Oz and alice relationship advice

"Frankie and Alice" and Dissociative Identity Disorder

oz and alice relationship advice

Alice in Wonderland teams up with Dorthy of Oz to defeat the monsters that you give terrible relationship advice. x, Nika Dear Onika/Dear Robert, I trust you. This study of the queasy relationship between Lewis Carroll and his beloved child muse for and Alice Liddell, his haunting child-friend, is to follow the Gryphon's advice. .. The Wiz of Oz cannot be compared with 'Alice'. most because he sacrificed the most during her time in Oz. alludes to the true nature of their relationship and where Hunk is tinkering with a.

Although Xai was angered by his son's death, Xai also saw opportunity from switching his son with Jack - thinking that he could obtain information from Jack as he grew. Later, when Rachel awoke, Xai submitted to Jack's wish completely by insisting that they name the child Oz; acting as though nothing had changed in order to spare his wife from heartache. Tragically, Xai began to regret his decision when misfortunes occurred around his family.

After his wife died in an accident a few days after giving birth to their second child AdaXai began to suspect that Jack was the one responsible for the accident. His suspicions proved to be correct as Xai discovered the truth of what Jack did during the Tragedy of Sablier. His hatred toward Jack grew more after his brother Oscar 's wife and unborn child died during childbirth.

oz and alice relationship advice

Although Xai was indifferent to his brother's wife, he nonetheless blamed Jack for her death and her child's death as well. This led to the process in when Xai began to dehumanize Oz in hope of hurting Jack.

Since Oz lost his memories as a Chain, he began to believe that he should love his father. Due to his lack of knowledge of the truth, Oz was deeply hurt and confused as to why Zai always ignored his presence. Xai's repeated that he was a filthy child and that he should have never been born, which deeply traumatized Oz. When Gilbert attempted to convince Oz's suspicious that his father hated him wasn't true, Oz was hurt and shocked when his suspicious was proved to be correct.

After Xai rejected Oz's gift and repeated his usual words toward Oz, Oz knew right away that his father hated him and wanted nothing to do with him. Devastated by this revelation, Oz cried while wondering what he did to cause Xai to hate him so much.

After spending fifteen years successfully hurting Oz, Xai joined forces with the Baskervilles so that they could confirm that Oz was the child mentioned in the prophecy, and subsequently cast Oz into the Abyss as a result. Although Xai would've much rather have had Oz killed, he knew that something like that would have been impossible without the Intention of the Abyss intervening because of her connection to Jack, and so Xai had to settle for Oz being trapped in the Abyss.

Even after Oz came back from the Abyss, Xai made no effort to visiting or seeing him again. Elliot declined, saying that he would never accept help from a Vessalius and that Xai should be offering to help his son.


Xai simply smirked and said that he didn't care what happened to "that thing". Elliot, enraged, began yelling at him, only to be stopped by Leo, who apologized to Xai. Xai remarks on how smart a servant Elliot had before leaving. Gil ran after Xai and held him at gunpoint, because of how he'd hurt Oz.

Xai expected this and recalled how Gilbert had held him at gunpoint before shortly after joining Pandora, threatening to kill Xai if he ever came anywhere near Oz again.

Gilbert then went over the events that happened after Oz was cast into the Abyss. Gilbert was the only one who remembered what had happened.

He told Oscar that Oz had been cast into the Abyss and that it was his own father who'd done it, but when Oscar looked into the matter, Bernard Nightray provided an alibi for Xai, saying that he was with him at the time of the Coming of Age Ceremony.

Oscar accepted this but he didn't realize that Bernard was also secretly involved with the Baskervilles. Xai summoned Gryphon and confirmed again to Gilbert that it was he who cast Oz into the Abyss 10 years ago. Break then appeared behind Gil and pulled him away while Xai proceeds out of the Inner Hole.

Gil later admits that he wouldn't have been able to kill Xai because it would've hurt Oz too much. Xai draws his gun and shoots Noise from behind before she can accomplish her sadistic goal.

While Oz attempts to absorb Xai's presence, Xai shoots at him - missing only slightly.

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Meanwhile, Noise is crying out in agony on the ground, using Duldee and Duldum to send Ada to kill Xai for shooting her. Xai manages to stop Ada from stabbing him with a shard of class, trying to get Ada to break free of Duldee and Duldum's control by reminding her of who he is.

Suddenly, a Chain jumps down between them, sending both Xai and Ada flying backwards. Ada is knocked unconscious as Duldee's strings are severed thanks to the Chain, freeing her from Noise's control.

