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Crime and Punishment

He tries to impress Raskolnikov and Razumikhin, but the two are unkind to him. Just as Luzhin gets up to leave, the conversation returns to the murders. She is astonished at Raskolnikov's apparent poverty. Dunya and Pulcheria Alexandrovna politely leave. Raskolnikov tells Razumikhin that he had pawned a . This is the case with Dmitri Prokofych Razumikhin and Rodion Raskolnikov in Rodion's health begins to affect his relationship with his mother and sister.

Who are the members of the Marmeladov family?

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What is his history? How did you feel toward Katerina before the event? Did you notice any Biblical allusions in this scene? What is your response to Marmeladov? Can you have any sympathy for him? Has Dostoevsky done a good job of describing an alcoholic?

How would you feel if you lived in such a place? Note on page Pay particular attention to the people. Svidrigailov is a major character in the novel and will be a foil to Raskolnikov. Listen closely to these details.

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What kind of person is Marfa Petrovna — his wife? Who is Luzhin and why do you think Raskolnikov hates him so much? Luzhin is also a major character — so pay attention to the details concerning him.

Crime and Punishment: Character Analysis

What is the connection Raskolnikov makes between Sonya and Dunya? Pay attention to this repeating pattern that develops and will be repeated: What does Raskolnikov call the man pursuing this girl? How does Raskolnikov serve as a rescuer in this scene? But note his change of heart when he leaves? What does this tell us about Raskolnikov? Razumikhin is another major character who is revealed bit by bit. Raskolnikov decides not to go see Razumikhin. The relationship between Dunya and Raskolnikov is always based on mutual love and respect, but it swings from one extreme of emotion to the other as Raskolnikov slowly approaches the moment of confession.

In many ways, Dunya is more mature than her brother. While he grows angry and dizzy confronting Luzhin, she remains confident and in control, even when she becomes just as angry. She is the strongest female character in the novel. Although Sonya appears equally strong, Dunya is not timid and crushed by poverty. Dunya is certainly one of the heroes in this novel. It is only appropriate that she and Razumikhin marry at the end.

Svidrigailov- Svidrigailov is one of the most mysterious characters in Crime and Punishment. There is no question, however, that he is a known villain. But other than his attempted rape of Dunya, all of his crimes have been put behind him. Another interesting trait that Svidrigailov possesses is that he knows that he cannot force reality to conform to his deepest desires.

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In this way, he also serves as a foil to Raskolnikov. In the end, the rejection that Dunya gives in his attempt at sharing his love compels him to commit suicide. He dies with dignity. Razumikhin- This is Raskolnikov's fellow student and only friend from the university. Razumikhin takes care of Raskolnikov while he is ill and then takes care of Raskolnikov's family when Raskolnikov abandons them. He is in many ways the foil to Raskolnikov: Both are intelligent, but Razumikhin does not fall into the trap of hyper-rationalism as Raskolnikov does; he maintains his perspective and can see the dangers of the new ideas that have corrupted Raskolnikov.

Razumikhin falls in love with Dunya and pledges himself to take care of her and her mother forever. In the end, his marriage to Dunya makes this possible. Pulcheria Alexandrovna- This is Raskolnikov's mother. She writes to Rodya early on in the book, telling him about Dunya's experience with the Svidrigailovs and her eventual engagement to Luzhin.

Though she tends to romanticize things and perhaps get carried away, Pulcheria sees a good deal, which comes out in the end especially, when she falls ill and in her delirium betrays her suspicion of her son's fate, which till then has been kept from her.

Luzhin, who had worked himself up from nothing, is vain and worships his money. He feels that Dunya, in her poverty, would make the ideal humble and grateful wife, and is astonished when he loses her to his own folly.

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He attempts to win her back and discredit her brother by framing and slandering Sonya, but it does not work. Alyona Ivanovna- This is the pawnbroker whom Raskolnikov sets out to murder and rob. Usually referred to as "the old crone," she is hateful and quite rich, though she hoards up her money like a miser. After his first business encounter with her, Raskolnikov becomes obsessed with the question of whether it is more just to let her live or to kill her and use her money for the benefit of the many who could use it.

Lizaveta Ivanovna- This is the half-sister of Alyona Ivanovna. Lizaveta is virtually enslaved by her half-sister.