Ram and sita first meet in siya ke actors

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ram and sita first meet in siya ke actors

The actor who essayed this role wasn't suited for it; although he acted his part quite well. I saw this trailer from Siya Ke Ram suggesting “Sita's Bhadrakaali avatar”. . In the first day when Ram met ravan in battle field Ram defeats the entire. Siya Ke Ram (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Sita 7 episodes, Ashish Sharma. Siya Ke Ram's Madirakshi Mundle meets Prabhas stars as Sita in poplular TV show Siya Ke Ram, got a chance to meet Baahubali: The Beginning actor Prabhas during the shoot of the mythological First Published: Apr 12, 18 IST.

I have been imparting these values in real life to my students too, so the role impressed me a lot and I accepted it. Janak was a compassionate king and I felt it would be great essaying this role. The team of the upcoming mythological TV show 'Siya Ke Ram' will be soon travelling to Sri Lanka to shoot the exterior portions of the kingdom of Ravan, which will be played by actor Jayaram Karthik.

The shoot will happen in December once the locations are locked. It stresses on the women associated with the epic. On her part, Bhargavi read up the Ramayana all over again and worked on her Hindi diction to prepare for the role.

The actor admits that playing such roles is not easy.

Siya Ke Ram: Everything you want to know about the show

There is no room for errors. It requires thorough research and an understanding of the character that you play. It adds authenticity to the show. But it has a different vision and rather than focussing on Lord Ram, the show will depict his journey of becoming Lord Ram.

ram and sita first meet in siya ke actors

It will also bring out his journey as a human being, a facet that was overlooked in other shows. It will also tell us how Sita played an instrumental role in this journey. It was strenuous, but nevertheless fun. Everything you want to know about the show After the trail-blazing first look of the show, encapsulating the scale and grandeur of the epic, highlighted the key differentiator of a Sita who has a point of view, the channel unveiled the cast in Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad.

The story has been envisioned and created by some of the most renowned writers in the country — The best-selling author of Asura and Ajaya, Anand Neelakantan and talented writer Subrat Sinha — along with creative consultant Devdutt Pattanaik- the man who has redefined mythology for Indians today.

Everything you want to know about the show Siya Ke Ram to tour the whole country: Nikhil Sinha's 'Siya Ke Ram' is one of those shows that will be shot at numerous locations across the country. They even have a schedule planned in Bhutan. Says Ashish Sharma, who plays Ram in the show, "India is a country that has a rich history and heritage. We found a connect with Ramayan in many states. So, in order to make it look authentic, the makers have decided to meticulously hunt for locations across the country.

Remembering this, Ravan goes to Yamlok, the abode of Yamain the hope that if he keeps Yama under his thumb, he can elude death. Ravan soon gets overpowered. Meanwhile, in LankaMandodri gets worried about the death of Ravan and decides to seek help from a Vishnu devotee. Mithila bids farewell to Sita and her sisters.

ram and sita first meet in siya ke actors

Ayodhya Kand[ edit ] Mandodari tells her father Mayasura that Ravan 's life is in danger, but he refuses to help, as she left with Ravan against her parent's wishes, according to the series. Her mother, however, guides her in getting the Amrita. Mandodari goes to Chandralok to get the Amrita. Vibhishana warns Mandodari that Ravan should not find out about his immortality. Mandodari succeeds to an extent in her plan of making Ravan immortal.

KaushalyaKaikeyi and Sumitra welcome them. An Aghori predicts Manthara 's future and tells her that she will be thrown out of the palace. Ravan challenges the gods to stop him from conquering the world.

Ravan confronts Surpanakha for marrying a demon, Vidyutjiva, who is Raavan's enemy. Meanwhile, Bharat and Shatrughan set off to meet Ashwapatitheir grandfather. Dasharath announces Ram to be his heir to the throne.

Kaushalya, Sumitra and Lakshman are ecstatic to know that Ram will be crowned the king of Ayodhya. Manthara is determined to stop Ram from becoming the king. Manthara reminds Kaikeyi about Dasharath's promise to Ashwapati. She tells Kaikeyi about Dasharath's conspiracy against her. Kaikeyi decides to stop Ram's coronation. Kaikeyi reminds Dasharath about the boons that he had given her. He promises to fulfill two wishes. Kaikeyi tells him to crown Bharat the king of Ayodhya and send Ram into exile for 14 years.

Dasharath hesitantly agrees to crown Bharat the king and send Ram away. Sita urges Ram to take her along with him. Urmila supports Lakshman 's decision of accompanying Ram.

Ram leaves Ayodhya on his exile with Sita and Lakshman. Bharat and Shatrughna receive a message asking them to return to Ayodhya. A grieving Dasharatha passes away. Sumitra blames Kaikeyi for his death. Bharat asks Mandavi and Vashistha about Ram. He confronts her for her actions against Ram. Bharata refuses to become the king of Ayodhya. Bharat and Janak decide to bring Ram back to Ayodhya. Kaikeyi is grateful to Janak for reminding her about her love for Ram.

She requests Bharat to take her along with him to meet Ram. Ram meets Bharat and is depressed on learning about Dasharath's death. Bharat requests Ram to return to Ayodhya, but he refuses. He tells Janak that he will not return because he wants to fulfill the promise he had made to Dasharath. Bharat asks Ram for his sandals. Bharat places Ram's sandals on the throne.

