Oberyn and ellaria relationship advice

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oberyn and ellaria relationship advice

Renly Baratheon, Loras Tyrell, Yara Greyjoy, Oberyn Martell, Ellaria Sand – there has been a string of gay, lesbian and bisexual main. A page for describing Characters: Game of Thrones - House Martell. Main Character Index | The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros | House Stark (House Stark. I never read about Ellaria pining to become trueborn or for Oberyn to marry her. but a bastard of Lord Uller. So was marriage out of question?.

She's no longer the girl of sixteen, held tight in the Lannisters' clutches. She's not the starry-eyed girl who found Ellaria wandering curiously in the godswood one morning. She's not the girl who put Ellaria on a pedestal, listening to her every word, in awe of her freedom, her beauty, her bravery. She's not the helpless romantic who got drunk off of two cups of red wine and then tried to kiss the beautiful woman senseless.

She's not that girl anymore, but she's as in love with Ellaria today as she was more than two and a half years ago. Do you know where she's gotten to? There were many others on deck that morning, but none paid the couple much mind. Here"—he traces a fingertip along the laugh lines at the corner of one eye—"and here. He has always been able to see through her armor, see her true self. Her misery, her anger, her happiness; it was all laid bare for him to witness.

Does that excite you?

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It…also makes me nervous. I…want them to like me, you see…" Oberyn's smile turns reassuring. Whoever do you mean? But know this, wife: I have seen you in bed. She frowns slightly, because that's no secret, not one she's ashamed of anyways. She's pulled nearly flush against his chest, the swell of her belly rubbing against his own lean, hard body. He cups the back of her head in one hand to hold her close, and steadies the small of her back with his other.

I have seen you when you think I am not looking, with your hand between your legs, rubbing at your little pearl. There is a name on your lips sometimes, but it is not mine, sweet wife. Whether it's from her husband's warm words and his delectable forked tongue, or whether it's from the memory he described stretched out on the sheets after being loved by Oberyn, reaching a hand down weakly between her thighs when she thought he was asleep, stroking at her secret place until she arches discreetly against the mattress, weeping silently, calling out for Ellaria, Ellaria, Ellaria.

I am sure she would love the sight as much as I did. How many times have I thought of you in that bed since, crying out my paramour's name, crying out my name? Ellaria will be delighted to see you once more.

When Sansa announced she planned to travel south with her husband, it was no surprise to see the regret and disappointment on the faces of her family. Robb with his young bride, Roslin. Poor young Jeyne Poole who had been rescued from a brothel not long before Sansa left.

And Brandon and Rickon, who had been discovered by her half-brother and sent south not quite a month before Sansa left the north. Reuniting with Rickon and Bran had been… It had been almost as wonderful as it was heartbreaking.

She couldn't bear it some days, the sight of Rickon's wildness, the sound of Bran's deep, unreachable silence. They were almost like two entirely separate boys at times, two brothers she had never met. Her things had already been packed and the ship sent for by the time Bran and Rickon returned to them, and so there was no time to delay. She could only spend a handful of weeks with them before she'd be forced to leave them, likely to not see them again for a very long time.

She had expected the disappointment in her family's eyes when she announced her trip south, along with the news of her impending status as mother, but she couldn't have ever envisioned what her mother had in store.

Oberyn had shifted subtly in his seat, and she understood his discomfort at once. He had been all but leashed and collared, her husband, forced to keep his usual…activities to a minimum, since arriving in the north.

Not that his wife didn't please him, but she was very young, and he had a ferocious appetite. Beyond that, there was the matter of Ellaria to contend with. I fear I have truly lost your sister for true…" Catelyn trailed off, tears clouding her eyes only for a moment before she regained her strength. I will have my men begin readying your chamber aboard the ship at once.

