Selena gomez and zedd relationship quiz

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selena gomez and zedd relationship quiz

After their smash hit, 'I Want You to Know,' Selena Gomez and Zedd ​ Billboard, Zedd was finally asked for his take on the relationship. Are they on or off? We take a look at Selena Gomez and Zedd's relationship from the start to now. I'm talking about Selena Gomez and Zedd, the Russian-German DJ with talked about her on-again-off-again relationship with Justin Bieber.

Question 7 What is Selena's favorite snack? Pretzels and cream cheese Dill pickle Deep fried mars bar This might be a really weird thing to ask about, but Selena has definitely talked about her love of this food in several interviews. She's probably been seen eating it in pictures or on tape before. This is for sure one of the weirder things about her, but it's one of those quirks that makes her Selena Gomez.

Maybe it's a Texan thing? In any case, it's kind of sweet that it's still one of her favorite snacks - some things never change! Question 8 How old is Selena right now?

Her career really took off in her teens, making her relatable to millennials and a real fan favorite. Her fan base is usually pretty close to her age, but Selena is well out of her teens. She has always carried herself with grace and maturity, but doesn't look a day over Question 9 Which Disney star did Selena date?

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The best part was that the actors of these shows were usually friends, had crossovers, and sometimes even dated. Remember that time that a bunch of them made a song together to promote environmentalism? Those were the days. It's things like this that brought Disney stars together Ella Mia Tammy There's not much that can be said about this movie, because it's all in the title. It's literally just a modern version of Cinderella, where Selena's character kind of gets bullied by her step-sisters, has to serve them, and then meets this really cute guy who's also a celebrity.

They basically fall in love, he makes her popular, and she gets her revenge on her evil step-family by breaking free of them. How many of these has Disney made, again?

Question 11 What was Selena disease was Selena diagnosed with? She was always working, whether it was on a television show, a movie, an album or a tour. She was happy with Justin Bieber, and always in the public eye. Physically, it was impossible to tell that anything was wrong - but it was. She eventually revealed, openly as she usually is that she was diagnosed with a disease that sometimes hindered her work and explained her occasional absences.

Question 12 When did Selena release her first album? This is usually great for Disney stars, because it means they can sing their show's theme song, take part in Disney albums, have appearances on Radio Disney, and film musicals.

Zedd Admits He Couldn’t Handle Dating Selena Gomez Because Of All The Attention

She started out as a part of a band, Selena Gomez and The Scene, and recorded some of her biggest songs with them before going solo. She's released several albums. Question 13 On which talk show did Selena say she saw Justin Bieber as her little brother?

You really could've just left it at calling him a good friend! To be fair, most of the time Selena talked about Justin Bieber prior to their public relationship, she did refer to him as a good friend.

On one particular show, the interviewer badgered Selena so much that she resorted to calling him "little" and like a brother. This exact clip was brought back to haunt her on a future appearance of hers on the same show, when her and Justin were public. Question 14 Who is Selena currently dating? Justin Bieber Charlie Puth Zedd Selena is currently in her third public relationship with another celebrity. After Nick Jonas and Justin Bieber, she's currently dating yet another singer who seems to make her very happy and who she's smitten with.

selena gomez and zedd relationship quiz

Selena has always been in long-term relationships, and usually isn't super public or mushy about them. She dated Nick for two years, Justin for four, and has been with this guy for almost a year. Her current relationship was controversial because he had just broken up with another celebrity everyone thought Selena was friends with.

Question 15 How many albums has Selena released? Slowly but surely, she has graduated from the teen pop, Disney sound and from Disney altogether to more a more mature sound. It's worth noting that she did this without going off the rails, or going from 0 to overnight. Every one of her albums marks a new chapter of her life and growth. The Victoria's Secret show is one of the most anticipated and watched fashion shows in the world, and its artistry is incomparable.

To be chosen as a performing artist is an honor - and to join the ranks of artists like Hozier, The Weeknd, Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran, and more - is great publicity to say the least. She performed two songs from her album on the runway. Question 17 How many followers does Selena have on Instagram? Or maybe it would be Kim Kardashian? For a while, it was none other than Taylor Swift, until her very own bestie, Selena Gomez surpassed her. Yes, folks, the queen of Instagram is none other than Selena.

Her following is absolutely insane - over million people. If you're a fan, you're one of those people.

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Oh, and the follower count in this picture is from a few years ago! Question 18 Which one of these ladies isn't close friends with Selena? Well, not really, because Selena is friends with non-famous people.

As a matter of fact, some of her best friends are But, lots of her close and best friends are also singers and actors. Guess that every celebrity needs at least one star-studded group of friends to host parties or attend the red carpet with.

Selena is a sweet, graceful and kind young lady, so there's not many people she doesn't get along with Life And use it just moved.

selena gomez and zedd relationship quiz

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selena gomez and zedd relationship quiz

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