Link and midna relationship advice

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link and midna relationship advice

3 Personality and Relationship With Other Characters Upon collecting all Fused Shadows, Zant confronts Link and Midna in the Spring of the Spirit Lanayru. Link and Midna, however, have a long developing relationship throughout the game and by the end it's obvious that they are EXTREMELY. What do you think of Link and Midna's friendship? As for a romantic relationship; it's all up to what the players of LoZ believe. she and Link develop a true friendship, and the comments become joking or are serious advice.

Yet…his flaws seemed so minor compared to other human beings. As a matter of fact, Zelda loved watching him sleep. He always had such an adora—peaceful—look on his face, as if he was a bird dancing among the clouds.

Yes, Zelda knew her Link better than anyone else. She knew everything about him from the basic superficial things such as favorite food and color to his deepest fears and regret. And since she knew him so darn well… …she knew when something was completely wrong. After Link saved Hyrule, he returned to Ordon and resumed his ordinary life for about a year or so.

Zelda tried to make him a captain in the royal army as he would be one thousand times better than those useless buffoons with pointy sticks, but he simply refused. Losing his traveling partner, Midna, was difficult on him.

She just wanted Link to know that Midna may be gone, but she'd always be there. She'd always be there for her dearly beloved. After she showed up uninvited on his doorstep to pressure him into becoming a captain and following her wishes, he finally conceded. It was shortly after that when they became a couple. While he didn't sleep in her bedchambers unfortunatelyhe had a comfortable apartment over the stables where he could always smell the scent of hay he loved so much.

On an ordinary day, Link would wake up whenever he so pleased usually around noon, the lazy boy and would take his best companion, a mare named Epona, for a morning ride. Then he'd stuff something into his mouth using rather unsightly manners, say a quick "yo" to Zelda as he bumbled off to work, and would work until night. They'd finally reunite for a pleasant dinner where Zelda ranted about the idiocies of politics and Link would always smile and nod, listening to every single word as if his life depended on it.

Then they would spend every evening in eternal bliss, wrapped in each other's arms… Zelda blushed, realizing how silly and hopelessly romantic her thoughts were becoming. Her knowledge far exceeded any living creature, even the wisest of sages. She was above all this petty lovey-dovey crap. But the idea of being in Link's arms is just so snuggly and comfy… Zelda pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration.

There was a saying that people often had a devil and an angel on their shoulders, always arguing about what to do. Well, instead of an angel and a devil, Zelda had a voice of reason and an inner fangirl.

It was exasperating to say the least. But for the past week, her beloved manservant was acting strange. He hadn't taken Epona for rides and more strangely, he barely said two words to Zelda.

In the evening, when Zelda would beg—ask politely, of course, she wasn't that desperate—for him to never leave her side and come snuggle with her, he would give some half-assed excuse and mosey on out as if he was trying to avoid her. Not to mention, whenever he would give said half-assed excuse, he would bite his bottom lip ever-so-slightly, as if he was punishing himself for lying, as he always did when he told something completely and utterly false.

Why would he lie to her?

link and midna relationship advice

Could he not tell her anything? Had she done something to upset him? No, surely she would have known… The worry was driving her almost batty. She had to know.

Breath of the Wild: How Zelda's LOVE Conquered the Calamity

She just had to. If she spent one more night alone she was going to burn the stables down and blame it on Epona. As she was so riddled with an awful combination of fear and longing, Zelda turned to the last person she would ever want to ask for advice…Link's childhood girlfriend Link insisted that nothing romantic ever happened between them, but Zelda was no oblivious fool Ilia.

It pained her to ask a rival for romantic advice—as much as Ilia would never admit it, she was still obviously filled with jealously because Zelda stole "her" man—but Zelda didn't know who else to turn to.

The other protectors of Hyrule were either old, male, or Ashei. Don't get her wrong, Zelda loved the female warrior, but she wasn't exactly, well, feminine. Relationships didn't seem to be her strong point, as even Link realized Shad had a crush on her and that was really saying something. And there was Telma, but…she always changed the subject to Renaldo, which was not really the type of conversation Zelda was going for.

So, that brought her back to Ilia. She invited Ilia into her innermost sanctuary so no one would hear that the Princess of Hyrule had such trivial worries, bribed her with the best cup of tea she could find, and blurted out her situation. She was expecting Ilia would laugh and say "oh, he's like that because he's cheating on you. Cheating on you with me, of course! However, much to her surprise, Ilia only laughed and gave her a genuine wink.

You're three years into your relationship! You say he's going off by himself, is telling you little white lies and avoiding you? The signs are obvious! He's trying to figure out how to propose, silly! Link wanted to propose. Zelda was happy, of course. She was even willing to admit that she was ecstatic. Of course she wanted Link to be her king. Then they would have all the late night cuddles Zelda wanted. Link was the only man in Hyrule Zelda could actually stand for such an extended and permanent period of time.

They'd make beautiful future heirs of Hyrule, if she may say so for herself. Apparently her inner fangirl was winning again. While she was filled with joy at the very thought of being married to such a man, she still had a reputation to uphold.

She was Zelda, Princess of Hyrule and the smartest woman in the world. She was known for being a bit of an "Ice Princess," who exacted strict—but always fair—decisions without so much as a smile on her face. If the public knew she let some manservant, no matter how noble and what his technical rank was, propose to her, it could very well destroy the image she worked so hard to uphold.

She didn't want her people to think she was some giggling girl. But, still, she did want to marry Link. Quite a conundrum, this was. Fast forward to her current situation. After coughing twice in front of her council and claiming she was "deathly ill," Princess Zelda donned her mysterious cloak and stalked Link through his morning activities.