The Chain then charges after the dazed Ada, and although Oz attempts to save Ada himself, Noise impedes his attempt with an attack of her own. Xai stands and runs to Ada instead, putting himself between her and the Chain; resulting in Xai taking the Chain's clever in his back for his daughter.

Having witnessed Xai's compassion, Oz is stunned by Xai's compassion, managing to escape Noise and kill the Chain once and for all with the power of B-Rabbit soon after.

With the Chain's existence crumbling and Noise having fled, the threats have gone and so Xai can rest, propping himself up against a nearby wall. Xai notices that Oz is crying, wondering if Oz pities him. Oz quickly denies it, instead claiming that he's sorry that he never truly got to know Xai, and how there were so many things he would've liked to speak with him about.

Xai just lashes out that they could never understand one another because he'll never forgive Jack for what he did to the Vessalius Dukedom. Furthermore, he'll never accept a Chain like Oz intending on cursing both Oz and Jack until the moment he draws his last breath.

Falling to his knees, Oz declares that Xai's hatred doesn't matter, presenting himself to Xai as someone who's finally able to understand that it's okay for him to be there, which is why he has to go.

Oz bids farewell to Xai, carrying Ada on his back through the streets of Sablier's black city, leaving Xai to be alone. Once alone, Xai slides down the wall he was using for support, with blood dripping onto the ground below as well as plastering the wall behind him, saying goodbye back to Oz and Ada as Oz left him alone to die. Oscar Vessalius Oscar took the role of acting a parental father figure for Oz since his brother made no attempt to do.

In turn, Oz viewed Oscar as a father figure and deeply loved his uncle. Although Oz wanted his uncle to take a picture of him with his camera, Oscar promised Oz that he will do so as he wanted the first photo to be his wife and their child when he was born.

After Oscar's wife and son dies during childbirth, Oscar met Oz in the hallway who was holding on to his sleeve, unaware of the events that had occurred. Although Oscar was burdened by Oz's attempt to comfort him, he was nevertheless touched by Oz's gestures. Oscar even took it upon himself to one day confront Xai about his treatment of Oz, saying that he'd had enough of it. Oscar told Xai that all Oz had ever done is tried to get Xai's attention, and so Xai couldn't neglect him anymore.

Xai asked what Oscar was talking about, because to Oscar, Oz was nothing more than a replacement for his dead son. In other words, Oscar was only using Oz as a means to fill the gaping hole which Sara and his son's deaths left in him. Xai stood and walked past Oscar, telling him not to make Xai laugh by preaching to him. Xai's words had been harsh, but Oscar could not deny the truth in them. Oscar thought of how from time-to-time he wondered why Oz was there with him instead of his own son.

Oscar thought of how Oz was clever and sensitive, as well as how he needed to rid his mind of his dark thoughts; otherwise he'd be running the risk of one day hurting Oz. One day, Oz overheard Oscar's conversation with one of the servants to dispose his camera in reaction to his wife and child's death.

Knowing firsthand how much the camera meant to his uncle, Oz was determined to save the camera from being dispose of. A few nights later however, Oscar returned to his bedroom to find Oz jumping out the window. Oscar immediately ran outside alongside numerous valets. Oscar voiced his concern about Oz, slapping him because Oz had not concerned himself with the consequences that could have followed if Oz had not been lucky enough to fall in the bushes below Oscar's window.

Oscar noticed his camera in the bush beside Oz, realizing that Oz had tried to take the camera, but not understanding why Oz would do something so stupid for a stupid toy like the camera. Oscar goes to retrieve his camera, prompting Oz to cling to his uncle and beg forgiveness.

Oz promised to never do something so stupid again, begging Oscar not to get rid of his camera. Oscar asked Oz to repeat himself, and Oz explained that he had heard Oscar tell a valet to dispose of his camera, which Oz didn't want to see Oscar do.

Oz began to cry as he justified the need to keep the camera, as even though it had never been used, it was still a medium for Oscar's feelings. As Oz continued to cry, Oscar found himself unable to bear with the burden of Oz's feelings, and so he left without saying a word to Oz.

Oscar ended up on a staircase within the Vessalius Dukedom, where he began to cry himself and think of how he should have patted Oz on the head and comforted him.

Oscar became consumed with self-pity, calling himself pathetic. However, Oscar had decided that the time had finally come for him to stop philosophizing right and wrong; as even though Oz's presence was a burden, it was also what had anchored him for so long from being lost because of his family's demise. As a result of Oz's reaction, rather than getting rid of his camera, Oscar placed his camera in storage. When Oscar brought the camera out from years of storage, Oz was at first against the idea of using it for the Unbirthday party.

