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shinji and asuka relationship fanfiction websites

A funny story of Shinji and Asuka's relationship. I wrote this story to hopefully illustrate into a manga for my art web site. I posted this story. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. When Shinji Ikari arrived in Tokyo-3, he didn't know what to expect. this story are clear, I plan on introducing a Romance between Shinji, Asuka, and Rei. If asked to, I will formally remove this story from the hosting website.

Firstly I am a graphic artist. I wrote this story to hopefully illustrate into a manga for my art web site. I posted this story once before in a script format. That was my mistake. In my infinite stupidity I thought they were talking about a different kind of script.

I'm hoping to try and improve my writing skills. See my profile for a link to my web site.

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I am also writing another longer story that follows the mood of the series. Lunch Time It's a warm summer day at the 1st Munipal Jr. High School of Tokyo It's also a boring day filled with algebra and long, droning recounts of events before, during, and after the almost fabled and tragic 'Second Impact'.

The Second Impact was a catastrophic global event that struck on Spetember of The cause was named as a meteor that struck Antartica with such force that most of the continent melted. The water caused massive tidal waves all over the world and killing over two billion. Another billion died in the aftermath. Only those in the goverment organization NERV know the true cause was a powerful creature called, Adam, the first Angel. The sun beams with a warm glow over all who have come outside to enjoy their lunches.

Girls gather in their flocks to gossip and giggle, boys herd to laugh and joke, and young couples look for nice seats in the shade to be alone together.

High above all this activity on the roof of the school a small eccentric group gathers on the roof of the school. Asuka and Hikari sit in a small group of two. Shinji, Kensuke, and Touji sit in another. Rei sits by herself somewhere in the middle. Her quiet disposition would allow her to go unnoticed by anyone if it wasn't for her light blue hair and still, crimson eyes. None of them are too far away from each other.

A conversation could easily take place between the whole if a topic presented itself. Her long, golden-red hair seems to glow in the sun. Blue eyes match the sky. She opens her bento box. Her excited expression quickly turns to disappointment. She glares over to the target of this frustration. A meek, brown haired boy. He laughs with his friends. No idea mentally Asuka has marked him. It's your turn to cook our lunches this week.

What is this stuff? Peanut butter and jelly. Asuka yells at Shinji Ikari, who is a short distance away. Shinji looks apologetic, and Touji looks to Hikari, the class representative, with praise. Thanks, everything tastes great. Hikari has been making Touji bento lunches. Disguised as a sheer act of convenience to prevent food from going to waist. In reality it's Hikari's expression of her crush over the crass, but kind hearted jock. She is a sweet, innocent, and freckled girl, but can be overbearing when it comes to the rules.

Her uniform kept in perfect order. Her medium length brown hair is held in loose pigtails. Touji has the appearance of a dark haired 'tough guy'. He is the only boy who doesn't dress in the uniform of white shirt and black slacks. He instead chooses to where a dark, relaxed athletic suit.

Hikari blushes softly saying, "Your welcome. The detached, blue haired Rei eats silently. She sits still and oblivious to the rush of teenage hormones surrounding her. Kensuke Aida takes large mouthfuls of his burger. He has freckles, sandy hair, and glasses.

His deep obsession is for all things war, and filming anything with his trusty digital camera. No matter how mundane it may be. It has pretty much becomes a daily routine for Shinji. The topic may be new, but the treatment is the same. Touji looking disgusted with Asuka and Shinji. Asuka for verbally abusing his friend, and Shinji for always putting up with it. Touji at times believes that Shinji must be housebroken from being so naturally accommodating and living with Asuka under the care of their guardian, Major Misato Katsuragi.

Frustrated with Shinji's explanation Asuka sits back "I can't believe the stuff I have to put up with. The flavor hits her and she looks surprised.

Hikari notices the calm confusion on her friend. She looks to Shinji. He's chuckling as Touji seems to chastise him for not standing up to Asuka more.

She uses her sweetest tone to address Shinji. So what did you put in this food? It's a trade secret. The talk he's been having with Touji seems to of had some effect on his confidence.