Since the silly boy woke up late, he'd been training new recruits all day. No action so far.

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But much to Zelda's relief—she was getting very impatient and frustrated that the new recruits were so pathetic—it was lunch time. Surely Link would disappear, just like he had for the past week. Sure enough, as the bell rang indicating lunch, Link said another obviously fake white lie and excused himself. Link was on the move! Zelda couldn't follow him too closely, as his senses were much, much sharper than the average man or even her own, so she kept a safe distance as she darted in and out behind trees.

At one point she embarrassingly smacked face-first into an unsuspecting tree as she tripped over a root with an obnoxiously loud thud, but much to her surprise, Link didn't notice. And the strange behavior continued to get stranger. The Link she knew surely would have picked up on something as obvious as that. Still, in order to regain her bearings and ease the throbbing in her nose, she lingered back for a moment as she watched him enter some sort of ominous looking cave near Kakariko Gorge.

He better not be planning on proposing to her there of all places! What sort of plebian would dare take his precious master to such a damp, dark, and depressing place!? Zelda didn't care about being spotted anymore. She was going to confront him now, and that was that. She had planned to do it at a more opportune moment, but, well… Zelda dashed into the cave, letting her radiant Triforce of Wisdom illuminate the way.

She cringed at the sound of the Keese—she hated those damn things—and the scurrying of the mice. Unless you were some sort of strange cave abomination, no one, and she meant no one, would find this place even remotely appropriate to propose in.

In a way…it was almost charming. It was just like something Link would do. Zelda shook her head again. Her inner fangirl was really being quite the pest.

link and midna relationship advice

Zelda frowned as she reached a fork in the road. Which way did Link go? She was about to focus her energies and search for his Triforce of Courage, but as she was mentally preparing herself, she heard the most dreadful sound. It sounded like a cross between a Bokoblin meeting a rather unsavory death and the rumble of the earth as it periodically shook.

Whoever—whatever—made that sound certainly didn't sound human. No, it would have to come from some terrible monster. Zelda's eyes widened as she realized what that meant.

Sure, Link was proficient with a sword and Hyrule's best fighter, but…she worried about him. Was that such a crime? His voice was a bit softer than usual and he was hunched over the side of a pit for some odd reason—he must have just sent the beast to its doom—but he seemed unharmed. Zelda didn't care if she looked ridiculous, tears of all things streaming down her face as relief sunk in, no one was here to see her.

Angered, she uses only a fraction of the power that the Fused Shadows hold to destroy Zant, and is utterly bewildered by their power. Link, after a small confrontation between Midna and Ganondorf, successfully drives Ganondorf from out of Zelda's body. However, because Ganondorf's spirit reappears, Midna chooses to sacrifice herself by using the Fused Shadows' power once again in an attempt to destroy Ganondorf. Before doing so, she warps Link and Zelda out of the Castle before she transforms into the spider-like beast, fully intent on killing Ganondorf.

Outside of the Castle, Link and Zelda witness an explosion coming from Hyrule Castle, but it is soon revealed that Midna's sacrifice was in vain: After Link, with assistance from Zelda, defeats Ganondorf once and for all, the Light Spirits revive Midna and break the curse placed on her by Ganondorf's magic, allowing Midna to regain her true form.

In a comical moment when Link first sees her true form, she is amused by his silence and asks, "Am I so beautiful that you've no words left?

Characteristics and Gameplay Midna's true form Standing a head taller than Princess Zelda, Midna possesses orange hair, red eyes and a pale blueish complexion from the Twilight Realm. She wears a hooded cloak in similar design to Zant's leading some to believe that this may be some kind of royalty garb.

With this, she wears a half-dress that reveals one leg bare, and a headdress or crown. Her design has an "air of the Middle East" to it. Since Midna is one of the Twili, Midna is unable to withstand the light in Hyrule and, as such, hides in Link's shadow whenever he is in the Light World. After Princess Zelda sacrifices herself and transfers her light essence to Midna, she is able from then on to take her physical form even when she's not in the Twilight; however, she still chooses to hide in Link's shadow for most of the game.

Midna's function in the game is like that of Link's previous companions: When Link is a WolfMidna will ride on top of him and be able to create an energy field to help the young hero lock on to enemies and defeat them easily, as seen in the case of Twilit Messengers.

When Wolf Link is in a certain area or near a faraway platform, Midna's icon will flash, which, when pressed, will make Midna float over to that area that Wolf Link can jump to. This is especially helpful to Link since it allows him to reach otherwise inaccessible platforms. Obtaining the Shadow Crystal later on in the game will allow Midna to switch Link between human and wolf as desired.


Abilities Midna pretending to be Ilia Throughout the course of the game, Midna portrays several abilities both in the Light and Twilight worlds. The most notable one is that she is able to warp Link through the portals of the Twilight at any given time provided that Link can transform into a wolf without anyone noticing him. Moreover, she can easily change her appearance and transform into other people: Midna changes her appearance to look exactly like Ilia and Colin as she reminds Link of who else he needs to rescue.

After Link gathers a sword and a shield for Midna to use, she tries to use them, but is displeased by their power, so she vanishes them into the Twilight and keeps them for Link until they are needed. She can also hide in the light world as Link's shadow while he's in his human form. The most important power contained within the true Twilight Princess is the ability to utterly shatter the Mirror of Twilight.

Zant, the Usurper King, was only able to destroy the mirror into fragments, [36] [37] and it's only Midna's true powers that can completely obliterate the Mirror. Midna is often condescending to Link, frequently jeering at him. As they progress further on their adventure, Midna and Link grow closer. When Zant attacks both Link and Midna, she pleads for him to help himself, and carry on with their quest.