Much to his surprise, Oscar happily declared that Oz was his son. During the events when the Baskervilles took control of Pandora headquarters, Oscar along with Ada was shocked upon learning the truth from Xai about what Oz really is. Even when Xai told Oscar that Jack was responsible for the deaths that had occurred in their family Ada's mother, Rachael and Oscar's wife Sara along with their sonXai couldn't accept it.

Knowing this, Xai bluntly told Oscar that unless he kill Jack himself, Ada will remained here with the Baskervilles as their hostage. Disgusted of how Xai was willing to use Ada as a bargain chip to convince Oscar to help them, Oscar begrudging accepted to their demands.

Before he left, Ada ran up to him and told him to achieve his goal no matter what. Knowing that her father won't kill her, Ada told Oscar that she wants to fight alongside with him before the Baskervilles escorted her away. Remembering all the time he spend to protect Ada and Oz, Oscar was grateful of Ada's words of courage and heading to where Oz and Giil may be.

oz and alice relationship advice

When Jack once again took control of Oz's body, Oscar was determined to stop Jack from controlling Oz. Despite Jack teasing Oscar about knowing the truth of Oz and how he was responsible for the death of his family, Oscar nonetheless ignored Jack's claims and remain focused on his goal to save Oz. After pinning Jack to the wall, Oscar was surprised that even to this moment, Jack was completely hollow as a person. Sensing neither malice or good will from him, Oscar questioned what Jack really is; after comparing him to the surface of still water, Oscar came to the same conclusion Oswald had about Jack from their first meeting: This took Jack by surprise and upon recalling the words Oswald once said to him, stabbed Oscar with one of B-Rabbit's chain.

Although Oscar was injured, he was able to told Oz what his wish is: Oz was surprised by this words and upon remembering everything his uncle did for him, especially the Unbirthday party from before, Oz began to cry.

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Oz confronted Jack about his previous claims that Oz never have anything and everything Oz have was fake; Oz now knew this wan't true at all and use his own light to destroy Jack's consciousness for the time being. After Oz and his friends reached their destination, Oz was horrified to see Oscar stab from Echo who was later revealed to be actually Noise in control.

Oscar convinced Gilbert and Alice to escape without him despite Oz's pleas. Oz was devastated by this act as he knew in his heart that Oscar will be killed for helping them to escape.

Ada Vessalius Ada is Oz's little sister, who looked up to him while he treated her fondly. Before Oz then 15 was sent to the Abyss, they always played together in the castle. Oz met her again 10 years later after he escaped the abyss. Despite not being real siblings, they truly care for each other. When Oz was gone, Ada attempted to rescue Oz by researching and studying about the Abyss in secret since no one would reveal any information to her.

Upon meeting each other again after 10 years, Ada cried in happiness while Oz comforted her gently and noted that though she had matured and became different, she was still the same inside.

oz and alice relationship advice

Oz was very worried when Ada got kidnapped by Zwei as later on he retrieved her from Xai, and said to her tenderly that he was happy that their father loved her, despite him not being in the relationship itself.

After that, they returned to be great friends, Gilbert protecting Oz no matter what the odds, and has always kept his promise of being by Oz's side forever. Oz meet Gilbert when his uncle Oscar introduced him for the first time and told him that Gilbert will be his valet from now on. After Oscar explained to Oz and Ada how Gilbert was found injured and suffered from amnesia, OZ took notice of Gilbert's fragile state. He tried to cheer Gilbert up by asking him to sign a contract in order to formally become his valet.

When Oscar began to leave and Gilbert tried to follow him only to knock a vase, Oz protect Gilbert with his body. Gilbert was surprised by this and formally apologized to Oz when he noticed Oz was bleeding. Even though Oz told Gil he's fine, this made Gil upset. Gil said to Oz that "You must not protect someone like me Because it is my duty to protect my "master"!

This led to the beginning of Oz and Gil's relationship as master and servant, especially their friendship. Shortly after they met, Gilbert frequently suffered from nightmares and would occasionally go to Oz to see if he is okay. Oz understood at the time that Gil was afraid of something and constantly worried for his safety; he knew that if something were to happen to him.

Gil's fears would come true. He tried to cheer Gil by taking him to Oscar's room. When Gil called Oz "master" on their way to Oscar's room, this stopped Oz and he informed Gil the truth. Every time Oz thinks of how when Gilbert calls him master, at first it made him feel awkward, but after a while, Oz became more adjusted to it because it made him feel like an adult.

Gilbert asks if he had done something wrong and Oz thinks of how what he'd just said to himself wasn't quite right. Oz then demands that Gilbert refrains from calling him master anymore, instead he wanted to be called Oz. Gilbert asks why, again calling Oz 'master', and Oz interrupts by yelling the correction of 'Oz' at Gilbert.

