Polyphemus and poseidon relationship with odysseus

Odysseus and the Cyclops: mastery, humility, and fate – Philosophy for change

polyphemus and poseidon relationship with odysseus

Polyphemus was the son of Poseidon. His mother was When Polyphemus returned to the cave, Odysseus offered the giant some strong wine. Polyphemus . as seen many times, fathers want the best for their sons; father-son relationships are strong and if one is hurt, the other will avenge; it is the duty. cyclops Odysseus was the hero's hero. King of Ithaca, he sailed to Troy Polyphemus called on Poseidon to avenge him and Odysseus, as a.

It would be ten long years before Odysseus made it home to Ithaca and his wife and son. The first and most obvious lesson is that self-control is a vital commodity for dealing with change.

polyphemus and poseidon relationship with odysseus

Change throws up turbulence in the form of unexpected shocks and blows. Just when you think you are in the clear, you find yourself at the stern screaming abuse at your enemy! An Odyssean fate awaits anyone who tries to navigate change without sufficient self-control. This concerns the limits of personal control. Perhaps you think that you are the master of your destiny.

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Perhaps you have an incredible capacity to stay calm under pressure, keeping focused while everyone about you is cracking up. Even so, you should not assume that your focus and nerve will see you through every situation. The fact is most of life is out of our control. No matter what your powers, they have limits. Only the gods are the sovereign masters of fate. This lesson was lost on Odysseus. Fired up from his stellar performance at Troy, he assumed that he was the master of his destiny and could say and do anything he liked.

Big mistake, as Poseidon reminded him. This lesson resounds throughout Greek literature: You are not a god. Do not forget it — or else. It is a lesson that we are still learning today. Like Odysseus, we have a habit of becoming too fond of ourselves. Boosted by pride and ego, we allow ourselves to believe that we are the lords of our domain, if not masters of the universe.

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We leap ahead where angels fear to tread. We overplay our hand. When our house of cards comes tumbling down, we fall down with it. We lie in the ruins of our dreams, wondering how we could have ever believed in ourselves. This is not the behavior of someone who is in control of themself.

Odysseus and the Cyclops: mastery, humility, and fate

It does not reflect the inner mastery that we need to successfully deal with change. We are misled by Hollywood as much as by myths and legends. Maverick is pure focus and nerve. As a trainee pilot, he breaks all the rules, confident that he can beat the odds on the basis of talent alone. What happens to Maverick? Maverick gets into a situation that spins wildly out of control.

It takes his wingman and it almost takes his wings. When the giant awoke, he immediately ate two more men, removed the stone, led his sheep out and then trapped the men inside again. While he was gone, Odysseus began to devise a plan.

When Polyphemus returned to the cave, Odysseus offered the giant some strong wine. Polyphemus became intoxicated and while he was drunk, he asked Odysseus what his name was.

polyphemus and poseidon relationship with odysseus

He then fell into a deep sleep. Odysseus seized the opportunity and took a wooden stake that he had carved while the giant had left him earlier in the day. He put it into the center of a hot fire, waiting until it glowed bright red with intense heat.

polyphemus and poseidon relationship with odysseus

Polyphemus began to scream, begging the other giants on the island to help him. This saved Odysseus, who eventually escaped the cave. In the morning, Polyphemus still had to tend to his sheep. He let them out of the cave to eat but because he was unable to see, he felt the back of the sheep, wondering if any of the men who had still been trapped in the cave were riding on them. He felt nothing and went about his day as best as he could without being able to see.

But Odysseus was wise and had told his men to tie themselves underneath the bellies of the animals. This allowed them to escape, reach their ship and sail away. As the ship reached farther away from the land, Odysseus decided to tell the giant his real name.

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This was a mistake though because Polyphemus asked his father to seek revenge on the man who had taken his sight. He also married and had anywhere from one to four children, depending on the source. Poseidon Poseidon, the father of Polyphemus, was one of the most popular gods in Greek mythology. His father was Cronus and his brothers were Zeus and Hades. He was the god of the sea and widely worshipped by those who traveled on the open water. He was also the protector of all aquatic features. Thoosa Thoosa, a sea nymph, had an affair with Poseidon and gave birth to Polyphemus.

She was known for creating dangerously swift currents in the oceans and was described as being a mermaid -like creature. Instead of legs, she had the tail of a fish but her upper half resembled a human. Lover and Children Legends say that Polyphemus fell in love with Galatea, a sea nymph. Some indicate that his love for her went unnoticed, while others say that his courtship was successful.

polyphemus and poseidon relationship with odysseus