Legolas and gimli relationship questions

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legolas and gimli relationship questions

opinions on what you think the relationship between Legolas and Gimli is. Are the friends or more than friends? Well they are best friends I. Feb 11, This week, Legolas, elf-prince, member of the fellowship of the ring, and well- known hair and beauty expert will answer your relationship questions. It took me almost 2, years to find my equal, Gimli, son of Gloin, who I. Apr 30, legolas and gimli. The movies and book agree fairly well on this point and their relationship arc is portrayed very well in the theatrical version.

Legolas Answers Your Relationship Questions

Gimli turned and grinned at the boy, already almost up to his bearded chin. I'm sure Legolas would say the same, but his flighty elvish mind can only handle one conversation at a time, and it seems to be the trees that must endure his babbling today.

Before the conversation got off track, he voiced his question. Did you put him up to this? Gimli sputtered, unable to form words, pointing and gesticulating wildly. The elf stared at him curiously, waiting for the dwarf to finish the spasm. The elf tilted his head at Eldarion, who nodded eagerly in agreement. Legolas looked completely puzzled, and just stared at the small boy blankly, as Gimli continued to make noises that resembled a boiling teakettle left on the stove too long.

legolas and gimli relationship questions

Then a smile suddenly twitched the elf's mouth with comprehension, and he burst into merry laughter. The elf bent nearly double, clutching his stomach with one hand and the frame of the door with the other in an effort to remain upright. Gimli's face, if it was possible, went an even darker shade of crimson. Eldarion stared at his uncles in curiosity, wondering if they were going to answer him or just stand there and make funny noises.

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He waited patiently for them to bring themselves back under control, trying to look just like his father did when the two were being particularly impertinent, crossing his arms and tapping a foot lightly against the stone. Suddenly Legolas's face lifted, and his eyes were shining brightly.

It will not be happening! He rounded on Eldarion.

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You've given the flighty elf an idea! Do you have any concept of the horror—? But no," Gimli interrupted himself, "you're too young and innocent to know what it means when he gets an idea. Eldarion looked up at his uncle in confusion.

legolas and gimli relationship questions

Legolas burst into renewed laughter, weakly hanging onto the doorframe with both hands now. Gimli's eyes nearly bulged from his head.

They look like they could use some attention; I fear your smoke must be getting to them The sudden unexpected weight caught the elf off-guard, and he fell—most ungracefully—to the ground, landing on his rear in garden dirt.

He started to leap back up, but found a heavy dwarven boot planted in his stomach before he could move. I won't have any more plots! Spears All of the Easterlings in the column do appear to be armed with spears, although neither of the DVD versions of "The Two Towers" nor the theatrical release of "Return of the King" shows the Easterlings in battle. The two individuals who look in vain for Frodo and Sam on the hillside certainly have spears. Peter Jackson chose this location because of the hill and the snowy mountains surrounding this valley.

The fact that it was extremely windy did not persuade him to change his mind. How many days each year does Peter Jackson say that are not windy in this valley?

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Question by author seven Question by author natalie Lewis dedicated one of his greatest works, "The Screwtape Letters", to Tolkien. Theodred Theodred was killed in the movie while Theoden was under Saruman's spell.

Theodred was killed when ambushed by Orcs. Well, you're not alone in thinking that this archer from Mirkwood Forest puts the "sin" in Sindarin Elf. Peter Jackson couldn't get enough of him either. The Desolation of Smaug.

legolas and gimli relationship questions

But what do we really know about this legend from Middle-earth besides his intense Elf-on-Dwarf relationship with Gimli? He's A Geezer Despite his youthful good looks Legolas is one of the most elderly characters in Tolkien's tale. The author never says how old Legolas actually is, but the immortal Elf refers to Aragorn who is 87 at the start of the quest and Gimli pushing as mere "children" compared to himself.

And Legolas claims that he has seen "many an oak grow from acorn to ruinous age. What's the Sindarin word for geezer? He's A Stoner Legolas can hear what stones are thinking. In the ruins of Hollin near the Gates of Moria, he hears the geology itself lamenting the loss of the Elves who used to live there long ago.