Pisces and gemini relationship

5 Brilliant Tips to Make a Gemini and Pisces Relationship Work

pisces and gemini relationship

Gemini and Pisces: dark, broody and mystical This is a dark and broody combination with mystical undertones. Not everyone's cup of tea but there's a. When Gemini and Pisces come together for love or any kind of relationship, it's surreal and also moody! But these two commitment-phobes actually find common . Gemini and Pisces don't exactly make a dream couple, except in a situation when they really do. When they are made for each other, they will know it instantly.

Pisces and Gemini Personality Traits: Pisces is the twelfth and final zodiac sign. Individuals ruled by this sign are extremely sensitive, caring, and gentle.

pisces and gemini relationship

They are emotional beings who will go above and beyond their limits to help those around them, while expecting nothing in return. Pisces man and woman are also known for their patience and empathy towards other beings. Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac chart.

pisces and gemini relationship

These individuals have a certain charm about them and it sprouts from the innate unpredictability of their personalities. The Gemini symbol is of the Twins, Castor and Pullox.

5 Brilliant Tips to Make a Gemini and Pisces Relationship Work

Gemini male and female are energetic and love to engage in exhilarating adventures. Pisces and Gemini Love Compatibility When Pisces and Gemini come together in love, it is a unique experience for both of them. Gemini's charm and ability to flirt incessantly draws the shy Pisces towards it. The fish, on the other hand, appeals to the former due to its nurturing and gentle nature.

Gemini and Pisces - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

Pisces man and Gemini woman and vice-versa are both different individuals and need some effort to get to know each other, but definitely have enough adaptability in their respective personalities to make their relationship work for the long haul. Pros and Cons of Pisces and Gemini Compatibility: Both are flirting machines and not good at restraint. There may be hands, eyes, lips all happening in the first 20 minutes of meeting. Delightfully delusional these signs often meet in an already intense and intimate environment — think on stage or as company executives.


A good job of keeping things secret? The Gemini and Pisces in relationships… It may not always be the healthiest of relationships. Geminis extreme socializing brings out the green eyed monster in Pisces which pushes them into bad habits — think crying drunks and extreme dieters.


Gemini has no time for jealousy and responds in a cool and detached fashion. Thinking about that other person is healthy for both parties.

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Joined at the hip is what Pisces aims for and initially, when falling in love Gemini shows their protective and equally loving side. Often, very quickly, Pisces works Gemini into their lives — imagine writing songs together or hiring them as a back-up dancer. Gemini and Pisces sexual compatibility… All roads lead to sex for these two — they have angry sex, hot sex, sad sex and bad sex.