Pakistan and america relationship with china

The way forward for US-Pakistan relations - Asia Times

pakistan and america relationship with china

Americans cannot walk freely and fearlessly in the streets of Kabul. They are Pakistan cannot compromise on its relations with China at all. The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid Pakistan has developed a close relationship with China. The United States has long accused Pakistan of providing safe havens “I think China would like to see normal relationship between Pakistan.

The way forward for US-Pakistan relations

But now the US is facing challenges, starting in Syria, where Russia has halted the US-led strategy to remove Bashar al-Assad as president of that country. In fact, the US faced a defeat in a recent UN General Assembly session on the issue of Jerusalem by seeing only nine votes in favor against against, with 35 abstentions. Even close US allies did not vote in its favor. Honestly speaking, the US has been exposed in front of the world, that its role for the last several decades has been only making war, killing innocent people, destroying humanity, occupying the resources of other countries, carrying out conspiracies against other nations, conducting sabotage and spreading hate.

Meanwhile, China is rising as hope for the oppressed world. It will improve regional connectivity and will help promote economic activities, as well as creating job opportunities, eliminating poverty, and promoting cooperation and security.

US-Pakistan Relations Worsen as Both Sides Dig In

They are trying to curtail China and are making close alliances with the countries around China such as India, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar and the Philippines. This all-weather friendship is time-tested, in all dimensions.

Our relations are based on mutual respect, non-interference, and mutual interests, and are in accordance with the best international practices. Pakistan fully supports the BRI and is one of the biggest beneficiaries of it. Pakistan cannot compromise on its relations with China at all. Meanwhile the US is using India to disrupt CPEC, providing the latest technologies, latest weapons and new tactics, logistics, and intelligence support to India.

Transfer of advanced technologies may lead India to develop weapons of mass destruction, which will destabilize not only this region but the whole world. US policies are offensive to many nations worldwide and forcing them to join clubs of the other side. The US is facing isolation globally. The US has announced it will cut aid to Pakistan. The US is blaming Pakistan for its failure in Afghanistan, which is not justified at all. The US must accept its defeat and face the mess it has created in Afghanistan.

India does not have a common border with Afghanistan, has nothing in common with it, nor any understanding of Afghan culture, traditions, and history. Meanwhile Pakistan has a common border, a common culture, tradition, religion, ethnicity and blood relations.

Pakistan has hosted 3 million Afghan refugees since the s. Both China and Pakistan are on the same page, and complete harmony exists between us. We have officially hosted 3.

pakistan and america relationship with china

We hope the world recognizes our contributions and tries to compensate us. We want to regain our status in the international community. We deserve to maintain our sovereignty and make our own decisions in our own national interests. We want to set our own priorities and survive with complete harmony along with the rest of the world.

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No other country can replace Pakistan in this part of the world. The way forward However, Pakistan is a peace-loving country and our record in the UN peacekeeping force is admirable.

pakistan and america relationship with china

Ten years later, the war in Afghanistan continues and Washington's relationship with Islamabad has worsened. Pakistan says Washington is making it a scapegoat for the U. Moeed Yusuf, the associate vice president of the U.

Pakistan's relationship with China and America not the same: US official - Times of India

Institute of Peace's Asia Center says, both sides are signaling to each other that the cost of crossing their red lines, which they have not clearly defined for the other side, will be high.

The United States has long accused Pakistan of providing safe havens to the Afghan Taliban, as well as its deadly arm the Haqqani Network. Pakistan has countered that it has paid a heavy price for military offensives that its commanders say have now cleared all safe havens from Pakistani territory. Pakistani officials say the Taliban control enough territory in Afghanistan that they do not need Pakistan.

That is an argument the United States has never accepted. Pakistan also insists the United States is over estimating the Taliban presence in Pakistan. He added there may be remnants of militants hiding among the population, but the government is going after them through follow-up operations. This is why Pakistan will see an increasing difficulty with U. Lynch says that does not mean talks are off the table, it means the United States would talk after it has considerably weakened the Taliban militarily.

Regional rivalries block change But Richard Olsen, a former U.