He raced over from his end of the table to where Catelyn sat, and flung himself into her arms. He was too large to be cradled, but there had been so much taken from Sansa's family. She didn't think her mother coddling her little brother was such a terrible thing, in light of the atrocities done against them in the past. It was a long ride to the bay Oberyn's ship had docked in, and it was a longer ride south atop the decks. She had never been in such a finely crafted boat before, and though Sansa could appreciate its build, she decided very quickly she wasn't going to travel by water ever again.

Rickon was thrilled at the prospect of seeing Dorne, but his mood was often sour for being separated by Bran. He hadn't understood why his brother wouldn't come with them on their voyage south, not even when Bran himself tried to explain. I need to be in the north, Rickon.

The south… It's very different from here. There are no weirwood trees. Why are you staying in Winterfell? He can watch the north!

Ellaria Sand

Sansa came upon the room her mother shared with Rickon most nights, when he couldn't be convinced to stay in his own bed. She knocked lightly three times. When Sansa entered, she paused momentarily at the startling sight of her mother, frazzled and flushed, trying to coax Rickon into whichever pair of breeches she'd brought for him from the north. Sansa didn't blame him for not wanting to wear them; they were made for the snow and the ice, not the warmth of the seaside, let alone the heat of Dorne.

Her mother would have to relent some of her northern inclinations over the next few days, Rickon's heavy pants being the least of them. A young prince mustn't walk around with commons without his breeches on. Brother Oberyn doesn't care about what I wear! Rickon rebelling in Oberyn's name certainly wouldn't convince her mother to be accepting of the Dornish way. There was grace and then there was practicality, and wearing heavy woolen fabric in the heat of the south was just madness.

But maybe in the meantime? Let's see to your hair, shall we? Sansa groaned under her breath. It was such a long trip… By the time the ship under Oberyn's name reached its destination, it was so late in the night that the sun had started to rise, dark red rays reflecting on the water.

Catelyn and Rickon had opted to travel with the larger half of the traveling company to Sunspear, where they would meet up with Oberyn and Sansa. Or rather, Catelyn had opted to stay behind, and Rickon had been forced to obey. Sansa couldn't be more grateful for the decision, as it gave herself and Oberyn the chance to make a quick getaway with a small but experienced selection of guards, and ride directly for Sunspear.

She had fretted over the health of her unborn child for two days, before mentioning it quietly to her husband. Oberyn was startled by her question of safety, and hastened to assure her. Sweet girl, I would never risk your safety, nor the life of our child. Oberyn slowed his horse occasionally to come talk to her, but he spent most of his time at the front, leading his men.

She didn't mind in the least; she had never been fond of sharing her thoughts when she felt nervous, and at the moment she was truly terrified. Leading up to this day, Sansa had only felt giddy at the prospect of coming back to Ellaria, pregnant and full grown, with Oberyn at her side.

But now she was in Dorne, all thoughts of Ellaria had vanished, and all Sansa could imagine were Oberyn's children scowling down at her with dark eyes of judgment and anger worthy of the Red Viper's name. Fear was a useless emotion, and Sansa knew it well. There was nothing that could be done about her worries and concerns.

oberyn and ellaria relationship advice

His daughters would either accept that their father had married a woman who wasn't Ellaria—let alone a northerner—or they wouldn't. And all she could do herself was pray to find a way to connect to them, or else to garner their respect. She knew it wouldn't be easy. But at least the Sand Snakes weren't home.

Oberyn spoke often and fondly of his four eldest daughters, and though she knew she'd have to meet them eventually, at least she didn't have to meet all eight of them tonight. Sansa had sent little trinkets and gifts for Ellaria's girls ever since she had parted way from the Dornish woman. Ribbon and fur and other relics of the north she hoped would fascinate them.

Ellaria always praised her for her kindness afterwards, but in the litter, on her way to greet them, she couldn't help feeling the woman was just being nice. She had ached for the woman's comforting embrace ever since leaving her, and the feeling had only doubled, even tripled in intensity, since finding out she was carrying Oberyn's ninth child her mother had an annoying habit of saying oh, my Sansa is carrying Oberyn's first heir!

