Link and midna relationship test

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link and midna relationship test

Let me go ahead and let the record state that Midna is by far my favorite sidekick/ partner in the Zelda franchise. Her relationship with Link. So it should be obvious to anyone that I absolutely love the pairing of Midna and Link (aka Midlink). This trait is on full display in Ocarina of Time, but while Link may never be Midna. Has Link ever had a more fully-formed relationship with.

Granted, a bossy, annoying, and sometimes abusive mother, but still a mother, and a loving one at that. Just like a mother, she helped him, showed him what to do, and even lent him a helping hand. Or hair, or magic hair-hand, or whatever you called it. At the beginning, she didn't care, but after Lanayru Spring and Zelda's sacrifice she became so kind and selfless Link almost forgot the old her, but for the good-hearted jokes.

Her loss hurt him badly in the beginning because he only realized how motherly she treated him, how she praised him for his achievements later on and even reprimanded him a little less, and how much pride he took in knowing she remained proud of him, when she made clear its finiteness.

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Though she never said it, he knew of her pride. He saw it in her eyes. He missed it afterwards. In his grief he forgot about Rusl, and Ilia, and until the Princess reminded him, he forgot about love. And that made him think of the joyous marriage that he wished Midna knew about. The day Link became a prince. He hoped that Midna, somehow, knew him happy, knew of his grief but also of his ability in moving on. He told the empty room of his little adventures since the Mirror shattered, like he did every year, and took off his hat in her memory, before leaving the Arbiter's Grounds.

Midna hated the situation. She never thought of herself as motherly. But by the Twilight Gods, she missed him. In the beginning she thought of him as a tool, then a pet, and then a child, because tools didn't have feelings, and a pet didn't learn so quickly. In the beginning, she admitted, he did not seem very intelligent, but he learned so fast that though she never admitted it, she actually reserved pride for him, because she wrangled and tamed the beast, and liked to think herself responsible for his intelligence.

But she left him for her people, and for her dearly beloved, who now sat there to comfort her as she cried for her lost child. The unfairness of it all tore at her heart, but she knew Hyrule's Goddesses' plans did not include the Mirror of Twilight, and neither did those of the Twilight Gods. The Princess Zelda told her so with great pain, and Midna knew Zelda did not want her to go. The solid field of ice beneath it was slippery for the wolf to walk on; already the poor creature had stumbled helplessly to his belly while the imp sitting astride his back laughed at his clumsiness.

The ice had dampened his fur, and now he was chilled to the bone. And Zora's Domain is the place to go, from what we've heard. Now come on, you lazy mutt! Feeling little painful jabs in his side from her kicking, the wolf meekly pressed on, stepping with care over the smooth, glassy ice plain. The statue of water appeared far taller when the wolf stood right at the base.

It stretched skyward until the very top seemed to touch the heavens, the heavens that were blended with the hazy clouds of Twilight.

link and midna relationship test

The imp arose from her steed and hovered just above a ledge that jutted out from the icy cascade, about twenty feet above where the wolf stood. The canine whined a little, pacing back a couple steps.

He knew what Midna had in mind, and the thought filed him with renewed anxiety. The last few times he and the imp had attempted the magic-fueled jumps had ended in near disaster. And as the imp always stated, the accidents were his fault. The wolf had unwillingly placed his trust in the fact that Midna was very capable with her magic, and that she had the ability to guide him through the air to safety.

However, when the wolf leaped and aimed off course, he had inadvertently broken through the shadow magic and tumbled down the ledge, nearly breaking bones as he landed. The wolf reluctantly bent his legs and lowered his body until his belly touched ground.

link and midna relationship test

He tensed his muscles and prepared to lift off. When the moment came, he sprung from his position, and with the help of Midna's magic he sailed upward and onward, farther than any normal wolf could possibly have jumped.

