Ncis la 6x03 kensi and deeks relationship

What Happens Next Chapter Someday (6x03), a ncis: los angeles fanfic | FanFiction

ncis la 6x03 kensi and deeks relationship

Undercover in Love A fanfic about Kensi and Deeks getting undercover as a joung cupple who's in love. this is our own episode of NCIS LA. in a troubled case, it turns out with a wedding for Kensi and Deeks. except, Kensi and Deeks have never had an easy relationship and this is a . Set right after 6x03, AU fanfiction. Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS LA or the characters My imagination ran wild and this fic brings Kensi and Deeks together faster than . "Unless something has changed in our relationship that I don't know about, get out of my. “Praesidium” – The NCIS: LA team takes action to protect one of . A continuing theme of Season 5 ending episode interpersonal relationship of the Agents, On the same grounds, Granger, Callen, Sam, Deeks, Kensi, Nell.

But, the truth is we are more than partners. I've been trying to deny it because I don't want to hurt you. Spending so much time together is making that difficult though. She doesn't want to stop what they have outside of work. The truth is he hadn't just come into her room for the bed. He wants to be closer to her than the movie night with Nell and Eric allowed.

She lunges more than scoots closer to him and before he knows what's happening her lips are on his. The kiss quickly becomes passionate and hungry. The sheet and blanket are pushed down as hands frantically grasp and grope for more.

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Kensi wraps her arm around his shoulder pulling their fully clothed bodies flush against each other. Deeks groans as her tongue enters his mouth and finds his. She moans quietly as he slides his knee between her thighs. Suddenly she's on her back.

ncis la 6x03 kensi and deeks relationship

His kisses are traveling down her neck and over her pajama top. She knows they can't do this tonight so she has to decide just how far it's going to go. She decides it's too good to stop just yet.

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He means to stop. He knows they have to, but the way she's arching toward him and sighing his name are driving him on. He pushes up her pajama top and places kisses on her stomach.

Kensi & Deeks - My salvation - [6x03]

She grasps his face and brings it back up to her own to slow things down a bit so they can think. She puts a finger to his lips to stop his apology. We just can't tonight," she says running her fingers through his hair.

He rolls off her and onto his side. While Callen escapes arrest through the boathouse trapdoor, Deeks is spared from interrogation even though he is willing to be interrogated after Kensi. Is it because he is not an agent?!!! I can only wonder.

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In 2xDeliverance, Hetty's team had warned Mattias never to bother Hetty again else he shall invite the team's wrath. It is entertaining to watch her deal with the OSP staff and its unruly, smart, evasive and disobedient Agents. Its fun watching those scenes. What do Densi, Callen and Sam do in their mornings?

ncis la 6x03 kensi and deeks relationship

A continuing theme of Season 5 ending episode interpersonal relationship of the Agents, their bosses and the Ops Team members. To be specific, Sam is exercising, Callen is shaving his head, Densi are lazing on the couch and that is how they have been spending the night and putting themselves to sleep and Granger is in bed with someone. So Granger has life other than Agenting.

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He has started the entire investigation on her with the purpose to put her in tight security so that she is protected and is not harmed by anyone. But Hetty is relentless and she finds a way to escape from the interrogation room by feigning faint due to stress and exhaustion. If Hetty has been smart to get her freedom back to find out who are chasing her, Director Leon Vance uses his full authority and again keeps Hetty in his captivity to keep her protected and finally reveals himself to her, what he knows about her private detail being compromised.

We had last seen him in season 2. Callen like old times can do anything for Hetty.

ncis la 6x03 kensi and deeks relationship

How he handles his interrogation is absolute fun to watch. She ends up killing one of the assailant in self-defence. Though Nell does not compromise the case with her grit and determination, it is certainly a trigger to her mental balance with the repetitive strenuous handing of the pressures on the job which includes killing people. Kensi once again has a painful moment recollecting her time of captivity and moments of torture with the Taliban men.

ncis la 6x03 kensi and deeks relationship

While Directior Vance explains to Hetty that it is nothing serious to put her at ease, Deeks takes care of Kensi and asks her not to try forgetting what happened to her back there and instead gradually accept it that it had happened. They are continuing from last episode.

ncis la 6x03 kensi and deeks relationship

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