Touji laughing to himself as Asuka pouts. Crushed her charms have failed, and a blow to her pride. Nothing is as annoying as a desired secret being kept from you. Frustration soon changes to confusion as she hears Hikari starts to giggle softly to herself. Curiosity has claimed Asuka attention again, and she looks to her best friend. The thought scatters through Asuka's brain.

She blushes innocently for a second, realizing Hikari is watching she changes her emotions, and jaw drops. How could that stupid idiot know anything about love? Shinji looks on silently as Asuka rants hearing every word.

Rei just eats unfazed by the outburst. It's none of her concern nor is that surprising. I'm gonna show you how it should be done. Shinji looks to his agitated friend, and room mate thinking, "It's your turn any ways? She continues to eat her modest, but well prepared meal. Her pride would probably encourage her not to finish if she wasn't so hungry. She is that stubborn. Hikari tingles all over with excitement as she looks to Asuka and says, "Asuka, you're going to cook? I know some great recipes.

I'm gonna show that loser how it should be done all by myself. The meals Shinji prepares over the rest of the school week range from a variety of humble meals. Each have an enjoyable flavor. This however is almost like some sort of bizarre torture for Asuka. Shinji still refuses to give away the secret to his skill in cooking. His friends have been making it a daily ritual to remind him to keep his formula to himself.

They don't tell Shinji that this is not for his sake, but for their own entertainment watching Asuka's blood pressure climb from being denied. Pride gets the best of her, and she stops asking after the third day. Though the question still remains bouncing around in her head. In her free time she flips through magazines. Clipping and scanning recipes she finds.

She is confused as she reads through the instructions, but confident none the less. In her mind if that idiot Shinji can pull this off it should be nothing for her. In an apartment complex on the outskirts of Tokyo-3 sits Misato Kaysuragi. Misato is watching tv in her apartment and surrounded by several empty beer cans.

Her pet Pen-Pen, the warm water penguin, sits by her side. Misato is a stunning, beautiful woman in her late twenties with long, dark purple hair. She is energetic and has a strong work ethic as the head tactician for NERV, the only organization in the world that was designed specifically to defend against the Angels.

Her conduct at work is in sharp contrast to her home life. Her place would be a total mess on it's best day if Shinji didn't clean up after her. She has quickly become his surrogate family.

Shinji sits at the table close by. He looks from his laptop to his reference guides as he does his school work. The Sunday before the new school week has come and as night falls Asuka busies herself in the kitchen. A large racket of bashing pots, buzzing kitchen tools, chopping knives, and a slue of German curses can be heard.

Hearing the clamor Misato leans looking into the kitchen and calls out, "Asuka what are you doing in there? Silently scoffing Misato thinks to herself, "Sound more like she's tearing the place apart. She doesn't have the guts to say this out loud. She's far too smart to go ticking off an emotional girl who is surrounded by sharp cutlery. It's also a bit hard for Misato to blame Asuka though.

Her attempts at the culinary arts have sounded about the same. Shinji looks up from his studies and to the kitchen, "Asuka, do you need a hand with-". I'm not going to let you show me up! He looks to the object after it has landed. In chapter 7 Rei is fighting Zeruel, alone. The Angel is about to atomize her when Shinji and Asuka come in riding Unit 03 and knock it to the ground before saying simultaneously: In chapter 1 by Shinji and Asuka.

After an awkward beginning they suddenly become so engrossed in kissing each other they fail to notice where they're going. They trip, land on a beanbag and still manage not to break their lip lock.

It takes several minutes before they can tear themselves away from each other. Big Ego, Hidden Depths: Shinji used to think that Asuka was an arrogant, although intelligent and brave girl.

Then they had a heart-to-heart talk and he found out about her painful past, her deep traumas, her nightly nightmares, and her feelings of inadequacy, helplessness and loneliness. In chapter 4 Asuka shouts one when a classmate severely misunderstands Rei's words: Though I believe this bond predates that session.

