Seohyun and changmin relationship problems

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seohyun and changmin relationship problems

And even though he had repeatedly assured Seohyun that their long distance relationship wouldn't hurt, he did have doubts initially. Very very minimal. The biggest issues have probably been Jonghyun's dating scandal, which was A rookie idol probably doesn't have the time for a relationship anyway. As for most "clean", besides Seohyun, I haven't heard anything bad about .. You forgot about Changmin's dating "scandal" with SHINee's Minho!!. "I relate to Changmin so much at times." Haha DBSK TVXQ Tohoshinki JYJ Jung U-know Yunho Park Micky Yoochun Kim Hero Jaejoong Shim Max Changmin.

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But that girl was from a small company, can be considered as a new group sorry for teasing… Taemin is the most quiet. I think, from her stories, it is as a whole. Minho is always been ignorant.

SM is actually preparing for a new girl group right now and also a solo, she said. Thank God Khuntoria is a big success that still can help F x to maintain the popularity. But the bond between F x member is better.

Luna is really a kind hearted person, she said. A very humble person and very lovely. Krystal is indeed a very moody and a bit spoiled girl. Sulli is more likeable than Krystal.

7 Mysterious Dating Scandals That Left Fans Suspicious

Victoria is also nice off the camera and Amber is a fun person. Amber is actually having a bit bad relationship with a member of SNSD. SM is still trying. I know nothing about EXO, lol. Overall, she told me that EXO still have a loooonngggg way to have a good relationship between them. The nicest member for her is Hyoyeon and Seohyun. Abou plastic surgery, yes, almost all of them have it. And Yuri is pretty flirty to women, in her sight. Heechul is straight and Siwon is pretty gay but still trying to be a straight.

But again, she never see any sign of them dating.

seohyun and changmin relationship problems

Seohyun is hard to approach as you can see in WGM. Yong Hwa is actually trying to keep their relationship, but Seohyun just being cold No, she said Seohyun is apparently not interested in dating right now. Well… she said Jessica is pretty often goes on a date with celebrities in Korea.

7 Mysterious Dating Scandals That Left Fans Suspicious

Tiffany is dating Nickhun, my fried is suspicious on Yoona dating someone right now, the last time she met them in dressing room during The Boys promotionshe saw Hyoyeon talked alot in the phone. It is makes sense because their only possibility to have a love relationship with their crazy schedule is just within the label artist. Son Ye Jin in Personal Taste???

She said nothing about visiting SM, tho. Sunny is not that pleasant.

Changmin & Seohyun Couple

She believes Sunny is not dating anyone right now. Hyoyeon is actually a huge fans of BigBang. In a week she can have like dating invitation. But Yoona is actually a very picky person after she got famous well. But Kim Soo Hyun'sreally cute so who knows? Well, Yoona is not her fave member or her least like member. I mean, member A could be reaaalllyyyy close with member B but not that close with member C or prefer going alone rather than going with member D which I think is normal.

The nicest person is Sungmin and Donghae and the most annoying one for her, again is Shindong. Additional info, actually the most handsome member in Super Junior is, believe it or not: Kangin is free from plastic surgery and the real definition of handsome Korean man specially when he lost weight. There will be no more 13elive. Oh, a bit about Suju. She said the real leader is actually Heechul.

I think Siwon is trying to keep it straight My friend was laughing when she heard some are suspicious Kyuhyun is gay. My friend even said this boy is easily fall in love with girls. Heechul is really like Sohee… Siwon is really a confusing person.

The government knows exactly how big is the contribution SM made for Korea economy and culture. About JJ, she is sure he is straight because he never dated any other guy except Yunho at least in Korea. But yeah, maybe bisexual is more accurate. They are still very popular like back in their DBSK days.

Idols do dating each other. Not in a term of a stable relationship but like going out together. And again, she mentioned 2PM as the most active group in asking girls idol out.

Her JYP collegue told her once that Jay is not the leader, at all. He is a nice guy. She Min receives a very lacking of spotlight despite she is the almost like the main vocal and the main dancer in the group.

The whole spotlight is Suzy is pretty bad, actually.

seohyun and changmin relationship problems

Almost like Hyuna, I guess. Suzy is also awkward with all the spotlight but she has no courage to refuse. Sohee is quiet but not shy. But what she heard around, 2NE1 is pretty clean. Suddenly there came a loud scream from his back.

seohyun and changmin relationship problems

The next moment a jolly-looking boy marched next to him. Brisk walking brought the two swiftly out of the urban on the shore road, looking back, the dicks of the harbor can be visualized. They rounded the sharp corners of Korean file, and then crossed to the left-hand side of the road so that they can notice oncoming vehicles. Suddenly there was a screeching of tires behind them. The two whirled to see chromium grille of a black limousine. The big car had swerved wide around the turn, hugging the left shoulder of the road.

Even in the instant leaping to safety, Changmin had taken a penetrating glance at the driver of the car and so as the two pick themselves up, he was able to report. After that they climbed back to road and started out once more.

Half an hour later, the boys caught a glimpse of the stone house. He suggested that I look over this place. Changmin just nod as they walked towards the main gate of the house. To their surprised they fount it open, with the marks of automobile tires in the driveway.

Jung acted as though something might be going out in here. He had been trained by his father, who had been a crack detective in the Seoul Police department. From his father Changmin had learned the need for careful observation and importance of laboratory work.

In fact, he and Seohyun had already a small but well-equipped lab of their own above their garage. The two examining the earth carefully, moved around the big house until they came to the back.

The SECRETS of KPOP idols

An hour later, the two were hiking back o the city. Once in town, Changmin and Junsu bayed-goodbye as they went off toward their own homes. When Changmin reached home, he was met at the door by her sister, Seohyun.