Marth and roy relationship questions

Nintendo's New Game 'Fire Emblem: Fates' Is the First to Feature Queer Characters

marth and roy relationship questions

So why then, is Roy so bad while Marth is debatably top 10 in the his movement speed, would be fine, but there are some critical issues here. IkeXLink IkeXMarth MarthXRoy PitXLink Rated M for a reason. Marth wants a fully committed relationship with Ike—tired of hiding it—and he the skies looked , or he could probably ask him a few questions about himself. Read Chapter 3-Marth's POV from the story High-School Problems (Smash Bros Fanfic) by DaisyDetergent And then she looked at me with the same eyes that Roy did. I just felt like making Marth and Lucina not have the best relationship.

Presenting the Gay-to-Queer Television Matrix In Fates, players create an avatar character by choosing their sex, hair, body type, facial features and more. This character serves as the game's protagonist. They're not explicitly bisexual either; rather, they're radically queer. I expected to be disappointed, to have the "marriage" couched in less explicit terms like "partnership" or "union.

They find comfort in each other through conversation — and, eventually, marital bliss.

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Inthis kind of relationship shouldn't be groundbreaking — and yet it is. Somewhere in the world is a kid who married these characters and saw themselves reflected in a video game for the first time. That kind of inclusion matters, not because diversity sells though it does or it's a more impressive artistic choice though it is. It matters on a micro level, to the person playing the game whose life is made better for it.

Certainly the teen version of myself would have appreciated it as much as my adult self does. Would it have directly fixed anything about my life as I struggled to define myself? But it would have helped me feel a little bit less alone. Niles and the avatar in their home in 'Fire Emblem: In the late '80s, Super Mario Bros. Rather infamously, Nintendo responded poorly to a campaign to include LGBTQ characters and same-sex relationships in their life simulation game Tomodachi Life.

At the time, the company ascribed its lack of queer characters to a desire to not put forth any "social commentary. That was out of the ordinary!

All Ike had to do was simply smile and bat those lashes, giving the blonde Hyrulean enough confidence to remove his hand from those shy lips. He and Ike spent more time together, the indigo-haired swordsman learning more and more about Link's hidden personality each day.

He was very much still shy around him some of the time, but he was certain that it wasn't his bashfulness. There was a part of Link that he kept secret from his friend He couldn't tell what it was, but something kept It wasn't visible, he couldn't taste it, it had no aroma, and there was no solidified matter he could physically touch… But he would feel it He felt it every moment he was by Ike's side, whenever he and Ike made intimate, physical contact, even when the indigo-haired man plainly spoke his name in the dreamy voice The feeling seemed to always be present while his heart simultaneously pounded endlessly against his chest I'd love to go—I mean!

I'd like to come over. Ike deeply chuckled, gently patting his blonde head. Link didn't have time to think it over; Ike dragged him by the arm towards the Smash Mansion, whistling an infectious tune.

To the blonde one, it was sort of embarrassing to be dangling off some other man's arm, much less holding hands with him. A blush crept up Link's cheeks as he spotted their cupped hands.

Ike's weren't as rough as they appeared. They were actually very soft, very unusual for a person who wields swords. Especially a monstrous sword like Ragnell. It was after dinner, and many of the battlers lingered to chat a little before retiring to their beds, but when Ike slammed open that door, Link in hand, all chatter ceased.

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Link stared back at all the other curious faces who dug holes into their bodies, feeling his face flush over with heat wave after heat wave. Ike, with his nonchalant attitude, ignored the sudden silence. The only noise audible was the whistling of the indigo-haired swordsman and the stomping of his steel-plated boots as he marched up stairs. Link stumbled to keep up, desperately wanting to die on the spot.

After some time, Ike found the golden key, opening the door. There wasn't much in his room: Link sat nervously on his bed, careful not to bump into Ike's head. Ike lay sprawled on his back, staring up into the blank ceiling. I like the way you have your pad set up. It gives me this, warm, inviting feeling, y'know? But, when I come in here, I just get My mind wanders; that's when I tend to think of What color do you prefer?

It'd match your eyes, and it's very soft. It's not as bold as other shades, so it's easy on the eyes and the mind doesn't get overly-stimulated.

