Peter quinn and carrie relationship

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peter quinn and carrie relationship

Peter Quinn, wounded warrior. The season By the end of “Fair Game,” the Carrie-Quinn relationship is as complicated as ever. Glatter hints. I'm a bit of a Carrie and Quinn shipper, and a few weeks ago did a timeline for another thread, but What are your thoughts about their relationship this season ? . I'm still here, aren't I? Say something nice now, Peter. This is. Homeland season six finale: Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) had cheated Here, Friend tells Variety about Carrie's “sociopathic” tendencies, Quinn's . We also learned secrets about Quinn's past relationship with Dar Adal.

He's mad and throws the mug at her, which breaks the glass and allows her back in I found that pretty amusing. The "why" scene shows Quinn that he means a great deal to Carrie. Quinn awakens from his nightmare in Carrie's arms, and reacts to that.

All doors are unlocked big step!

peter quinn and carrie relationship

Quinn is worried about Carrie. Carrie lets Frannie and Quinn interact. Frannie and Quinn bond and Carrie loves it. Quinn protects Frannie at all costs. Carrie defends the heck out of him to everyone. She literally shields him from being killed. Quinn is really pissed at Carrie. Carrie is hurt by that because he doesn't realize she saved him.

She is wearing her heart on her sleeve a lot this season. Dar tells Quinn to stop running back to Carrie. He also tries to convince him that Carrie doesn't love him.

This might be the biggest hint of them all as it's the first time "love" has ever been brought up to describe Carrie's feelings for Quinn. The fact that it's Dar, the pseudo-villain, who says Carrie doesn't love Quinn should make us all question if it's the opposite of that.

I think this is foreshadowing. Quinn asks another "why" to Astrid and discovers that she took two weeks off of work to help him out because she loves him not entirely rearranging her life. Quinn realizes that he does have value and is not worthless. Astrid tells Quinn to accept his disabilities opposite of Carrie. Once Astrid dies, instead of giving up he gets right back in the game. This is the first "love" declaration that Quinn has received on the show.

Carrie talks to the psychiatrist about Brody, and then immediately brings up Quinn unprovoked. She feels Quinn has a deathwish but she "can't lose another one. Why is she so adamant about it? Quinn visits Dar and gets his second "love" declaration yuck! Quinn tracks down his shooter, and sends Clarice to bring Carrie to him. Even after the fight at Bellevue, and what Dar told him, he still trusts her implicitly.

peter quinn and carrie relationship

Carrie doesn't know who Clarice is but goes when she sees the video. Quinn left the room to let Brody think on his next answers before returning. Receiving truthful answers the second time, Brody still wouldn't admit that he was wearing a suicide vest when he was with Walden and other American higher-ups on December 17, In apparent anger, Quinn drew his knife from his pocket and impaled it through Brody's left hand.

Quinn was dragged from the room, screaming, appearing to be angry and frustrated. However, this was only a plan to get Carrie in the room with Brody to play good cop and get answers from Brody.

She soon succeeded, revealing to Brody her love for him and convinced him to help the CIA find Nazir, to which he agreed.

Peter Quinn

Brody revealed that there was a plot Nazir had masterminded to attack America and that even though he wasn't sure what it was, he believed that Roya Hammad might have some information about it. She met with an associate, whom Carrie asked Virgil to track, but he got away. With no leads to go on and no facial recognition, even with a clean picture, Carrie convinced Quinn to ask for Brody's assistance in identifying the man.

Brody later arrived and spoke with Carrie and Quinn about the man, claiming that he'd never seen him before. Brody looked at Carrie, who was standing next to a photo of the Gettysburg tailor Brody had mentioned to them before. Quinn noticed that Brody had information about something and questioned him.

Brody revealed that he knew the tailor and that on the way to a safe house, the tailor died. Brody avoided mentioning that he had killed the tailor, though Quinn questioned him about it. Angered that the CIA had wasted time with having a team watch the tailor's shop, he decided to go to Gettysburg himself.

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After telling Brody to stay put where he was, Carrie and Quinn discussed the situation, with Carrie coming up with a plan to get Brody to ask Roya about the man he had met with earlier, as Brody was all that they had to go on.

Quinn objected to the plan and warned Carrie not to trust Brody, but considering Brody had led them to Roya, he agreed to let her try it. They searched the tailor's shop, but could only find mostly receipts and cigarette butts.

Carrie called Quinn after Brody met with Roya, informing him that she mentioned enemy Intel being there, before warning Quinn to be careful. Just as Quinn noticed a hollow wall, an armored and masked enemy assault team entered the store. Quinn after being wounded in the stomach. The assault team fired upon the CIA team, hitting Quinn in the stomach, leaving him motionless on the floor.

Galvez managed to kill one of the assailants, but was then shot as well. One of the assailants removed his mask, revealing himself to be the man Roya had met with.

peter quinn and carrie relationship

After they left, Quinn began moving, again, holding his stomach wound in pain. He met with Carrie while he was admitted to a hospital and though he was informed to stay in bed, he discharged himself from the hospital, quickly return to duty.

peter quinn and carrie relationship

The Clearing Mission compromised After Virgil and Max broke into Quinn's apartment, they discovered a photo of a woman named Julia Diaz, her child and a clean apartment, ready to be ditched at any moment. Saul investigated the woman, meeting with her and learning that she knows Quinn as John and the child in the photo is their son, John, Jr.

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After Saul left from visiting Julia, she called Quinn and told him what the man looked like. When Saul returned to their headquarters, Quinn left, knowing that Saul was the man who visited her. Two Hats Mission aborted After watching Carrie and Brody spend time together at her family's cabin, Quinn had an opportunity to assassinate Brody from a distance with his sniper rifle while Brody was in the woods, praying. However, Quinn stopped and decided not to kill Brody. Nothing happens to Brody. Or you'll find me back in this bedroom one night.

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Right back in that chair Quinn visited Estes one night and informed him that he knew Estes was trying to cover his own back and that if Brody died, it would deeply hurt Carrie. Quinn informed Estes that if Brody were to be killed, that Estes would be killed next.

peter quinn and carrie relationship

Quinn never could fulfill his threat, as Estes was killed in a bomb explosion at a memorial for Vice President Walden. After Haqqani escaped, the US made the decision to break off ties with Pakistan and the embassy was evacuated; despite orders to evacuate, Quinn remained in Islamabad and tracked Haqqani to a heavily guarded apartment complex in Islamabad and was going to explode a pipe bomb under Haqquani's car but Carrie got in the way so he had to call it off.