Mike and frank relationship

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mike and frank relationship

Frank's relationship with his partner and friend Mike became a topic of public debate when the rumor of them being gay speeded like wild fire. Like Frank, Mike started with rocks and old can beers and as he grew up, his must be romantically involved with his partner Mike in a homosexual relationship. Mike and Frank know how to spot a valuable item and are willing to pay . him to deal with at all, so the relationship ended up not working out.

Since Frank has his right to privacy, the subject of his personal life has never been pushed. After that first sale, he found his passion for picking. He started going around asking local farmers if he could go through their barns to see if they had anything to sell.

mike and frank relationship

He continued his life of picking ever since. On September 8,Mike married his wife, Jodi Faeth. On January 30,their daughter, Charlie was born. When Mike started making money, he gave up his apartment in LeClaire, Iowa and bought his dream house.

It is located on 32 acres of woodland and the home is 5, square feet. He has enough room in his home for his collection of over 40 motorcycles.

mike and frank relationship

The home also has a castle-like turret and a working telephone booth inside. Mike has used his fame and his knowledge of picking to help reach out to younger pickers. Over the last few years, he has written a book to teach young pickers and he was working on a television show for kids that has yet to be picked up. Danielle Colby-Cushman If you have ever watched the show, you know Danielle as the woman who calls the guys while they are on the road to give the addresses of the leads that she managed to dig up.

Danielle met Mike over 13 years ago when he was running his store, Antique Archeology. She was designing clothes back then, and Mike would bring him t-shirts with his company name and logo and she would do fun things with them. She says that she heard Mike mention his name over the years that they had known each other, however, she only met Frank about six years ago. Although she is working with Mike and Frank now, she still sells her own clothes on etsy.

However, Mike says everything else you see on the show is real. They actually uncover unknown objects, and all the negotiations are also real. This is definitely one of the most impressive picks one could imagine. It took him several years, but once he was able to get into a meeting with some network executives of the History channel, he gave the pitch of his life.

Executives were quickly impressed. In this photo, we see a list of names that Mike contemplated. In his early 20s, he was a professional bicycle racer. He also owned two bike stores in the s in Iowa. He was able to open the stores through money he made after selling a Harley Davidson motorcycle to a collector.

This is obviously a golden experience for the guy. Believe it or not, not everybody has cable. A lot of the people have never seen the show. He has said he first officially became a picker when he was only six years old. He knew it could be worth something. From that day forward, Mike was hooked on picking. This would mark a great turn in his life. Soon the garbage would be a great turn for him.

He is such a good picker that he even bought his first house at a garage sale.

Frank Fritz Wiki, Age, Married, Wife, Gay, Family, Net Worth, Height

However, he would have loved to get some recognition from his hometown. I went to his premiere at the Adler when his pilot episode aired the show was not picked up. I was happy to promote him. I like to help people…But no one in Davenport ever asks. However, she does get frustrated when he sells pieces she chose for their home. Natrually this would frustrate anybody.

The amusement park was hit badly by Tropical Storm Ivan in and never fully recovered. Upon searching, Mike and Frank found some old sideshow banners. That was the one that made them very happy.

Although he was signed onto a production company, none of the networks wanted to buy the series. Despite being told no so many times, he still worked at it. He reached out to every network executive that would speak to him. He eventually learned it was the format that was holding him back. Through the help of one of his contacts, he tweaked his idea.

Frank Fritz Wiki, Age, Married, Wife, Gay, Family, Net Worth, Height

After 5 years of pitching the series, it was bought by the History Channel in However, he turned them down. He was once approached by someone at PBS.

However, the man began changing the format of the show into something Mike did not like. He started editing some of it. It was crazy… and then I was all by myself again. Mike and his wife sought medical care to correct it. After which, Mike became an ambassador of Operation Smile. Hodges turned the building into a successful nightclub, but it was shut down for over-occupancy.

As you can see, the club was very popular. Despite claiming to be a year-old King of Zambodia, he has still chosen to run for city mayor on several occasions. This, of course, hurt his business plans significantly. His smart, smooth-talking tactics are some to admire. Ironically, the theme song of the series is also recycled. The music is from a song by the Reckless Sons. You can go on their website and find a number of amazing tunes. Nobody saw this coming when they watched the show.

She was his everything to him. Therefore, she found other ways to help pay the bills. I owned a shop and we made clothes, sold jewelry, and I also did energy healing. I still do all of that stuff for fun but not for my career.

Antique Archaeology is where the trio keeps most of their finds. Therefore, there are some very important and expensive items in that store.

ShareTV asked Danielle what is the one item everyone would grab if the store caught on fire. Picking Can Be Dangerous Although it seems like a simple activity, picking can be dangerous. Many times people are reluctant to let the guys pick through their stuff. One time, someone even opened the door with a gun. However, she has a strong passion for other things as well.

I want to know everything and I love to read. I will read over socializing every time if I can get away with it. Her choice in hobbies certainly also reflect that. Colby used to be the team manager and member of the Big Mouth Mickies roller derby team. The team was actually very good and even won the local championship. Sadly, Colby had to drop from the sport due to injuries.

Many people do not want two strangers searching their property. However, Frank believes there are other reasons people might tell them no. They had me up against a wall.

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Mike was stuck until Frank came along. Frank calmed the guy down and got Mike free. It was at a garage sale, over 15 years ago, that she met Mike. Once Mike started filming, he knew he could not be the only personality on the show. He immediately knew Frank was the perfect choice.

We are both completely opposite people, but we love what we do. They somehow can get people to sell their stuff for a relatively low price. He actually believes they are due to his poor childhood. His mother was unable to buy him many things, so he learned how to negotiate for lower prices and barter. After easily being able to get the medical care necessary, Mike became an ambassador for Operation Smile. The mission of Operation Smile is to give every child suffering from cleft lip or cleft palate the exceptional medical care they deserve.

Therefore, producers know the men will find picks and valuable filming time will not be wasted. Mike Says The Show Is Authentic Mike has gone on record as saying the show is very real and none of the rumors are true. There is only one part that may be seen as unauthentic. Now, when Mike and Frank decide they would like to pick somewhere, producers call property owners ahead of time.

However, that is it. All the searching and negotiations you see on TV are real. One more he can include is an author. The book helps teach children the secrets and tricks to succeed in picking. Although it is aimed towards children, it can help anyone who may be an amateur picker. During the five years that he pitched his show, he says this was very important. For five longs years, he tirelessly pitched his series with no success. He talked to anyone in the industry who would be willing to talk to him.

Luckily, one of those contacts gave him feedback and said he needed to change his format.