Managing the lawyer client relationship quotes

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managing the lawyer client relationship quotes

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But the situation is not entirely skewed in favor of the putative client. The DeVaux case demonstrates how a lawyer, or his staff, can unintentionally create an attorney-client relationship. The plaintiff in DeVaux fell entering a store and suffered a serious back injury. A legal secretary returned the call and advised the plaintiff to write a letter to the store putting it on notice of her injuries.

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The plaintiff wrote the letter to the lawyer, but the secretary misfiled it, and it remained undiscovered until after the statute of limitations had expired. The DeVaux case also raises issues with respect to whether a paralegal, secretary, or other claim handler in your office can create an attorney-client relationship, even without your knowledge.

managing the lawyer client relationship quotes

The DeVaux court found that this was possible, relying on principles of apparent authority and actual authority, and the ethical rules that allow a lawyer to delegate tasks to subordinate lay people and create duties to supervise them.

It is not difficult in many cases for the putative client to satisfy all three conditions for an implied attorney-client relationship.

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Thus, an attorney-client relationship could exist, triggering all of the duties and obligations that go along with it, even though the lawyer never signed a contingent fee agreement, never gave the person anything whatsoever in writing, and never thought he or she was starting an attorney-client relationship. The factors that might lead a court to conclude that the attorney impliedly agreed to provide legal services include: Courts will tend not to imply an attorney-client relationship where the attorney would have a potential or actual conflict of interest if he was deemed to be representing the putative client.

managing the lawyer client relationship quotes

Disengagement letters can be as important to protecting yourself from malpractice claims as engagement letters.

Many professional liability insurers ask on insurance applications whether firms typically send these, as insurers consider it an important risk management tool. In many cases, however, you do not want to send the person running off to find a different lawyer.

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Rather, you need some time to investigate the claim and decide if you want to take the case. Thus, you may wish to establish a limited relationship with the person while you are investigating the case, but not yet assuming the obligation to pursue the case in court.

managing the lawyer client relationship quotes

There is nothing impermissible with a lawyer limiting the scope of his or her representation of a client. This letter could state: It would also be helpful to inform the person that, if he or she wants more of a commitment, they can always obtain other counsel. It is best not to leave loose ends. If there is no viable case presently, but one may develop in the future, do not leave the client with the impression that you are representing the client during this waiting period.

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That might create duties on you to monitor the situation. If the case is not viable currently, tell the client that you are not representing them at this point, but they can feel free to call you in the future to discuss representation at that point.

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managing the lawyer client relationship quotes

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