected by the global financial crisishis family moved back to Davao while he stayed in the US to pay for their outstanding loans. Losing their house, Anatoly currently lives in a church, while working as a taxi driver.

She has been her family's breadwinner ever since her mother suffered from stroke. She joined beauty pageants and currently works as an events host and disk jockey in a Legaspi City radio station. Growing up in Indonesia, Wendy was ridiculed for not being fluent in Bahasa Indonesia ; her Muslim faith and failure to speak English fluently would also make her a subject of ridicule among her peers in the Philippines. A modern Filipina with a strong devotion to Islam, Tabusalla has earned a living from joining beauty pageants and working as a model.

Joya[ edit ] Ma. Being the eldest child and only daughter in the family, she strove to be the best that she can be, graduating with honors in college and placing seventh in the nursing board exams.

Being an achiever, she still balances life and gives time to her family and boyfriend. Coming from a family of farmers, he has gone into different forms of livelihood including searching and selling firewood, selling coconut husks and copra, and making candles. He currently works as a security guard, and is fond of playing the ukulele.

She tried several things in a quest to find herself, from having a nose ring, being shy, to growing fat.

slater young and divine smith relationship

With her new-found love for singing, she got her act together and eventually lost 40 pounds. Lordwin[ edit ] Lordwin Claveria born January 14, is a year-old from Quezon province. A family man, his marriage was once tested because of his playboy ways. He works as a fish vendor and cellphone technician to keep his family afloat. Having ended school at Grade 6 due to poverty, she became a house-helper to finish her schooling.

Hot Pinoy Showbiz: Divine Smith reveals why Slater Young was her date to the Star Magic Ball

She has been a house-helper for eight years and is her family's breadwinner. A skilled painter and former hostessErica lost her first child from signing a contract which she unwittingly signed, which triggered her drug addiction. As she found love for the second time, she changed her ways with the birth of her second child. He grew up living a modest life, knowing how to farm, herd and taking care of pigs, thus becoming a role-model in his hometown.

He is a proud virgin, and believes in the sanctity of marriage. The eldest of three siblings, Steph is a registered nurse working as an insurance agent. Taking a cue from her business-minded mother, she has sold clothes, wallets, jewelry, and managed her own pizza parlor for a time. Being the eldest, he served as his mother's partner in running their business, where he works as the vice-president and dabbles in modeling on the side.

He is loyal to his model and beauty-queen girlfriend. Naprey[ edit ] The franchise's first-ever differently-able housemate, Naprey "Nap" Almario born July 8, is a year-old from Davao City.

PBB Slater Young and Divine Smith parating mag kasama.

He is also a volunteer of various organizations in the city and works as a part-time information technology instructor. Reserved housemates[ edit ] On opening night, it was revealed that Big Brother has reserved housemates, a group of 30 auditionees who made it to the shortlist but not the final cut.

Slater Young Admits Crush On Co-PBB Unlimited Housemate

They are given a chance to become an official housemate by succeeding in tasks Big Brother assigns them to do. A tourism graduate from the University of Santo TomasCindy is known for her string of beauty pageant titles. She first entered the house as one of the reserved housemates on Day 15 and was evicted on Day A single mother, Rhea entered the house as one of the 3Gs on Day Despite a birthday wish to be confirmed as an official housemate, she was eventually evicted on Day

slater young and divine smith relationship