Like with the color red, for example. That was my first choice for you, but that'd be too heavy. Gives one the feeling of anger Or it might not—I don't know, that's just my experience. It depends on who you are—" The indigo-haired swordsman unexpectedly exploded in a fit of giggles.

The Hyrulean—alarmed and confused—faced Ike, a puzzled expression on his face. You sound like a girl. And how is that?! It was in bad taste. There was more chuckling, which further angered and discouraged Link.


He's laughing at me I knew he wouldn't like "me". Link's head was swiftly craned up to meet two, sparkling, blue eyes. Ike's ginger expression literally took his breath away. Link tensed, his cheeks were blood-red, his heart did somersaults in his chest. Ike grinned, amused at his friend's befuddlement. They meshed in blissful, greased harmony. Link slowly closed his eyes, allowing himself to give into the kiss. His body was immobilized; he couldn't move, he couldn't speak, hell, he almost forgot how to breathe.

This was unlike any spell he'd ever been casted under, or any poisonous brew that totally caused him to lose movement in his limbs.

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And he was going to relish in it. Link, whose conscious wasn't so conscious anymore, stood lightly on his toes, pressing his lips against the others with a bit more pressure. Ike faintly moaned, cupping Link's tinted cheeks as he pulled him closer. Somehow, strength found its way back into the blonde's body. It returned once again, but this time, tenfold. The shorter of the two was overwhelmed with this sudden burst of warmth and comfort He felt so safe and secure in Ike's magnificently-supportive arms.

Everything seemed to fall in place; Link knew what was happening, now. It all became clear to him.

marth and roy relationship questions

To plainly put this, he was in love. Link ran his fingers through Ike's thick mass of indigo hair as Ike took full advantage of Link's penetrated lips, slithering his tongue into unknown, unexplored territory.

He scraped his unsure organ about its partner, trying his absolute best to copy Ike's expert strokes. A very tickled Ike giggled throatily as he kissed the blonde man, most likely amused at Link's cute, innocent tongue which caused Link to flush over with another wave of heat.

Either way, he caressed the tissue passionately with his own… Without interrupting their kiss, Ike picked the small man up and spread him onto his bed, straddling and gently forcing himself upon him as his lips broke away from the Hyrulean's to meet his lovely neck.

Link exposed the skin to his comrade, shivering at the tip of his icy tongue skipping across his warm epidermis… Ike soothingly caressed the blonde's lovely thighs that caged him on both sides with gentle, coaxing strokes, dainty, adorable mewls from Link escaping into the cool air of his dorm room.

The unfamiliar feeling that coursed through his veins thicker than his own blood felt unmistakably amazing. Link had never felt this… this vulnerable in his entire life. Was that the right word for it? Never in his life would he think that his first kiss would be shared with another man, much less someone like Ike… Ike nibbled at his pointy ears—oh how he'd been yearning to do that—as he stroked his teammates strong, short legs, muttering something along the lines of, "Such cute, little ears…" Link faintly moaned at the ticklish tongue teasing his appendage… It felt… good.

Abruptly, Ike bit down on the sensitive flesh of his ear, Link yelping at a fairly high pitch. He immediately bit down on his tongue, but it was far too late. Ike stopped, stimulated by the cute sound, and met the blushing blonde's gaze, smiling warmly.

He softly pecked his pouted, kiss-swollen petals; he could easily tell that Link tried to prevent his shameful whine from passing through his lips… "Let me hear you," he purred, nipping sweetly at his bottom lip. Ike's shin—somehow lodged between the Hyrulean's legs—shifted a bit, Link's bright-blue eyes beginning to bulge as the action greatly took him by surprise. Sensual electricity shot through his body. And that ended their kisses. Without warning, Ike released the blonde's body from his human cage, heedful of the fear and apprehensiveness in the his eyes.

He was certain that Link had never gone with someone to that extent before, and so it was probably very nerve-wrecking to experience something like that all too soon and way too fast. Although, it was sort of a spur-of-the-moment thing.

marth and roy relationship questions

But Ike had always had a bit of a crush on the blonde man, and for that his inner thoughts and feelings bottled up steadily, the result being a kiss-swollen Link. But… there was something intriguing about Link. Something that he liked… something that made him want to get to know him better… Mentally, emotionally… Who knows?