Pauly d and jwoww relationship problems

Jersey Shore: 15 Secrets Behind Sammi And Ronnie's Relationship

pauly d and jwoww relationship problems

Pauly D from the MTV reality series "Jersey Shore" poses at the DelVecchio said that he and O'Day's relationship issues had nothing to. 'Jersey Shore' cast break their silence of Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's public breakup with baby mama Jen Harley on 'The Relationship Problems. But JWoww is starting back up it seems now that “Jersey Shore” is again a thing. Her hubby, Roger Mathews, who says wifey is going through a “midlife crisis.”. “In two selfish a**holes meet each other in a bar,” the post began, referring to him and JWoww.

That's not all that common for reality TV shows, due to their high turnover and relative lack of genuine relationships. Ronnie became the Ross to Sammi's Rachel at the end of the sixth season in While they may have gotten back together in time for the series finale, even this incarnation of the relationship didn't last.

They stayed together until some time inso it was definitely a serious relationship, but just like all the other times the two former lovebirds tried to make it work, it didn't.

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Sometimes a relationship that endures on screen can't do the same in real life. Ronnie actually had a baby with his most recent serious girlfriend, Jen Harley, but this apparently was not enough to make that romance stand the test of time. They broke up just this year, and naturally, rumors began swirling afterwards.

pauly d and jwoww relationship problems

Chief among them is the speculative gossip that Ronnie still carries the torch for his old flame Sammi. An unnamed "insider" claimed that Ron "still loves Sam," before adding that "everybody knows it.

pauly d and jwoww relationship problems

While it may have seemed to the rest of the cast that the nightmare was over, things quickly proved to be just as awkward with the romance broken up.

Ronnie appeared to be trying to win Sammi back while partying it up with random girls at bars, and the other girls weren't having it. Writing an "anonymous" letter to Sammi detailing all the things they had seen Ronnie do, it actually blew up in Snooki and JWoww's face.

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Sammi ended up siding with Ronnie and fighting with JWoww, not the other way around. The letter would be a cause of drama for several episodes. Ronnie's behavior is the better known, as he partied and hid his irresponsible side from Sam while trying to win her back, but Sammi certainly isn't blameless.

This got out to the whole group, and Sam quickly said that their relationship was only platonic. This turned out to be a lie--Sam had been with Arvin before she had dated Ronnie. Advertisement At the heart of the problem was the fact that JWoww let one of the biggest relationship killers enter the scene -- insecurity.

pauly d and jwoww relationship problems

Roger has proved time and again to be a great guy, but she couldn't help but channel Sammi and feel slighted by him for not putting her first in the relationship. Instead of talking about it maturely, however, she just got pissy and hung up on him.

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I'm not kissing her ass. I don't play that game, bro. You do not trust me!

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You can do what you want and never be questioned, but you don't trust me in the slightest. If you don't stop with these insecurities and start trusting me, we are going to be damned. We are going to be done. We are going to be ruined.