Ikari is the first person Pilot Soryu ever let inside her Entry Plug. Chapter 9 has Asuka celebrating her fifteenth birthday. After her birthday party, Shinji and Asuka retire to their bedroom to have celebratory sex. In chapter 7 Rei fights Zeruel.

It is explored how she — an ancient alien goddess stuck inside the body of a human teenager — sees the world differently, how she senses everyone's AT Fields, their nature and their power, and during the battle she feels her Field and Zeruel's clashing. As part of her campaign to convince Misato to let them sleep together — both literally and figuratively — Asuka informs Misato that Shinji will not cook until she sees reason.

Until you see reason and let us sleep in one bed again, you can suffer deprivation too. Kensuke's newfound status as a Chick Magnet means that he's constantly out of money from taking so many girls out on dates. This dies down once he settles on just two girls. Asuka has been training to pilot a Humongous Mecha and fight alien monsters since she was a four-year-old child and found her mother's corpse hanging from a ceiling. Fighting is her whole life and she genuinely likes it. Her self-image is so tied to being a Pilot that when Gendo fires her and Shinji, she very nearly collapses right away.

She was practically giddy when she slashed and stabbed Bardiel. Bardiel took over Unit's body. A fortunate side-effect of this was Unit growing a S2 organ, which helped Shinji and Asuka to survive the next battle.

Bonding Over Missing Parents: Shinji mentions that his father abandoned him right after his mother's death When Shinji and Asuka open up to each other, Shinji tells how he got abandoned by his father after his mother's death, with no explanation or apology, grew up with no friends, has nightmares about it the whole time They get together and his life is apparently and finally getting better Although the premise of the story is "Shinji and Asuka's ruined First Kiss was Asuka's turning point which led to her breakdown.

What if they would have gotten it right? She gets swallowed by an Angel, her best friend gets absorbed by her giant robot and she gets fired by Gendo. The last was a potentially devastating blow since her self-worth is completely tied to being a pilot.

She was hanging by a thread afterwards, and Shinji was the only thing that helped her to cope with the situation in lieu of falling apart and crumbling down.

In an early chapter Asuka tells Rei: Several chapters later she shows her new panties to Kensuke to determine if her new underwear is or is not boring. When Asuka asks Rei why Kensuke was passed out in the hall and what she did, Rei replies "What you told me.

That is Ikari-kun's job.

shinji and asuka relationship fanfiction websites

Shinji" and Rei, despite being heavily drugged, makes the same joke. After Misato and Kaji having sex keeps them up at nightAsuka mentioned that she and Shinji would have to get Misato back once her birthday hit Misato had forbid them from having sex until then. In chapter 8 Ritsuko pisses herself in terror when Unit 00 goes berserker and tries to kill her yet again.

Bring My Red Jacket: Red-suited Asuka's fights are bloody, and she usually gets hurt or worse. When Leliel swallowed her giant robot whole, she ripped it apart from within, and its blood bathed her mecha. When the pilots fought Bardiel she got the worst injuries and she felt the pain of getting your arm ripped off when her robot lost its limb. Asuka — the best pilot in the team as well as a certified genius and a gorgeous, hot-blooded, brave girl — was already pretty broken before the beginning of the history, and she was heading towards a full breaking.

Part of the premise of this story is altering the event where her downward spiral began her and Shinji's ruined First Kiss and seeing if she can avoid becoming a fully broken ace.

So far her self-esteem has suffered a few severe blows but she has managed to hold herself together. In chapter 1 Shinji and Asuka open up and talk about their pasts their mothers' demises, their fathers' abandonment, their lack of friends, their feelings of insolation and loneliness, their self-worth and trust issues The one my father abandoned me with after my mother died in an accident with the Eva!

shinji and asuka relationship fanfiction websites

Not that you'd understand that. There was an accident with Unit Your father abandoned you after your mother was gone. You have nightmares all the time about it. You feel lonely and cold at night, because no one ever held you after that. You never had many friends before you came here. No on ever wanted to just talk to you for you. Your father never explained or apologized for why he just left you.

