Rukia and ichigo relationship wikipedia

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rukia and ichigo relationship wikipedia

Rukia Kuchiki is a fictional character in the anime and manga series Bleach created by Tite Kubo. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Rukia's relationship with Ichigo is unique, for despite the relatively short amount of time they have. Rukia and Ichigo probably share a brother-sister relationship, or probably they are just best friends. Their relationship was emphasized in the initial arcs quite. WHO IS THE VERY MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN ICHIGO'S LIFE RUKIA OR ORIHIME? .. That is, they use polite forms for new acquaintances, but if a relationship becomes more intimate, Japanese_language.

Or when she struck an Arrancar hard enough to make him bleed.

Byakuya Kuchiki

So perhaps she is the only construct. They were created to fight Hollows. One idea is that they were created as a weapon against Hollows.

rukia and ichigo relationship wikipedia

They were created to fight the Quincy. There has been no indication that this is the case.

When Rukia's Schoolmate Said ''Do You Like Ichigo??''

Urahara is a guy who likes to plan ahead, after all. After all, what Ururu reacted to when it came to Yylfordt was his unusual spiritual pressure - a reaction that makes sense if she exists to guard the shop against hostile intruders. And for a man like Urahara, on the run from Soul Society with a shop full of dangerous and only dubiously legal items, having a defense team makes sense.

This, at least, is the theory that the anon sent me along with the request.

rukia and ichigo relationship wikipedia

I have my doubts about this one, insofar as it seems dangerously shippy for Bleach a canon couple with both characters living? They are mod souls. Now that Ururu and Jinta have aged, this may be unlikely but hey.

rukia and ichigo relationship wikipedia

Maybe Gigais that age are a thing now. So if Urahara had one mod soul, why not more?

rukia and ichigo relationship wikipedia

Perhaps Ururu and Jinta are both mod souls that Urahara rescued, and that explains their powers to fight Hollows. She died as an infant and was sent to Soul Society with her older sister, Hisana.

Rukia Kuchiki - Wikipedia

Though Hisana initially tried to protect and provide for Rukia, she could not ensure her own survival while caring for a baby as well, and thus abandoned Rukia. This remains unknown to Rukia until Byakuya confesses it to her. Rukia and a group of other Soul Reapers are sent to assist in fighting the arrancar, [23] though after Aizen captures Orihime Inoue they are recalled to Soul Society.

Saddened that she had not saved her mentor from the control of a hollow as she had previously thought, Rukia manages to kill Aaroniero.

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Seventeen months later, Rukia, now lieutenant of Squad 13, returns to aid in restoring Ichigo's Soul Reaper powers before engaging the Fullbringer Riruka Dokugamine. In the subsequent battles against Yhwach's Schutzstaffel Rukia and a large number of high rank Soul Reapers are quickly defeated by the powerful Gerard Valkyrie.

In the series epilogue, ten years after Yhwach's defeat, Rukia is revealed to have become the new Squad 13 captain and married Renji with the two having a daughter named Ichika. In other media[ edit ] Rukia has made several appearances outside of the Bleach anime and manga. She appears in all of the featured films in the series: Fade to Black where she is kidnapped and mind-wiped by two mysterious rogues, and later transformed into 'Dark Rukia'. In some games, her human form and Soul Reaper state are available as separate characters, [40] [41] while Dark Rukia is playable in Heat the Soul 6 and Heat the Soul 7.

The character was portrayed by Hana Sugisaki and the film took place during the Soul Reaper Agent arc, when Rukia had to transfer her powers to Ichigo.

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