Kyousuke hamao and daisuke watanabe relationship quotes

Hamao kyosuke and watanabe daisuke dating services

kyousuke hamao and daisuke watanabe relationship quotes

Reply to this post if you have a Hamao Kyousuke, Watanabe Daisuke, There are not established relationship The story: a monster attack Beacon Hills and all . Phakin Phubodeeakkhadet, PT, Bodybuilding Man, Sep My Bromance - I love the on-relationship scenes but I just hope the ending was not when one dies . #daimao#daisuke watanabe#kyousuke hamao#takumi kun .

kyousuke hamao and daisuke watanabe relationship quotes

It felt good if Kyousuke was finally comfortable around him to joke about something like that. Where did you learn it? It was so amazing that I decided to learn some of their moves. But I think Kikumaru is quite draining himself. How long did you try to learn that? Those moves, I mean.

I want to take a part on the stage. Unlike my days there, I enjoy my work with you. The tone was serious, bordering on businesslike. One of my craziest thoughts when I just began working is that Kinoshita-san would be my manager as well. I used to think of you as a stepping stone.

Even asking Naito-kun for fake silver, picking up your lunches, helping you with scripts and trying to make places less sunny for you turn out to be… fun. As a response, his assistant shifted so he was staring at Daisuke, who struggled to keep his eyes on the ceiling.

After a while, his assistant returned on his back and began to speak. It was a mess, according to him, and it stayed that way even though he had done his best in cleaning up. Going home late for almost every day is not a good example for my little brother. Besides, living alone gives me more freedom. In exchange, he also talked about himself, or what he could remember about himself. Within seconds, he was out like a light. Daisuke watched him with an amused smile.

Kyousuke could look so beautiful without even trying. Now was the best chance. Thanks to Minami, Daisuke started to have his scent recognition trained. To make long story short, the scent was good. Daisuke could live with that. Good scent… jumbled memories. Kippei "Daddy" Tachibana is the captain of Fudoumine.

He and his close friend, Chitose, led their team to the semifinals of the Nationals as the top two players of the region. Tachibana is a very aggressive player, and during an intra-school ranking match, he injured Chitose after deciding to try out his new move, the Wild Ball, which makes it look like there are numerous balls coming at one time.

He cuts and stops bleaching his hair, moves with his father and sister, and eventually starts with the Fudoumine club in order to play Chitose again. He uses the "Moujuu Aura" Wild Beast Aurawhich draws out his natural style and increases his physical abilities, especially when using his "Abare Dama" frame of racket shot, as well as the "Abare Jishi". Akira "Greasy Boy" Kamio is the vice-captain of Fudoumine, who normally plays singles or doubles with his long-time friend Shinji Ibu.

His style focuses on speed and "rhythm" of his feet; in other words, he's extremely fast. He uses the "Sonic Bullet" shot, which seems to disappear, and the "Quick-Drop Serve", which is hit before it rises to the top, throwing off the opponents timing and slightly increasing the speed. He has a crush on An, and is jealous when she goes out with Momoshiro. He later learns to use Tachibana's Wild Beast Aura to greatly increase his speed.

He often mumbles and rambles without realizing other people can hear him, making him a moody person in general. He utilizes the "Kick Serve", which bounces upward to the right, similarly to the twist serve. However, his main ability is to sense muscle tension in others, allowing him to utilize a passive-offensive style of tennis alternating between topspin and backspin shots that forces his opponent's arm muscles to freeze briefly, forcing them to miss the point.

He learned it from his elder brother Gin, who for some strange reason attends the much further away Shitenhoji Middle School. It puts an extreme strain on his arm at first, which cause Tachibana to disallow him from using it until he masters it. He later learns to use Tachibana's Wild Beast Aura, where he not only becomes more powerful, but also acquires the ability to perform a Hadokyuu off of a backhand without stepping forward.

Kyousuke Uchimura is played by Mao Katou 2nd season and Masaki Takane 3rd season in the musicals, and Tatsunori Mori is played by Youichiro Omi 2nd season and Tatsuya Kobayashi 3rd season in the musicals. She is a member of the girls tennis club, and often supports her brother's team.

An cares very much for her brother and her friends from both the Seigaku and Fudoumine teams and tries to help them as much as possible. She is often seen with either Momoshiro or Kamio. Rudolph[ edit ] St. The school itself only recruits students who are gifted at tennis and they only practice together once a week.

The team uniform is a white shirt with brown, brown shorts, and brown warm-up pants. The pair of Akazawa and Kaneda provide St. Rudolph's only victories in their losses to Seigaku and Hyoutei. Akazawa also defeated a Seigaku regular in the year prior to the manga's storyline. He is voiced by Takayuki Kondo in the Japanese media and played by Daiki Sagawa 3rd season in the musicals. He scouts talented players from around the country to join the tennis team in hopes of creating an elite team.