Gilbert once again used master when he went to say it was impossible, and Oz met him with the same reaction, again and again. The two pant heavily after the continuous routine until Gilbert calls Oz 'Young-master Oz', which Oz decides will do for now.

Oz states hat the rest is like homework for Gilbert, as until they were adults, Gilbert would have to learn how to call Oz by his name, which Gilbert agrees to. As the years passed, Oz and Gilbert formed a close bond with one another.

oz and alice relationship advice

Although Oz sometimes took advantage of Gilbert's timid and shy personality especially his fear of catsOz deeply cared about Gilbert. On the day of Oz's Coming of Age ceremony, Oz gave Gil the box Oscar brought for him which Gil was surprise to find out it is an uniform similar to Oz's outfit.

Oz told Gil that he wants him to be at the ceremony as his friend rather than his servant. Gilbert was at first reluctantly to complied to Oz's wish. However, he was happy that Oz see him as his friend. Plot or ending details follow. Relationships Oz Oz accepts Alice In the Manga she appears to be developing romantic feelings for Oz and in the anime series it is heavily implied as well, as a common occurrence of her jealousy when Oz is with other girls even his own sister and when she dislikes him leaving her alone is often.

When Oz discovered much to his horror, that Alice was murdered during the Tragedy of Sablier, Oz loses control of his power. When Gil found Oz, Oz declared in a maddened state that he destroy everything in the his path to ensure that Alice will never scared or sad.

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Shortly after he regained himself, Oz declared to Alice that she should just be herself. Despite this, Alice loved Oz, and Oz loved to see her smile. Alice tells Oz that he made her happy before she kills herself to prevent the Intention of the Abyss from taking over her body to help Jack Vessalius plunge the world into the Abyss, and keeping Jack from hurting Oz.

When she tries to approach Oz, right before she disappears, she still calls Oz by name, not caring about what would become of herself. After Alice remember that Oz rejected her, she immediately cried and called Oz an idiot for rejecting her.

oz and alice relationship advice

When she heard Oz's voice calling her, she hugged him upon their reunion and immediately asked him what took him so long to call her, with tears in her eyes. Alice always calls Gil "seaweed head," to which he responds "stupid rabbit. It's not known if she herself met Gil years ago since the one who made him do the "face" again was most probably the Intention using her body.

Though Gilbert and Alice fight a lot, there are some scenes that show he does care for her. In later chapters it also seems as though she's started to look up to Gil like an older brother, something that he rejects instantly.

She appears to like it when Gil ruffles her hair. She was worried when she saw his arm was gone, so that means they have started to respect each other. Intention of the Abyss Will of Abyss and Alice as they appear in anime Alice and the Intention of the Abyss are twin sisters, and Alice said that she could communicate with her while she was in Abyss.

At first, it seems they hate each other, however neither of them possessed their memories at the time when Alice was still alive. Due to their memories lost, they appear to not be on good terms with each other, but they do have some things in common. One thing both sister shared in common is their bond with Oz; although Oz developed a close bond with Alice B-rabbithe nevertheless cared the Intention as well.

Both sisters care deeply about each other. However, as revealed in Chapter 63, the Intention of the Abyss wished for Break to help save Alice; this showed that despite everyone's belief that the Intention hated Alice, in reality she cared for Alice so much. When Alice sacrificed herself for Oz and was about to die, Alice the Intention screamed in sorrow and ran towards her dying soul, crying this happened in the junction between their souls. Alice B-rabbit said she was happy, that her sister was the same as always and that it was a long time since they'd spoken to each other like this, because Alice the Intention hadn't answered to her calls recently.

The Intention cries and apologizes and says that even the things she hold dear seem to lose their importance to her. In addition to this she promises to use Oz's power to erase her own memories, but when she uses Alice's body to reach him, Alice's soul flies past her and enters Oz. To help both her sister and Oz she takes Oz's power and destroys the Intention's memory, though in reality she destroyed her own as well, because the two were connected to each other.

Sharon Rainsworth Sharon helping Alice with romance. Despite the fact that they didn't start off very well, - during their first encounter, Alice used Sharon as a hostage - Sharon appears to have forgiven and forgotten about that, and they share a relatively friendly relationship.

Sharon and Alice's relationship has not been greatly executed throughout the series, however the two seem to get along well. Sharon thinks of Alice as a little sister. Although Alice seemed reluctant to let Sharon treat her this way, she seems to be fine with it now. She often gives Alice romance advice for her and Oz. Alice and Sharon both care about each other, as shown when Sharon got depressed about how Break didn't tell her about Sablier, Alice tried to cheer her up by biting her cheeks.