Pam and jim relationship goals pictures

11 Times Jim And Pam Gave You Relationship Goals To Chase

pam and jim relationship goals pictures

This Pin was discovered by brooke. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. Explore Pinterest pam the office quotes relationship goals ideas, Browse pam the office quotes relationship goals photos and pam the office quotes relationship. real love is truly out there. Can you say "relationship goals?" Here are seven reasons Jim and Pam will always be Gen-Y's favorite love story.

16 Times Jim And Pam From The Office Gave Us Relationship Goals

Jim knew about this incident, but Pam kept some of the conversations she had with Brian while she talked with him when Jim was away. He confronted her about it but then both seemed to let it go after that.

More discussion was probably needed. A vendor stops by the office and ultimately asks who the office administrator is when no one knows how to help him. Pam confidently stands up and proclaims she is.

pam and jim relationship goals pictures

Then she gets the bright idea to talk her way into an official position complete with raise. Pam tells Gabe - who is really the one who can approve the job - the paperwork and raise must have gotten lost in the merger. Then, she manipulates the department heads for signatures. Gabe figures out what Pam is trying to pull, but she bluffs him when he should have told her no.

Pam had one stipulation: Pam did get the first account at the Michael Scott Paper Company. They had a moment of incompatibility when Pam went to Pratt, but otherwise they communicated well. That changed when Jim started collaborating with his buddies about Athlead. He kept that from Pam, going behind her back to have phone meetings. From that point until Jim steps away from his position at Athlead, their communication faltered, which was different from the previous seasons and probably contributed to the animosity.

Pam was ecstatic, amazed he had done something as grand as that. Then, Pam goes ahead and sells the house without talking with Jim. You can tell he expected Pam to give up that life to be with him. Time passed, and Jim went to work at another branch to try to get over Pam.

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One of the first signs was when Jim mentioned that one of the yogurts Pam was eating had expired. In the early seasons, Jim always seemed to be around Pam. Jim showed jealousy when Pam was at Pratt. In a fit of distrust, Jim got in his car and almost made the trip to check up on her. He flirts, gets her to participate in pranks, and finds ways to be near her.

Later, Jim goes to her in the office and kisses her, and Pam doesn't pull away.

pam and jim relationship goals pictures

Again, this might seem a little creepy were it any other guy in any other situation, but Jim just made such a leap of faith seem so touching and beautiful. He even encouraged her to go to school in NYC for three months while he stayed in Scranton, because he knew that no amount of distance or time could break the bond that he shared with Pam. Their shared sense of humor is a big part of what drew them together, and is probably one of their qualities as a couple that we all grew to become so jealous of.

Jim got through his days by pranking his rigid, by-the-books co-worker Dwight, and Pam was his loyal pranking sidekick. From humming the same note to making Dwight think he was hearing things to learning Morse Code so they could watch as he decoded their "secret" messages to each other about him, Jim and Pam worked together as a perfectly in-sync comedic duo. We all squealed with joy when Pam kissed Jim at The Dundies; we felt butterflies when he confessed his true feelings for Pam and they shared this beautiful kiss at Casino Night; and we absolutely lost it when the documentary crew secretly caught the two kissing in Pam's car when they were trying to hide their relationship.

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With every kiss, it was so clear that they loved each other with every fiber of their being. The way he held her, the way she looked at him before their lips met Pam may have followed up the pictured Casino Night kiss with a rejection that sent Jim to a different state, but fans just knew that she couldn't kiss him like that and marry someone else.

They were destined to be together and share a thousand more kisses like that.

Top 10 Cutest Jim & Pam Moments on The Office

NBC Nowadays, when people think about the "perfect date," they picture a bouquet of flowers, fancy clothes, and an expensive restaurant. It didn't take all of that for Jim and Pam's dates to be the cutest things ever. Give them a rooftop with a view, some grilled cheese sandwiches and each other's company, and they were perfectly content.

Who can forget the time Jim and Pam just stood close together and listened to music from the same set of headphones in front of their workplace? Way more adorable than going to a loud bar or concert!

During the long distance part of their relationship, Jim and Pam were always down to meet up at whatever eatery or convenience store they could find in between their two cities. It never mattered where they were, so long as they were together.