No one even tried to understand your pain. You miss her every day, but don't even have any pictures, barely any memories. No one tells you about her.

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And there was never any point in talking about it to anyone, because there was no one in the world who could understand what being an Evangelion Pilot was like. When Shinji and Asuka got together and befriended Rei, the Children became a bit happier due to their stronger emotional bonds. They're still traumatized teenagers, but they smile more often and they're actually hopeful about their future.

And they've become better warriors, too. Maya idolizes Ritsuko to the point of having a crush on her. However Ritsuko sees herself as an idiot who makes awful decisions in order to try to seduce an asshole who does not care about her, and she is afraid that she will become this to Maya if her assistant realizes how horrible she really is. In chapter 8 Ritsuko explicitly thinks that she is not who Maya believes she is.

In chapter 9, Hikari explains what listening to Shinji and Asuka's thoughts when she was mind-linked with them was like: Touji is guilty of this. In chapter 8 he tries to talk about his friend and Asuka behaving as a couple: It's too weird, watching you and the Red De In chapter 6 Gendo berates Rei for not obeying him and threatens her with "consequences" should she fail in following and executing his orders and only his orders to the letter.

Keeping in mind that he knows she is a Physical God capable of liquefying him with a mere thought and protected with an impenetrable barrier, he should think twice before threatening her, especially since she has begun ignoring his orders. It's not just with Rei either. Gendo has made it a hobby to torment, abuse, ignore, insult, and mistreat his best Child Soldiers who are the only viable pilots for the 50 foot mecha absolutely mission critical for his "scenario.

He has yet to realize how wrong he is in thinking that he has them all completely under his thumb and can get away with it. Kaji gardens and grows watermelons because he wants to make something he likes before dying since he thinks the world is ending. In chapter 8 he and Misato drag the pilots down to his watermelon patch and the kids spend some time gardening and weeding.

Calling the Old Man Out: Asuka chews out Yui during a cross-synch test for abandoning Shinji and being compliant with SEELE in chapter 10, though the two of them do manage to reach something of an understanding by the end of their discussion.

Cannot Spit It Out: In the prologue Misato thinks Shinji is incapable of confessing his feelings to Asuka and she tries to encourage him to admit them to her. Shinji answers with the usual excuses: Before that, though, they had been unable to spit it out: Shinji did not believe that Asuka liked him, Asuka was too proud to admit that she had fallen for him, and both were frightened of rejection. Played straight with Lilith.

She was in love with Adam before they became the carriers for the souls of the FAR and never admitted her feelings. Her desire to be with him was the reason why both of them ended up on the same planet.

Chihiro Tanaka, a character originally created in Once More with Feeling is Shinji, Asuka and Rei's classmate and makes several appearances where she tries woo Shinji and pry him away from Asuka and Rei Gendo thinks his son and Asuka's relationship consists of Shinji being infatuated with her and dependent on her despite her abusing him and detesting him.

He is very wrong. They used to fight and need each other simultaneously, but they got over the "Can't live with them" part when he was not paying attention. Rei is naturally blunt, but in chapter 8 she makes very obvious statements because her emotion-numbing medication is messing up her mind: Due to a misunderstanding, all Shinji's female classmates convinced themselves that he is some sort of stud and is in a three-ways relationship with Asuka and Rei ironically they are accidentally not so off the mark: Shinji and Asuka are dating secretly, and Rei is in love with both, but she does not want to disrupt their relationshipso they start to lust after him and chase him, much to his chagrin he only wants Asuka and Asuka's wrath, who complains that they think he is "Shinji the Casanova" when he is hers.

Asuka displayed a very playful, smug and self-satisfied grin after being kissed by Shinji in front of all their classmates in chapter 8. This story's mood and tone shift constantly due to the author's desire to blend W. In a single episode you can go from wacky teenager antics to mecha action to a character considering committing suicide to two children in love snuggling up on their bed. Asuka's plan in chapter 8 was meant to mess with Misato's mind and show subtly that they had matured since they were together: Asuka can now control her temper, both teens care about each other and are comfortable with their bodies and with sexuality to the point they can have fun with some fantasy without ruining their real relationship Ritsuko deliberately wanted to take things slowly with Maya since she had just come out of an emotionally abusive relationship with Gendo.