He apologizes to Vashisht saying he cannot take over Ram's place. Shatrughna confronts Bharata for his decision of becoming a tapasvi. Bharat assures Kaushalya that he will stay near Ayodhya. He asks Shatrughna to help him in keeping his promise to Ram to take care of Ayodhya. Lakshman tells Ram and Sita that Goddess Nidradevi has given him a boon to stay awake so that he can serve them.

Lakshman's request, Nidradevi has given his share of sleep to Urmilauntil he returns to Ayodhya. Aranya Kand[ edit ] Ram conveys to Sita about his wish to protect the Rishis and people from the demons.

They complete 10 years of their vanvas. Ravan decides to send Khar and Dushan for control in Dandakaranya. Surpanakha insists Ravan to let her go to Dandakaranya. Malyavan shares with Meghanadhis plan to take over Kishkindha. Dundubi comes up with a plan to kill Bali and Sugriva.

Dundubi disguises as a buffalo and battles with Bali. Rishi Matang curses Bali for breaking his meditation. Ram kills Ravan's soldiers and saves the residents of Panchvati. Surpanakha falls in love with Ram. Mayavi decides to take Bali to the Rishimukh mountain. Bali follows Mayavi into a cave and asks Sugriva to wait outside until he returns.

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However, Sugriva is shocked on hearing Bali 's screams. He closed the mouth of cave by a big stone as he assume that Bali was killed by Mayavi.

Sugriva suggests that Tara make Angadthe king of Kishkindha. Shurpanakha urges Ram to marry her but he tells her that he is already married. Shurpanakha plans to prove herself better than Sita. Ram gets irate when Shurpanakha comes to him dressed like Sita.

Lakshmana cuts Shurpanakha's nose. Surpanakha asks Khara to kill Ram, Sita and Lakshman. Khara attacks Ram with his asuras. Ram kills Khara and Dushan by using his powers. Shurpanakha reaches Lankatells everyone about the attack.

Surpanakha asks Ravan to avenge her insult by Ram. Ravan decides to punish Ram for his deeds. Sugriva 's coronation ceremony begins. Hanuman crowns Sugriva as the king of Kishkindha. A furious Bali returns to Kishkindha and attacks Sugriva for locking him up in the cave. Hanuman rescues Sugriva from Bali. Ravan got information about Ram and that Sita is Ram's weakness. He also remembers the incident at Sita's swayamvar and his oath to take revenge from Janak.

Ravan decides to abduct Sita. Ravan tells Marich about Surpanakha's humiliation and seeks his help to avenge her insult. Hanuman takes Sugriva to Rishimukh mountain. Marich disguises himself as an injured golden deer to distract Ram from Sita and leads him far into the forest.

Sita sees the injured golden deer and tells Ram that she wants to cure it. Ram tells Lakshman to stay with Sita while he goes to bring the deer. Hanuman tells Sugriva that he will seek help from the other kings to defeat Bali. However, Ram is shocked when Marich calls out to Sita and Lakshman in his voice.

ram and sita first meet in siya ke actors

Sita is worried on hearing Ram's cries. Marich apologizes to Ram for his misdeed and dies. Sita orders Lakshman to go into the jungle to look for Ram. Lakshman hesitantly agrees and draws a powerful line Lakshmana Rekha which no immoral creature could cross to protect Sita, but tells Sita not to cross it or the power would go.

Ravan disguises as a sage and tricks Sita to cross the Lakshmana Rekha line. Sita tries to run but he ends up abducting her. On the way to Lanka, Jatayu tries to save Sita but Ravan cuts off both his wings. Sita then throws her jewellery to the ground hoping Ram will see it as a sign. Sita tells Ravan to kill her and avenge himself. Ravan kidnaps Sita and takes her to Lanka. Surpanakha is delighted to see Sita in Lanka. Later, Ravan stops Surpanakha from attacking Sita. He tells her to keep Sita alive, until he avenges her insult.

Ravan's mother Kaikesi tells him that he should marry Sita as she is a powerful women instead of treating her badly. Sita finds her place in the garden of Lanka Ashoka Vatika and refuses Ravan's proposal saying that she is always going to love Ram and never be unfaithful to him. She decides to wait for him or her death. Meanwhile, Ram comes to know about the abduction from the bird Jatayu.

Kishkindha Kand[ edit ] Hanuman meets Ram and becomes his devotee. Ram challenges to kill Bali and liberate him from all his sins.

Madirakshi Mundle meets six-year-old fan on Siya Ke Ram set

Ram directs Sugriv to go on a duel with Bali so that he can kill him during that time. All happened accordingly and Ram kills Bali. Bali regrets his mistakes and dies. Sugriva is crowned the king of Kishkindha. Bali's son Angad began to follow Ram and joined the monkey army. Sugriva and Ram instruct Hanuman to enquire about Sita and her well being. He also gives him his ring as mark of his well being to Sita. Sundar Kand[ edit ] Hanuman goes to Lanka and meets Sita. He also gives the ring.

Sita gets shocked when she came to know about Ram's condition.