Rumpelstiltskin and belle relationship quizzes

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rumpelstiltskin and belle relationship quizzes

Belle and Rumpelstiltskin, or Rumbelle as Once Upon a Time fans have come to call them, are no longer the show's will-they-won't-they couple. My relationship is like Rumple and Belle from 'Once Upon a Time'! Zimbio's Which Once Upon a Time Couple is Most Like Your Relationship Quiz. Belle And . The romantic relationship between Rumplestiltskin and Belle—known to fans as# Rumbelle—certainly had its beautiful moments, especially in.

This one good deed somehow redeems Arthur of all his villainy as he becomes leader of the Underworld and plans to rule in a benevolent manner. Redeeming a character like Arthur after one good deed undermines the gradual redemption of characters like Regina that need multiple seasons to prove they've changed.

Regina murdering Graham was a dark moment where audiences realized how high the stakes were and that any of these fairy tale characters could die in Storybrooke. In a twisted, manipulative way, Regina cared about Graham, but that didn't stop her from crushing his heart. Considering all the tension between Emma and Regina in Season 1 and these kinds of secrets rarely stay buried, the revelation that Regina murdered Graham would've provided a crucial layer of compelling conflict and character development.

They certainly grew close, learning to trust and confide in each other. But their relationship ended in very disappointing fashion. Emma allowing herself to become the Dark One so Regina wouldn't have to after her hard-fought battle for redemption seemed to show Emma and Regina were best friends.

rumpelstiltskin and belle relationship quizzes

Regina took charge of the mission to Camelot to bring Emma back from the darkness. They loved each other in a way that transcended the fact that they were Henry's mothers. But in Emma's final episode in Season 7, the two characters barely acknowledged each other. As much as there was to wrap up concerning Emma's relationships with Henry and Hook, there was just as much to wrap up with Regina.

At least there's still plenty of Regina for fans to enjoy in Season 7. Patrick Fischler and Victoria Smurfit had decent chemistry. Their whole sudden doomed romance, however, was shoehorned into an episode. The reimagined Once backstory saw Aladdin as the Savior of Agrabah and Jasmine as the one who seeks him out to fulfill it. Their romance was equal parts adorable and frustrating, as they kept disappearing from the narrative over the course of the season.

Part of it really comes down to the chemistry between Deniz Akdeniz and Karen David, who each left their own stamp on their roles. In the end, the pair were able to secure their happily ever after and save Agrabah from Jafar. Honestly the chemistry in the live-action Aladdin movie should be just as good as this was.

She forgot everything about Storybrooke, her family, and her unresolved romantic feelings.

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It was just something that made a lot of sense. The issue was that Walsh was not that interesting and nothing more than a device to tease Zelena as the season 3B villain. You just have to wonder if people from the Enchanted Forest has some kind of homing beacon for others like them. Repeating themselves with a one-off character just seemed a bit cheap. Whether or not it worked is entirely up to the fans, yet the romance aspect of it was still strong.

Much like the first season needed a good grounding in Snow White and Charming, the seventh season needed the same in Henry and Cinderella. For the most part, it worked. West and Alison Fernandez created a believable and grounded sort of romance for their characters.

We definitely wish that we could have seen more of the couple after the show was cancelled. The romance between Cora and Rumple was a strictly for one episode only, but it felt like one episode too much. There could have been other reasons than an ill-fated romance for Cora to rip out her own heart. It feels like something should have carried over, ripped out heart or no. The pair had a sweet and heartwarming bond that survived even into the Curse.

When he tries to make his father go through a portal, he is left to grow up on his own in another realm. Question 4 How does orphan Emma come up with her last name? From a song The Ugly Duckling story From a friend After Pinocchio left infant Emma in the foster home alone, Emma was left without any shred of home for the future. With no idea who she really was, who her parents were, or what her true purpose in life was, Emma was constantly running away from any foster family that took her in. One night, she is burning stories to keep herself warm while on the streets, when a boy reminds her that she can be whatever she wants to be.

Her parents, although they were nasty to each other when they first met, were destined to fall in love and rid the land of evil. Unfortunately for her, she had to grow up without any such knowledge of the grand deeds her parents did to protect the people of their kingdom. And even when she learns who they really are after she arrives in Storybrooke, she still thinks it's unfair that she had to grow up alone. Sheriff Mayor Store owner Regina Mills is the Evil Queen — she had cursed all of those who lived in the enchanted forest and created a secret town known as Storybrooke.

It was on no maps, and no one from the outside world would cross over their borders and somehow stumble upon the secret down. Although it was a lonely job, which is when Henry came into the picture. Question 7 In Season one, who accidentally eats the poison apple that Regina made for Emma? Exhausting all other options to get Emma to leave Storybrooke so she can go back to having Henry all to herself, she has no other choice but to use the last bit of magic left in her possession to conjure up enough darkness to be able to get rid of Emma for good.

Question 8 What was the curse Storybrooke had for 28 years? Everyone was trapped in their own homes Stuck in time No one could speak No one could sleep Storybrooke is notorious for its curses. It seems every season there is a new one for the residents to have to deal with. The one that brought them to the town in the first place.

He is the younger brother to Liam, and had a rough childhood growing up. His father abandoned him and his brother when they were just boys, and they were forced to grow up working on the sea. His brother was a loyal sailor while Hook was a notorious drunk. The death of his brother is what brought on his persona Captain Hook, where he vowed to never work for the King again because it was his fault his brother was poisoned.

Ruby Maleficent Zelena Emma Swan met a number of different fairy-tale characters during her childhood in the land without magic. Some stumbled into her life on purpose, others it was merely an accident.

With the help of a credit card, she and her new friend hit the junk food jackpot and promise to look out for each other forever. Question 11 Why did Tinkerbell lose her wings? She killed someone Regina refused to meet her true love She stole money She gets Blue in trouble Fairy magic is widely known in the show — the fairies are almost like guardian angels for some children, where they vow to protect the ones they look out for.

Blue is the leader of the fairies, she is the most powerful and makes sure that the fairies are doing everything necessary for good. Unfortunately Tinkerbell strayed too fair and was given too many chances — thus she lost her wings and the ability to use magic.

She had put her trust in someone and they failed her. Rumple is his father They're brothers Rumple is his son On the show it seems like everyone is somehow related to some other character. From his birth, this connects Rumple to the Snow and Charming family — and there are many more connections throughout the show. The connections seem to be endless.

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Question 13 Where do Hook and Emma have their first kiss? Although he was working with Cora at the time, he foolishly trusted Emma when they climbed the bean stalk.

rumpelstiltskin and belle relationship quizzes

Upon his arrival into Storybrooke, he slowly began to help the heroes despite his track record of always doing the wrong thing.