But Sansa didn't dare imagine this child would be more or less beloved to her husband than those who didn't carry the Martell name. Ellaria wasn't the only mother she had spoken to since becoming with child, but she was the only one whose opinion she valued over even that of her mother's.

Sansa wasn't raising a northern wolf, not really. It might have the blood of a Stark, but she knew the likelihood of raising a little snake instead. And she was desperate for any and all advice that Ellaria could give her, having carried and reared for little snakes of her own.

Oberyn was his own wealth of knowledge, but his was more the playful sort. Jokes about the first time Elia rolled over in Ellaria's belly. Teasing about the way she pouted when her breasts were too sensitive to be licked, kissed, or fondled at all she was very eager to outgrow that particular phase.

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She was glad of his presence and his love and his kindness, but what she craved was a woman's touch. She sat upright, smoothing out the folds of her flimsy but concealing Dornish dress. It had been made specifically for Sansa, requested by Oberyn to be more conservative for the sake of his little wife's sense of modesty.

Commoners flocked to line either side of the road, pressing as close as they dared, keeping a respectful distance from Sansa's carriage and Oberyn's horse. A few children tried to run up, but they all of them were gently dissuaded and held back to their line.

Though, to be fair, she did have that wonderful conversation with Jaime where she reminded him that no one would have had a problem with his relationship with Cersei if it were a hundred years ago and his name was Targaryen. And they reframed her sexuality in season seven through her interactions with Yara. Yes, that was great. They resolved that plot as well and as quickly as they could. They did as little as they could in order to not fuck it up further, which may have been wise.

Their fight with Euron redeemed their fighting ability too! It made up for that horrendous courtyard kerfuffle in season five.

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So, I liked that Obara and Nymeria both got in some really good hits before they died. Their deaths were also afforded some poignancy. The show gave these deeply unpopular characters as good a send off as they could. I think they were handled very well as tertiary characters supporting a secondary starring cast member, which is what they should have been all along. Book fans got a Jaime storyline with a subpar Dornish backdrop when they were expecting an actual Dorne story; whether you thought it was good or not, there was a Dornish-centric story there.

oberyn and ellaria relationship advice

Part of me wants to like the Sand Snakes more than I do for the sake of the actors. I feel so bad for them. She was a fan of the books and campaigned hard to get the role. Yeah, each of them developed detailed backgrounds for their characters. The Dorne storyline, in both versions, is a hodgepodge of squandered concepts and characters. All I really remembered from him in the books was his story about meeting baby Tyrion, because it was so hauntingly sad.

Which was very cleverly adapted, delaying it to the perfect moment, when Tyrion is at his lowest point, instead of during their very first meeting, which fell a bit flat. I absolutely love the way they adapted it to be so emotionally affecting. It works on so many levels. And his scenes with Tywin, Cersei and Varys were absolute gold. Classic Game of Thrones one-on-one conversations.

Oberyn had set the bar for Martell characters pretty high. Do you think Oberyn played too much into the exotic, sexy Hispanic stereotype?

The most hypersexualized male character was coded as a Spanish moor. As a Spaniard, did it strike you that way? I would have loved to see Oberyn interacting with his daughters. If I took the reins of this adaptation, which, to be fair, is a tad beyond my abilities — Petra: I know a lot of people missed her speech about the cycle of violence, but that really was her only relevant scene in the books.


The Ellaria on the show was certainly more interesting. She loses that when Oberyn dies. It symbolizes a rite of passage, or a reaction to trauma, especially for women. She kind of cooled off in season seven, when we see her with Yara and we had her death, which was simultaneously richly deserved but also tragic. In trying to avenge one person she loved, she lost everyone else. And herself too, if not her life.

oberyn and ellaria relationship advice

The Dornish storyline turned out to have thematic value after all.