Richard castle and kate beckett relationship test

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richard castle and kate beckett relationship test

Aug 31, How Lanie finds about Castle and Beckett's relationship. Hell, she had noticed it since Kate Beckett came back to the twelfth. Maybe Castle was finally pulling away thought Lanie as she began her cursory exam of the victim. . study to find Kate Beckett in one of Richard Castle's over-sized sweat shirts. Castle shadows Detective Kate Beckett for That relationship is put the ultimate test when the man who. Oct 27, The Castle-Beckett relationship is the flirty/friendship, and later the romantic relationship between Richard "Rick" Castle and Katherine "Kate" Beckett. and Beckett (unlike Esposito) passes the attendant test, telling Castle.

Beckett paused just before she reached Lanie once she felt the buzz of her phone against her leg.

richard castle and kate beckett relationship test

She quickly looked up making sure no one was looking before opening her phone to read the message. Lanie looked up from the victim and noticed the look on Kate's face. It was if she was trying to hold back a laugh while smiling at the same time. She sub-consciously shook her head at the comment made in the message before texting back. GSW to the head. Signs of bruises on arms suggests she put up a fight scrawled Lanie as she looked up to see Beckett standing there with her coffee in hand slowly taking a sip waiting for her to reveal how the victim died.

Kate was not really focused on Lanie but still heavily fixated on her phone. If was if she couldn't wait for the next message.

Kate Beckett

That wasn't like Beckett. She once again laughed at the incoming message. Castle returned not long after that with Ryan and Esposito in tow. Beckett and the boys exchanged theories before splitting back up again all heading in different directions. And then Lanie clicked. Kate once again took out her phone and answered the incoming call. But it wasn't a serious call. It was if she was smiling uncontrollably. Lanie definitely knew what was going on now.

Kate's mouth nearly dropped to the floor and the sudden outburst by Lanie. Lanie didn't move an inch but instead continued to stand there and stare at Beckett who was trying to process what Lanie was asking. Kate had to think fast.

Should she tell Lanie what was going on, or come up with a cleverly crafted lie thought Beckett as she closed her mouth, licked her lips and began to try and deny the whole thing. She began to move around the morgue trying to distance herself from her best friend.

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My spidey senses are tingling" continued Lanie, sternly looking at Kate attempting to intimidate the homicide detective. Kate was definitely starting to get intimidated and knew she only had one choice. Kate sighed trying to convince Lanie she was about to reveal something about her personal life, something she rarely ever does.

They were certainly in it for the long haul. Lanie stood there, knowing that it wasn't the case. No one text giggles over messages from a one night stand. As much as she wanted to tell Lanie that her and Castle were finally in a relationship, they both agreed that it was better for Kate's job that they remain a secret.

At least for now. I think he may have been a fireman. Maybe Castle's wild, creative story telling skills were starting to rub off on her. Beckett's phone once again buzzed Lanie could definitely tell she was trying to hide the smile that was threatening to form on her face. He got a lead. I have to go. She quickly dialled the number of the phone before placing it by her ear.

She was making her morgue, whispering to make sure no one heard her conversation. The only people that knew about their relationship was Alexis, Martha and Jim. Everyone else thought they were just really close friends, though they did all wish it was something more. Castle always worried when she wasn't home by Little did Kate know, Lanie heard the entire conversation.

She just wanted to stand up to the roof and scream it out to anyone that would listen. But Lanie knew she could have some fun with it. And that is exactly what she would do. Beckett walked around the bench in the kitchen and placed her coffee cup in the sink.

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They were expecting no-one over and considering that no one knew that they were living together, Castle always answered the door, with Beckett usually hiding in the kitchen. Castle stepped to the side to let Lanie through "Well I have tried to call Beckett, but she's not responding and I have some important information to tell you about the vic" "Well what is it?

He and Beckett had plans to go out tonight and the prying ME was getting in the way. No need to hesitate when you are looking like that in my doorway, Castle thought. He opened the door wider and held out his arm, allowing her access to his loft. And my bed, the thought popped in his head.

richard castle and kate beckett relationship test

Easy Castle, his internal monologue warned. He shut the door behind him and watched Kate walk over to the living room area. Kate sat down at the edge, near the arm of the couch. Castle settled down on the other side. She brushed her long brown wavy locks from her face.

She then laced her fingers together laying them on her lap. She scooted across the couch and placed her hand on his knee. And it wasn't just a kiss, it was a branding. A searing of the soul, pent up frustration, I am tired of waiting kiss. And the kiss was just the prelude to what happened next. There was discarded clothing, mussed hair and rumpled sheets.

richard castle and kate beckett relationship test

The aftermath wasn't awkward or uncomfortable, the morning was full of smiles, laughter and why hadn't we done this sooner. It wasn't all sexual bliss and roses. This was Kate Beckett and Richard Castle after all. After the wall was down there were heated arguments over a case, over where to eat, when to tell their friends they were dating and what to tell Alexis and Martha. The biggest blow-up came when Kate and Rick appeared in the page six gossip column, stating that Rick Castle had finally bagged his muse.

Beckett was fuming, Castle was secretly beaming and the whole precinct walked on egg shells for two days. It finally blew over, as these things do, and it was back to lingering looks, coffee breaks and dinners at home for Castle and Beckett.

Now came the hard part.

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Burning a hole in his trousers was a black box from Tiffany's. The single solitaire diamond was simple and tasteful. Yet another opposite day move from Castle. When he proposed to his first two ex-wives, the rings were flashy and loud and weighed heavy in his pocket.

This ring weighed heavy for another reason.

richard castle and kate beckett relationship test

Because for once in his life, Rick Castle was unsure; unsure about what Kate Beckett would say and unsure of where to ask her. He had told Kevin Ryan once that a proposal should be big and flashy. After all, that was what he had done for his other proposals. But a proposal in a hot air balloon, or a trip in a yacht around the New York harbor, or even on the beach at his estate in the Hamptons wouldn't feel right for Kate Beckett. It finally hit him when he climbed in the car with Beckett as they were leaving a crime scene.

The late afternoon sun was beaming through the car window and the stench of the city streets were wafting through the car.