She felt positively giddy at times. Maya wanted her just for being her. Maya wanted to hold her, say her name softly, and wake up next to her. Without either of them saying three little words, without a kiss or anything, they were Although, after that, and as Ritsuko slowly becomes more and more comfortable with their relationship, they start kissing and eventually perform the deed at Ritsuko's apartment.

Shinji is a giant robot pilot and he also cooks for his teammates. As soon as the first chapter it is pointed out that he makes delicious meals. A few chapters later he was shattering a Robeast to pieces.

She and Shinji defeat Bardiel by cracking the Organ, avoiding destroying the Unit. Later they have to help Rei to fight Zeruel but they can not use their own giant robots, so that they hijack the intact Unit During the battle it runs out of power Kensuke, after Rei invokes Magnetic Girlfriend.

Asuka and Shinji have a hard time grasping how this happened. Kensuke Aida has two girlfriends. I want off this planet, Shinji. Shinji, Asuka and Rei, fourteen-year-old kids drafted to pilot war mechs and fight a war against giant alien monsters. Asuka and Rei have been training her whole lives for it, and the former is especially devoted to it.

Often they talk about how broken they are due to being someone else's tools. Sayaka and Kyoko had been best friends ever since they were little and they've been engaged in a Secret Relationship for several years. Shinji and Asuka got together but they are keeping it a secret.

She is extremely possessive and protective of Shinji because "You're cute, you like me, you're a fantastic kisser, and you understand what it's like [to be me]". Coincidentally, all their female classmates have all of sudden convinced themselves that he is a Casanova and a god of sex and are trying to hook up with him, and their behaviour is an endless source of frustration and rage to Asuka because she can not claim him publicly or just kill her rivals someone might notice.

Ironically Rei does not provoke Asuka's jealousy — after a while — however, she is also extremely close to Shinji because Rei respects their bond and she has even helped to drive Shinji's would-be suitors away. Asuka liked Shinji, Rei cared for Shinji, and all of his female classmates had a huge crush on Shinji He never even noticed.

It changes throughout the history, though. He accidentally got a hint Asuka was throwing at him and they got together Asuka treats her Unit 02 as if it was alive and talks to it. After discovering their robots ARE alive and their mother's souls are locked within, Asuka realizes that is the reason her synch rose and her robot went berserker when she talked to it.

From that point onward Shinji and Asuka start to talk to their robots more often. Shinji and Asuka are both orphans dead mothers, abandoned by fathers. And Hikari who also becomes a pilot. And all of their classmates. Eventually Shinji and Asuka start to suspect it is indeed very convenient that all pilots are half-orphans whose surviving parental figure works for NERV.

When they compare notes on their mothers' deaths and after Hikari tells them she felt her mother inside her robot they realize what has happened to their mothers and that NERV is behind their deaths. Converse with the Unconscious: In chapter 2 Shinji talks to Asuka while she is unconscious to tell her she makes him happy and he will never leave her. Misato tries acting like this to her wards, taking care of them, trying to protect them and even encouraging Shinji to confess his feelings to Asuka.

As their relationship develops and strengthens, Shinji, Asuka, and Rei start to do this for each other when one of them is upset. In chapter 7 Rei — who was upset after being forced to not see Shinji and Asuka for two days — hugged Shinji and after Asuka, giving her an additional hug on Shinji's behalf. The three of them felt comforted and calmer for it.

I get my best friend killed, I get fired from the job I've had my whole life, I get replaced by a program, I'm fucking useless " Asuka pinched her eyes shut and fought down tears. She nearly gasped as she felt Rei put her arms around her. I missed my friends. You are not useless. You have saved me from drugged stupor. You fought superbly and defeated the Angel even though you had only one arm left.

You saved many lives by stopping it so quickly. I failed my best friend! What good am I? Rei released the hug and stepped back. Asuka suddenly missed it.