Marques houston and beyonce relationship with her dad

More Proof That Beyonce is a Compulsive Liar

marques houston and beyonce relationship with her dad

What was Bey doing? Marques was her BF for a few yrs and he was beating the pussy. So What Was Beyonce Doing When Marques Houston Was Molesting Boys!!!! Discussion in .. And from what I heard their relationship ended when the tour did I'm not sure . trazee Stormi with Her Grandma and Dad on Christmas. I learned that Beyoncé's relationship with her father ended Nas, Marques Houston, and Sean Paul, and actor and hip-hop artist Mos Def,". Marques Houston Talks Crazy Voicemails, Beyonce And Being Called Batman down" when her two-year relationship to the R&B crooner ended. Sr. The multi- talented artist revealed that his dad passed away a couple of.

I bet you they was still gettin it in then: Yea, this is old news and why did budden bring this up?. I have a name for the line, and my business plan is just about complete.

So, I'm working on it, little by little, day by day. Somethin I think is strange. Back in like early when I was like 10 and living in Toronto, I remember watching MuchMusic basically like Toronto's version of TRLPharell was on the show and about to play one of his videos, and he said something to the effect of, " this is dedicated to B.

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I so want to find the vid, but I've had nooo luck! You really need a life. Are you a lesbian? Why are you so obsessed with Beyonce?

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Is she paying you behind the scenes to keep her name in the news. You really need to get some business about yourself and just fall back! You just one of those hatin sistas that hate on another Black woman because you are way passed your prime. Maybe Marques was not really a boyfriend and was simply an expression of puppy love and youthful lust. It is obvious that she meant that Jay - Z is her first love. I would deny him as well.

She works very very hard, she makes money. Those are my only two compliments and positive thoughts on her. Aside from that as someone that works in the music bus. She is something at the hands of her father, and then her father is at the hands of even bigger guys. Thats how the bus. Its always someone up top using someone else to do their work. So basically Beyonce is a concept of a pop star. So, to summarise; Gwen is Daisy's stepmum. That is pretty cool.

Damon Dash and Stacey Dash If you weren't sure, Stacey was a pretty big deal in the 90's after her role in hit film, 'Clueless' you might also recognise her from Kanye's 'All Falls Down' music videoand her first cousin Damon is a co-founder of Roc-A-Fella records. Quite the talented family, then, but it turns out that the two don't speak any more - here's to hoping they patch things up, nobody likes a fall out.

They're yet to work together in the studio though. Brandy and Snoop Dog It's not a big secret that Brandy and her bro Ray J do make some pretty sweet sounds together, on top of also starring alongside each other in a reality show.

marques houston and beyonce relationship with her dad

But here's a lesser known link - Snoop is Brandy's first cousin! You can hear the two collaborating on his song 'Special. The two are from Memphis, and have worked closely together, with Juicy J producing half of his older bro's 'Mista Don't Play 2' album. Chance The Rapper and Taylor Bennet.

marques houston and beyonce relationship with her dad

Chance The Rapper looks freakishly similar to his younger brother, who uses his real name, Taylor Bennet. The picture shows them during Bennet's High School graduation, you don't need to ask Taylor what he wants to be when he's older.

Nas and Jabari 'Jungle' Fret. You probably have heard of Nas' only brother, Jabari Fret, known most commonly by his stage name 'Jungle. Their debut full length album, released infeatured guest appearances from Nas.