Riza and roy relationship test

riza and roy relationship test

Then once Roy became Fuhrer, he relieved Riza from her duties so that her full military uniform which makes me think that their relationship. He doesn't marry anyone. However, it's been clear that if he ever got around to it, it'd be Riza Hawkeye, his master's daughter. And this is a relationship that Riza. "this is it kids this is their canon relationship and this is what i love about them, riza preventing roy from doing Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Anime Photo: Funny Roy and Riza pic Roy Mustang Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Riza Hawkeye Royai Check out the "When you take a test that you did great on.

Winry is a tough mechanic but also a very nurturing, emotional person. But the work Winry does as a healer is shown to be just as impressive and important as the daring deeds that Ed and Al do, and perhaps even more admirable. A huge theme of Fullmetal Alchemist is the power to create versus the power to destroy, and as someone who builds new limbs for people, Winry is the embodiment of the former.

A scene where she prepares to deliver a baby in the Fullmetal anime is accompanied by epic fighting music to underscore this point. She is what he aspires to be—a human who creates rather than an alchemist who destroys. Working with food helps Hachiken realize that he has taken for granted how much work his mother who appears to be a housewife puts into making the family meals.

And though it may be perceived differently in Japan, seeing characters who are allowed to be martial artists and housewives and mechanics and cooks is valuable from a Western perspective, because our media can fail to recognize how multifaceted women can be.

One of the prominent characters in Silver Spoon is an overweight young girl who is entirely comfortable with her body, a rarity for manga. She exists for them, and her life outside them is not of consequence. Essentially, Winry is the hero of her own story.

Manga Hiromu Arakawa Fullmetal Alchemist Female Representation | The Mary Sue

Through Winry, Arakawa encourages her male readers to be more respectful of the women in their lives. She also encourages her readers not to see women as an endless source of emotional healing and support, but as complex people with their own lives and goals who also require support at times. However, Winry proves that her way of handling things—by actually communicating her feelings—works a lot better than that macho nonsense.

She ends up resolving a conflict with communication. This is a really good lesson for young people to learn, especially boys, who are often taught to be ashamed of their emotions. Boys can be naturally emotional, while girls can find it hard to express their feelings. A female character close to the hero will be put in peril in order to motivate him.

Do you think Riza and Mustang ever got together after brotherhood? : FullmetalAlchemist

The narrative will often back the villain up in this—the female character may protest or fight, but ultimately she will fulfill her function as a motivation for the hero. Arakawa even frames the narrative in a way that forces the reader to feel foolish for assuming Winry was helpless. The most important thing about these situations is the female characters are ultimately put in peril to further their stories more than those of the male characters. Riza as a character is shown to value her own agency.

And of course, Riza is in control of the situation and even signals Roy that help is on the way. Lan Fan outwits her opponent. In another example, Lan Fan is injured and a male character has to carry her.


Another message is the importance of not thinking of women as props or extensions of men. That would cause gossip. Riza walked around the bed to get her shirt and the remainder of her cast aside clothes, she put them in the hamper and got fresh ones out of her side of their closet. As she was buttoning her uniform jacket Roy grabbed her and kissed her fiercely, they exchanged tongue and were gripping at each others backs, Roy was aware of and enjoyed the feeling of Riza's breasts pressed against his chest.

They separated and continued to change into their military uniforms. He left for work and she stayed behind and got the file they used as a prop when leaving the house. When she arrived at HQ she greeted Mustang like she did everyday and sat to start doing paperwork.

riza and roy relationship test

Hawkeye sat filling out boring paperwork a couple weeks later, fingering her silver chain necklace with her wedding ring on it hidden under her shirt. Roy had one just like it under his uniform too where no one could see it and get suspicious. They had been married 7 months now since they had married 1 month after Roy had become fuhrer.

riza and roy relationship test

She should be on a lunch break with the rest of her coworkers Fuery, Havoc, Hughes, Braida, Falman, Edward, and Alphonse who had just recently been passed as a state alchemist; The Strongsoul Alchemist but she hadn't been feeling great lately and didn't have the stomach to eat anything. So here she was finishing up paperwork, a mix of hers and the fuhrer's. She had just signed the last paper and decided to leave early and go home.

So she left a note on Roy's desk and left. She always took the long way home so as to shake off anyone who might follow her. When she got to their apartment she dropped her things on the table and lay on the bed feeling as if she might die. She just wanted to curl up somewhere and wait for this awful feeling to pass.

As she was, no one knew she didn't feel well because she let no expressions of weakness pass onto her face when she was working, not even Roy new she felt bad. Black Hayate yipped at her to feed him so she regretfully got up to put dog food in his bowl.

After filling his bowl she headed back to bed only to rush to the bathroom to throw up what little she had had for breakfast. After she was sure she could move she lay on the bed and tried to fall asleep.

When Roy got back from having lunch he found a note from Riza saying she had left early and gone home to his surprise.

He thought to himself 'she never leaves early, something must be bothering her that she hasn't told me about or that I havn't noticed. I hope everything is ok'. He decided to call home and find out what was going on with his wife. He dialed the number and listened ringing as he waited for her to pick up.

What were you thinking?!

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Envy Vs Roy Mustang & Riza Hawkeye *SPOILER WARNING*

I don't want you to have something serious, ok. Better be safe than sorry. See you when you get home, love you. Roy; still worried, put down the phone on it's cradle. Riza sat on the doctor's office examining table in a daze.

She thought to herself 'What? Did I hear him right? How could this have happened?

riza and roy relationship test