He also uses data tennis like Inui, but unlike Inui's predictions, Mizuki's data tennis focuses on finding the opponent's weakness and targets them. This allows him to also create match up orders that are favorable to his team.

Mizuki is also shown to be very ruthless, teaching Yuta Fuji the Twist Spin Shot, despite the fact that it could cause severe damage to Yuta's underdeveloped arm, and didn't inform him. His arrogance also comes back to bite him when he believes that he has collected all the data on Shusuke Fuji, only to be humiliated by him.

In New Prince of Tennis, he is one of the 50 middle schoolers to be invited to the U camp, though he is rarely seen outside of occasional commentary on other players. Originally a student at Seigaku, he declines to join the tennis team and is eventually scouted by Mizuki. He hits at difficult angles for left-handed players, causing him to be known as the "Lefty-Killer.

Watanabe Daisuke x Hamao Kyousuke crosstalk - Good☆Come vol twistedhalo

Mizuki teaches him the Twist Spin Shot, which puts a topspin on the ball, causing it to bounce upwards, though it puts a heavy strain on undeveloped shoulders.

Yuta is later made aware of this fact, but continues to use the move every now and then. In New Prince of Tennis, he is one of the 50 middle schoolers to be invited to the U camp. Aside from Akazawa, Kaneda is the only other member of the team who was initially from St.

Rudolph, prior to Mizuki's arrival and subsequent recruiting of other skilled players. Although he has a great deal of respect for his Captain, he lashes out at him during their match against Oishi and Kikumaru. Although Akazawa initially attacks him and tells him to shut up, he then calms his head and begins listening to Kaneda, who guides the pair to victory.

He is very comical in his personality and style, as he almost always ends his sentences with "dane" in the Japanese dub, whereas in English other characters refer to him as a duck, possibly because of the way his mouth protrudes.

Mizuki mistakenly scouts Atsushi instead of his brother, so he forces Atsushi to distinguish himself by cutting his hair and wearing a headband. Atsushi's signature shot is a fake smash, which he then turns into a volley, catching his opponents off guard.

kyousuke hamao and daisuke watanabe relationship quotes

They try to use those three weapons to defeat opponents before the matches get drawn out. When their strategy was foiled in the previous year by Seigaku's Tezuka defeating Sengoku, they recruited a second dominant singles player Jin Akutsu, with the aim to eliminate that weakness.

Yamabuki's regular sports uniforms are green jackets with yellow stripes with hoods, shirts of the same design, white shorts, and green warm-up pants.

He is a doubles player who typically plays with the vice captain of the team, Higashikata Masami. They are strong in the basics and use a strategy to pressure opponents.

He is a happy-go-lucky guy with a strong tennis sense and extremely sharp eyes able to discern fast moving balls. He is known as a National level player, and was invited to the Junior Senbatsu Junior Selection training camp in his second year after Tezuka declined.

Despite those honors, he suffered losses to both Momoshiro in the Prefectural tournament and Kamio in the Kanto tournament.

Hamao kyosuke and watanabe daisuke dating services

In the anime, he leaves the Yamabuki team for a short while after those losses. He throws away his old style of tennis, trains in boxing, and forms "Boxing Tennis", which focuses on the three-minute limit in a boxing round.

kyousuke hamao and daisuke watanabe relationship quotes

When he comes back to go to the camp to be chosen for the Goodwill Games between Japan and America, his new style, "Boxing Tennis", becomes a turning point in his style of play. A very cynical person, he hates to be bossed around and physically punishes those who order him to do something.

He is very violent, attempts to cause conflict constantly, and also smokes in the manga. Combined with his naturally high speed, this allows him to play offensively almost non-stop. He was trained in tennis at young age, but gave up after finding it boring due to a lack of competition. Mikiya Banda was able to recruit him under the promise of being able to hurt others legally and that he may leave once he loses. Akutsu is raised alone by his mother, Yuuki who is only 33 at the time of introduction, meaning that had him when she was 19who is heavily implied to have a lot of trouble disciplining Akutsu.

Akutsu has also been a friend of Takashi Kawamura since taking karate together. After hurting Ryoma and his friends at Seigaku for Ryoma spoiling his "fun" at Ginka, he suffers his first ever loss in a match against Ryoma in the Prefectural tournament.

He gives up tennis, having finally lost, encourages his fan, Dan, to look up to Ryoma instead, and generally becoming more content with people. He returns during the National Semifinals, catching Kawamura when he is sent flying into the stadium, and gives him encouragement to not forfeit.

He reappears as a candidate for the Japanese U team where, despite his absence from tennis following the Perfectuals, had become even stronger. It is revealed that he was subtly convinced to play tennis again by Sengoku after the former was having a lot of internal conflict about a genuine desire to play tennis again.

