Phelps and lochte relationship

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phelps and lochte relationship

Rio Michael Phelps' rivalry with Ryan Lochte ends as it started The Phelps-Lochte relationship has been strained at times but Phelps. Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps are good friends out of the pool, but when they are in the pool, it's all about winning. Ryan Lochte's gone from an American sports icon to a pariah to somewhere how it affected his mental health and his relationship with his teammates. But according to Lochte, Phelps wasn't very responsive to his pleas for.

For example, at the high school or college level, rivalries tend to form between teams or individuals in neighboring cities, who regularly face each other on the field, Gould told Live Science.

phelps and lochte relationship

Some rivalries get personal. Certain sports may also be more likely than others to spawn rivalries, said Richard Keegan, an assistant professor in sport and exercise psychology at the University of Canberra in Australia.

Olympic boxers, for example, may have never confronted each other before.

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But in tennis, players face each other frequently, and rivalries are far more likely to take hold, he said. And in sports where athletes perform individually, such as diving or gymnastics, rivalries might take longer to develop than in sports when athletes compete at the same time, Keegan added. Visit Rio with Degree Videos and Virtual Reality ] Clash of the titans Rivalries can also be bigger than any one athlete, and even any one team.

During the Olympic Games, entire countries fiercely compete to take home the most gold medals ; in recent years, China and the United States have emerged as closely matched for top positions. But from the s through the s, it was the U.

Olympic Swimming Trials - Michael Phelps Out-Touches Ryan Lochte In The 200m IM

Countries are meant to temporarily shelve political differences during the Olympics, but tense relationships between nations can nonetheless spill over into the sporting world. In the case of the U.

Inside the Michael Phelps & Ryan Lochte Rivalry: Why the Family Man Won and Not the Frat Boy

Head in the game But might there be some benefit to rivalries, perhaps motivating athletes to perform better? But later, in the evening final, Lochte beat Phelps by. During a postrace interview for the crowd, Lochte said that when he saw he had the lead over Phelps at the turn, he felt like smiling. Larry Bird doesn't match up against Magic Johnson anymore.

phelps and lochte relationship

Muhammad Ali doesn't fight Joe Frazier. Pedro Martinez doesn't even wrestle Don Zimmer. But at least we have Phelps and Lochte swimming against each other stroke for stroke again.

A definitive 12-year photo history of Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte's friendly rivalry

I'm glad he's back," Lochte said. What he's done for the sport of swimming, and his leaving -- it kind of broke my heart.

phelps and lochte relationship

I love racing against him, and I'm glad he's back. Racing against him is so much fun. That's the competitiveness we both have. When we do get in the water, we're going to do everything we can to get our hand on the wall before [the other]. In every single race. And it's the same for him. We'll fight to the end, in any stroke, in any event we swim. We bring the best out of each other. It's just fun racing.

But it soon became natural. They have stood on neighboring blocks many times over the past decade.