He was incredulous, and at the same time relieved when all four paws touched the ledge. The imp preformed a back flip in the air and smiled. Without hesitating, the wolf leaped from the ledge, blue eyes sheer and focused on the towering ridge before him. This time, only his forepaws reached the ledge. And the ice beneath them cracked, and crumbled into rocky dust that plummeted downward.

link and midna relationship test

The wolf fell along with it, howling fearfully as he helplessly rolled down the frozen cascade and landed on the icy plain, back where he started. The wolf did not move, sore and shivering from the icy needles that penetrated his thick gray coat.

The cold stung his joints and his paws the worst. He did not try to rise for another few minutes. Midna spiraled downward to meet the wolf face to face, her expression disdainful.

Who does Link love?

I said we should climb it, not slip and fall on your face! Get up and do it again. I'm not letting you drive me to death. You do as I say. And over these falls is the only hope for the future of your world!

Are you saying that you've given up and decided to run with your tail in between your legs like a helpless puppy? His lip curled, revealing a single, white fang that clearly demonstrated his fury. Midna was indifferent, partaking in the canine's unspoken staring contest. The imp mouthed a single word, and devilishly grinned as she did so. The wolf leapt at the imp, teeth bared and letting out a gurgling roar.

The attack was useless, as Midna instantly disappeared and reappeared several feet behind the wolf, who densely looked side to side searching where she had gone. He whirled around to face her, snarling.

Lanayru Province The rain was merciless. Fat raindrops billowed down and struck the earth so hard, it seemed it would flood the world in minutes. The dark, overcast night sky lit up as a bolt of lightning seared across the atmosphere, followed by a rumbling boom of thunder. Through this terrifying storm, the wolf loped across sodden grassland, heading straight for the castle illuminated by the lightning. His breathing came in quick, sharp grunts as his long legs labored to maintain his fastest gait possible.

His tongue flailed limply from the corner of his mouth, catching the cold raindrops to taste the rawness of nature. The imp Midna clung to his back, weakly sighing with pain. Her skin had become ghostly white, her face sick and pale, and her eyes were squeezed shut to block out the stinging rain. Wolf Link dared to slow to a trot, panting in shuddering gasps. He felt his lungs flatten from a lack of oxygen. He looked hopelessly over his shoulder at Midna. The imp looked worse. She really is dying…but she can't!

I can't give up! Somehow, he summoned up more energy and began to lope again, ignoring the cramps that seized his legs and chest. Being stuck as a wolf did not help one bit, either. There were many times during his journey when he wished for Epona; his paws seemed permanently swollen from his constant motion. He was thankful for one thing; Midna barely spoke throughout the journey. At first, her muteness was unsettling. Link had, for the most part, become accustomed to the imp's frequent outbursts and giggles, and even her snide remarks when he tripped or made a mistake.

link and midna relationship test

However, ever since the events that occurred following the encounter with Zant, and that night in the castle tower, Midna had changed. She still seemed to be in a subtle state of shock; everything she did was careful and meek. The imp lowered herself gently onto Wolf Link's back rather than bouncing down carelessly as she used to. Even confined to his beastly form, Link tried to make conversation with the imp to ease the tension, but he never received anything more than a nod or a one-word reply.

For now, Link decided to let her be, and the two continued their trek to Faron Woods in silence. They sought shelter in a cave overlooking Hyrule Field by sundown on the third day. Though the pink sky was clear, the air was crisp and cold, sending a chilling breeze every now and then. Wolf Link knew it would only get colder once it was dark, and chose a cave that was both dry and small.

As the wolf shook his pelt from the cold, Midna rose from her seat and hovered for a moment. She gazed over the Hyrulean plain with a solemn countenance, as if reminiscing a painful memory.

The Twili looked so out of place within the realm of light, and she felt the isolation. With a sigh, she floated downward and landed lightly on the ground, crossing her short legs.

The wolf glanced briefly at her, and then bent his nose down his leg to nip at a flea.