By this time, he learns to legitimately enjoy tennis and loses most of his violent tendencies, and becomes one of the 14 middle schoolers chosen for the All-Japan U team, though he keeps insisting he's only playing tennis again so as to finally beat Ryoma. He always wears sunglasses to the point where he has a tan line under them, and thinks highly of Sengoku.

He believes he is worthless because of his size and looks up to Akutsu because of his strength. Akutsu tells him to become stronger, which leads to him joining the team as a player. He is also inspired by seeing Ryoma play, realizing that even someone who is short can excel in tennis.

He wears a headband that was given to him by Akutsu. In the anime, he copies Ryoma's style and techniques, such as "Twist Serve" and "Drive B", and challenges him to a match, which he loses badly. In the Japanese dub, he ends almost all of his sentences with "desu". He is an eccentric old man who understands his players well, understanding that the key to getting Akutsu to take tennis seriously was just a matter of finding a suitable challenge, and is good friends with Coach Ryuzaki.

If any regular loses a match, they are removed from their spot and only given a second chance in very rare conditions.

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With Keigo Atobe as their leader, the one who revolutionized the merit system on the team. Hyoutei's tennis club is composed of over two hundred members, far larger than any other tennis club in the series, which is likely the reason why they use a strict merit system for their regulars in the first place. Widely considered as the main contenders to Rikkai Dai, they instead suffered setbacks in the early tournaments, losing to Fudomine in the quarterfinals of the Prefectural Tournament, and then losing to Seigaku in the first round of the Kanto tournament, leaving them ineligible for the National tournament.

kyousuke hamao and daisuke watanabe relationship quotes

They are all depressed until they receive a special invite due to the host city, Tokyo, getting to invite one extra team. According to Takeshi Konomi, Hyoutei's popularity was much higher than he expected, and it was for that reason that he chose to bring them back into the story.

In the official school popularity poll, they came in second losing only to Seigaku. As a former European junior champion, he was relatively unknown in Japan until he defeated all of the members of the team in his first year and the Seigaku captain in his second year.

He is severely narcissistic and arrogant, often using the quote "Be awed at the sight of my prowess! He comes from a very wealthy family, and owns multiple chateaus, mansions, and vehicles, which are often used to benefit the team. Despite his personality, he trains constantly and takes pride in the team. He has rivalries with Tezuka, Sanada, and Ryoma.

Atobe, using his superior eyesight, is able to use "insight" to quickly determine another player's weakness, which he uses to his own advantage. He eventually develops it to the point where he is able to anticipate the spin of the tennis ball by looking at the way his opponent hits it and apply the proper counterspin.

In New Prince of Tennis, he evolves his insight skill to the point where he can see his opponent's skeleton to determine their absolute dead zones, a technique he calls Atobe Kingdom. He and Niou wins their doubles match against the U first string to earn the No. He is also later named Captain of the U's Jr. Youth Middle School division for the World Cup. Since his initial appearance, Atobe has become one of the most popular characters in The Prince of Tennis series.

According to Takeshi Konomi, fans initially didn't like Atobe when he was trying to destroy Tezuka's arm, but by the conclusion of the match, he had become one of their favorite characters.

One of his singles reached top nine in the weekly charts, the best result for any Prince of Tennis character CDs. He rarely speaks and answers Atobe's questions only with "usu" "yes" or "yup". Due to his personality, he can instantly copy the moves of anyone he faces. He's generally very efficient at copying techniques, but his results are sometimes inferior if the said technique requires a biological factor or considerable experience. In New Prince of Tennis, he earns the No.

Kabaji has appeared in every single character popularity poll for the series run by Shonen Jump.

List of The Prince of Tennis characters - Wikipedia

He came in 31st in the first poll, [9] and 33rd in the second poll. Last part after credits is a must seen Farewell my ghost boyfriend - short movie. Hidoku Shinaide story, bully and the bullied. Love of Siam - honestly, a good plot, really. It just needs some tweaks on that bad ending,urgh. Hoping for season 2 to change it. Love next door 2 - Watched XD but still looking for subs.

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Mr x and I - First Season: First and Second story only, the other two has horrible ending, I advise this to those who do not wish to see a sad ending. Loved the ending, hated the hetero guy, urggghh Princess Princess D - actually, this is a live action adapted from a shoujo manga. Teacher and student - because I was expecting that light, romantic theme I was deeply disappointed by that twist as it turns out to be too psychological.

One of my least favorites next to Kindan no Koi. Kindan no koi - simple……i hated it. Still a good movie though, but definitely my least favorite. Will update for more lateerrr! Ask me for links if ever you are interested xDDD hehehe.