Passover and easter relationship tips

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passover and easter relationship tips

Nearly five years ago, I started dating the love of my life. in an interfaith relationship — especially holidays like Easter and Passover that typically coincide The most basic tip I can give is for both of you to be open-minded. The Relationship Between Easter And Passover video to show you how to prepare a Passover Seder it will give you information and advice on every thing you. The frequent overlapping of Easter and Passover — of the Christian Holy Week with our eight-day celebration of Passover — merits attention. Unlike the yoking.

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The aim is to help children develop a rich spiritual life. Parents can return to the DIY plates on Easter Sunday, or even several weeks later, to help children understand the similarities between the two holidays.

The Relationship Between Easter And Passover

Keep the stories separate, but search for the spiritual links. The felt plate in the picture above was designed by Rita Brownstein, who runs the blog Design Megillah. She has instructions for the project here. HuffPost Parents has collected 15 great Seder plate crafts here.

You can use the final creations during Passover on Friday night. We have an interactive guide to the Seder plate here. A few days later, bring the children back to their special Seder plates. Ask them to find connections between the symbols present in Easter and those found in Passover. Make sure to keep the discussion age-appropriate. The lamb on the Seder plate is also found in the Easter story -- through Jesus, whom Christians see as the lamb of God.

The bitter herbs on the Seder plate can remind children of the bitter wine that was given to Jesus on the cross. The egg on the Seder plate is also used in the Christian story. Eggs hold the seeds of new life.

What do you see that is broken in the world?

passover and easter relationship tips

What are the things that bring people pain? What can we do within our own lives to heal the brokenness we see?

The Relationship Between Easter And Passover

Read A Passover Story Together Passover is a great time for interfaith families to emphasize the commitment to social justice that binds all religions together. For young children, we recommend reading their short storybook When the Storm Came to Plink. The story can be read at the Seder, right before drinking a cup of wine or grape juice. The authors of Plink write: Every two or three years the Jewish calendar requires the adjustment of a leap year.

During a Jewish leap year an additional month of 29 days is inserted before the month of Nisan.

Determining the Dates for Easter and Passover

The additional month is needed because the Jewish calendar year has less days than the solar year and begins to slip out of gear with the seasons. The extra month thus realigns the Jewish calendar year with the seasons of the solar year.

passover and easter relationship tips

This is important because the Jewish holidays are closely related to the seasons. For example, the Torah commands that Passover be celebrated in the spring. Every so often the Jewish leap year will push Passover so far into April that a second full moon following the vernal equinox would appear before the Sunday following Passover.

This happens anytime the Sunday following Passover falls later than April 25th on our calendar. On those rare occasions Easter is celebrated the month before Passover rather than the Sunday following Passover. The middle piece of Matzah is broken and part of it is hidden during the meal and is eaten last.

This middle piece that is broken represents the coming Messiah to Jews and Jesus to Christians.

passover and easter relationship tips

This then represents the bread that is eaten during Eucharist. Most Christians have never seen how a Passover Seder is prepared. The whole process is very fascinating as many of the foods symbolize something specific. You can click on the link down below of a video to show you how to prepare a Passover Seder it will give you information and advice on every thing you need to know from inviting guests to cleaning and which ingredients are used to prepare the Passover Seder.

By looking to The Passover, you will see that though it is a Jewish holiday it can symbolize much to our Christian faith and that there is a relationship between Easter and Passover. To see and buy some of the beautiful, Israeli-made items that are used in the celebration of the Passover you can visit Israeli Made online gifts shop that sell high quality gifts such as Seder Plates, Matzah Plates, Matzah Covers and Kiddush Cups all made in Israel. We ship international and we will strive to give you our best personal service.