Richard rawlings and aaron kaufman relationship help

Aaron Kaufman Opens Up About Leaving Gas Monkey Garage

richard rawlings and aaron kaufman relationship help

Feb 23, Aaron Kaufman, left, and Richard Rawlings in the Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas in Andrew Buckley Special to the Star-Telegram. Take a walk back in time and hear from Richard's old classmates about how uncool he was. Aaron Kaufman Says Goodbye to Gas Monkey. i. Discovery. Feb 26, When it was announced that Aaron Kaufman was leaving Fast N Loud and Aaron Kaufman telling Richard Rawlings that he is leaving Gas.

You may have seen Rawlings and his successful career in Fast N' Loud, and you also might have noticed him in a bunch of commercials. Inafter the launch of Fast N' Loud, Rawlings was hired by Dodge to be in a series of advertisements.

One of these commercials even aired during the Superbowl. There are also a few Baywatch themed commercials where Rawlings pairs up with David Hasselhoff to promote Dodge for the summer. Beyond his contract with Dodge, Rawlings has also appeared on commercials specific to Discovery Channel. Commercials are an excellent source of additional income to stars like Rawlings.

richard rawlings and aaron kaufman relationship help

Commercials that go national and remain on the air for an extended period of time can rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars in residual pay to its stars. It was initially created for hospitals, to increase energy and aid recovery.

Monster, Redbull and Rockstar are the kings of energy drinks, but Richard Rawlings also says his energy drink is a top contender. Rawlings considers his energy drink to be one of his most successful ventures of the Gas Monkey Garage brand. The drink, appropriately named Gas Monkey Energy, was released in Since then, Rawlings has signed a contract with the US Government to sell his energy drink on every military base worldwide.

Rawlings even went on a tour to meet soldiers and promote the brands' drink. He talks about one of the most fun and gratifying experiences during the promotional tour. Rawlings had the opportunity to go to a base in South Korea for Thanksgiving. He took a bunch of the Monkeys and his wife and they spent the holiday meeting with troops to say thank you and promote their new drink.

Talk about a good marketing strategy; patriotism and promotions. Over the course of our lifetime, most Americans will own 12 cars. Because the crew of Fast N' Loud is all about buying and selling, the car count in their garage is significantly higher, and constantly changing. At any given point, Gas Monkey Garage has a staggering 40 to 50 cars at the garage.

Because of the constant flipping of vehicles, the number fluctuates up and down. In theory, Rawlings could drive a different car every day in a month and not use all of them. But most of these cars and trucks are in various states of repair, and many are not even drivable. Nearly everything at their shop is for sale.

There are only a few cars that Rawlings says he will never get rid of. He's been offered ridiculous amounts of money for some of them, but they just have too much significance for him to sell. One of the cars he refuses to get rid of is the first car Aaron Kaufman and Rawlings built together, a Chevy Fleetline. Another car he's hanging on to is a Shelby Mustang GT The convertible Mustang was built in the first season of Fast N' Loud for a friend.

It was based on the car from the movie The Thomas Crown Affair. Rawlings had the good fortune to buy it back from the friend five years after the build. The numbers for violent carjackings have significantly decreased, but car theft still exists. As ofAlbuquerque, New Mexico held the top spot for having the most stolen cars in the whole US.

The city recognized this was a major problem, and even acknowledged it on their website. The rest of the list is almost entirely filled with California cities surprise, surprise. Now can you imagine not just having your average economy car stolen, but stolen violently?

This was what Richard Rawlings had to deal with at 22 years old. At the time, Rawlings was an off-duty cop hanging with some buddies. He decided to grab a burger and some fries, hopped in his car and headed into Fort Worth, Texas. Rawlings says it was just a "wrong place, wrong time" situation. A few guys tried to drag him from his car. He attempted to flee, and was shot in the shoulder from behind with a. Thank goodness there was no damage to the Mustang.

The seemingly scripted docu-drama follows street racers duking it out in their cars in various US cities. Although the thrill of the show is to see illegal racing, the reality isn't as exciting. The show files for permits everywhere they film, and often the racing is completely legal and supervised by the police.

The show has gained a lot of negative press, due to the dangers of promoting illegal street racing. Word on the street is that Rawlings is teaming up with the NHRA to establish the show as a legal and safe race show well, there goes all the fake fun.

Apparently, there will be no more street racing at all. Every episode will take place at a race track or drag strip. And because Rawlings is so involved with the brand, you can expect more appearances by him in the show. We've already seen Rawlings go head to head and lose out in Mega Race 1 and 2 with the second just airing this yearand we can assume he'll show up again for more of these grudge races soon. You start to develop a weird pseudo-relationship with the host and his crew.

You know their banter, you form opinions about them, and it seems like you know everything about their personal lives.

richard rawlings and aaron kaufman relationship help

But you might not know as much as you think about Richard Rawlings. Thank God there's a remedy for that. InRawlings released an autobiography.

He writes about the show, the garage, the brand and his personal life. It also includes photos of Rawlings growing up with his dad, and pictures from some of the best episodes.

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Fans will appreciate the secrets shared about his life and cars. Rawlings goes into detail about how he now holds the record for the Cannonball Run. This race started inand it runs from Manhattan to Redondo Beach. No one had beat the record time since the initial race, until Rawlings and his buddy, Dennis Collins, beat it in This includes the food and beverage industries.

We already know he has a cinnamon flavored tequila, and a successful energy drink. But in true entrepreneurial fashion, the Fast N' Loud host has also opened up several restaurants. The first restaurant was opened just a few miles away from the garage in Dallas, TX.

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Rawlings' restaurant had a very similar atmosphere to the House of Blues, with live music, good drinks and hearty food. This was followed by the opening of his very own concert venue. His most recent restaurant venture is the Richard Rawlings Garage. This drink is a sponsor seen on the side of various cars at the drag strip.

It's so successful that it can be found sold at stores all over the United States. Say what you want about Richard Rawlings, but he's undoubtedly a smart businessman and has created a brand that's recognized all over the United States. He may be a polarizing man, but he knows how to take risks and do what's best for his brand. Inhe started the Gas Monkey Foundation. They accept all cars, trucks, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles, regardless of the condition that they're in, fix them up, and sell them.

The money goes to the foundation. He's made sure to use his name to do good for the world as well.

Aaron Kaufman Opens Up About Leaving Gas Monkey Garage

He also owns a restaurant known as the 'Gas Monkey Bar and Grill,' and across the street from the restaurant is another venture of his.

It's called 'Gas Monkey Live,' and it's a state-of-the-art music venue in Dallas. He's had some historic rock and metal artists, including Jane's Addiction, Slayer, and Dwight Yoakam, perform at this venue.

He's a man that knows what the people like, and he's not afraid to create a business venture that capitalizes on what people like cars, music, and food. Gas Monkey Garage were races on eighth-mile tracks. And the outcome of both resulted in the Fast N' Loud crew getting beaten. They were classic races of "street" guys vs the "rich" guy, and the street guys showed them how it was done. Richard had to learn that money can't buy you an experienced driver and a win.

He would lead the team for numerous seasons until he felt it was time for him to do other things. He left the show and was given his own spin-off called "Shifting Gears. It was difficult for some fans, but you have to respect a man who follows his heart. Jason owned his own shop in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma called 'Worldwide Muscle Cars' and was an expert in original restoration. Once Aaron left, he would stay on permanently as the shop foreman.

It's known to fans that he's a big-time Shelby Mustang fan, so much so that he goes all around the country as a Shelby judge at national shows.

He's a guy that knows his stuff and is the one that tries to keep the "Monkeys" in line. She's Richard's assistant and secretary for the shop.