Kyon and haruhi relationship questions

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kyon and haruhi relationship questions

I have a couple of questions concerning the film though: So I was I was also confused as to why Mikuru Told Kyon that this Nagato had It's a part, but the relationship between Nagato and Mikuru goes deeper than that. Kyon: Well, with all that dating, isn't there at least one guy you were even a little how much I try to talk to her, I can't get Haruhi to answer any of my questions. I could support this by analyzing the relationship between Yuki-Mikuru, seeing that Kyon regards her as a loveable sex object, whereas Yuki.

In contrast, Nagato's character is more difficult to read, and I would need to re-read and re-watch the series to get a full grasp on their relationship. However, it should be noted that Yuki only steps out of her role as the passive observer to the active member when Kyon's life, or her interests come into jeopardy.

And I believe that Kyon gives Yuki the individualism that she has desired since birth, so in a way, the two compliment one another and serve as mirror images to each others characters. I could support this by analyzing the relationship between Yuki-Mikuru, seeing that Kyon regards her as a loveable sex object, whereas Yuki regards her simply as an object.

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Back to Haruhi, which I believe Kyon has a real, founded and amazing romantic relationship with. Haruhi compliments Kyon perfectly, and vice versa too! Only Haruhi can make Kyon act and change as a character. Remote Island Syndrome Part 2[ edit ] Episode I can't take you seriously when you're dressed like that!

I'm sorry, Mikuru, but I'm being controlled by the alien right now. We're counting on you!

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The Earth is in your-- [breaks into uncontrollable and hysterical laughter] Mikuru: Live Alive[ edit ] Haruhi: Hey, Haruhi, don't you think it'd be better if you pulled your ships back a little bit? Your fleet shouldn't be so far in front of us. What are you talking about?! I wanna shoot beams and missiles at the enemy too! Look, when you're playing shogi or chess, the king isn't the one who charges into enemy territory. Okay, Kyon, you guys take care of it.

Go find the enemy leader and give him a good pummeling with your cannons! And make sure you win! I wonder if that makes me special or something.

I'm sure Lacan's dying to have a word with me! I was just thinking about how awesome I am for being able to cope with this absurd situation. And if you ask me, I think I'm due for a little praise.

Well, would you like me to give you some words of praise, then? You praising me won't make me any happier. All it will do is make me think you've got something up your sleeve. The enemy is shooting at us. Anyone accepting defeat will be punished by running ten laps around the school, naked! And you'll have to yell "Green Martians are chasing me!

I was a little worried there when they fired up the squadron mode, but we still have the advantage! We see them, but they can't see us! Time to wrap this up.

Wow, he's driving his fleet right into our sights. Like a mouse caught in a trap. Uh, am I supposed to shoot this thing? I don't get what just happened, but great job, guys! All ships, open fire! Go out there and burn the enemy leader with all the fires of hell! Someday in the Rain[ edit ] Nagato: A theory that is contradictory in itself cannot begin to explain contradictions inherent within it. If that was supposed to be an explanation, I didn't understand a word of it.

One day you will. I'll explain it the best I can. We're currently stuck in a time loop that seems to have no end to it. We're currently stuck in a time loop that seems to have no end The thing is, I haven't gotten any "classified information" for a week, so I started to think how weird that was.

kyon and haruhi relationship questions

I was so surprised, I "classified information," I really did. But it was "classified information" too. I guess that we did everything we set out to do this summer, so that's good enough. No, it's not, Haruhi. Not by a long shot, you're still not satisfied. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya[ edit ] Kyon: It was so cold. And I mean cold that if you took an ice pick and plunged it into the ground, you'd shatter the Earth into a million pieces.

It was like Japan just decided to skip Fall this year. Or, better yet, maybe the guy upstairs confused a prayer for more business with a spell to change the weather or something. It's like the seasons are out of whack or something. Oh great, now I'm worried about the environment.

Yeah, well, I might be worried, but it's not like I'm gonna do anything about it. Of course I do. It's easy when the person in the seat behind me makes it her mission to keep track of such things. She's the general manager of all the trouble I've gotten into since April. She's the root of all evil in the universe. The person behind every threat to my existence. Does anyone have plans next week for Christmas Eve? I'm pretty sure you've got nothing going on, right Kyon?

We all know you don't have much of a social life and I'm only asking because I didn't want you to feel like a loser. Well what if I did have something going on? Tell me what you're planning first. You're free, I knew it! I bet you got a date with a girlfriend, don't ya? To tell the truth, I was getting a little worried about how I was going to pass the time. You made yourself free on purpose. Well, now you don't have to worry about it! Besides, this'll be way better. You've probably got plans, too!

Like maybe someone asked you to watch that moment when rain turns to snow in the dead of night? Actually, I don't have anything planned next week. As usual, if there are any objections, you can file them after the event and I promise I'll take them into consideration!

She did ask everyone if they had plans, though. I guess she's making a little progress. What did you say before? I said I didn't underst-[Kyon interrupts] Kyon: She was the gonzo girl of east junior high. The two of us were in the same class in middle school.

I didn't know you guys knew each other. Who are you calling an octopus? If i'm an octopus you're a dried up old squid! Of course I know her. Even after 50 years you don't forget someone like her.

All the kids who went to east junior high know that crazy chick. Let me go man what the hell. Where the hell did Haruhi go. What are you doing out here? I was just about to ask you the same exact thing [Yuki struggles to look for an answer. That's not true, Nagato.

Yuki Nagato

You'd had enough of Haruhi's nonsense. Getting dragged all over the place. You were tired of protecting me. And you were tired of whatever else you had to do. Stuff we didn't even know about. The fatigue from all those things just kept building up.

A collection of error data will accumulate in my memory over time. The bugs will eventually become triggers and affect my behavior. Also, these circumstances are unavoidable.

Three years from now, on the morning of December 18, I will reconstruct the world. I cannot prevent it. Because I am currently unable to identify exactly what the error data is. I know what the trigger is that caused your abnormal shift in behavior.

I know what the error data is that kept piling up inside you. The truth is, it's something completely cliche. Even though you're just a human interface, and you can't operate beyond the limits of your programming, this is something even you aren't immune to. Sure, you don't understand, but I do. And I'm sure Haruhi does too. You see, Nagato, they're called "feelings".

It figures you'd want to experience emotions when you've never even had them. I mean, didn't you want to shout or cry or yell "leave me alone, I've had enough"? Well, even if you never thought about that stuff, it's normal for you to want to. You should have been allowed to do that. I'm partly to blame too. Without thinking, I made it a habit to rely on you more and more. I wouldn't think for myself. It was always "Oh, Nagato can fix this. She can do anything". Turns out, I'm an even bigger idiot than Haruhi.

And all I did was complain.

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With all that stacking up, it's no wonder you went so screwy that you tried to change the world. Seriously, give it a rest. Nagato wished for it. She just wanted to live in a normal world, that's all.

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And after worrying about it for the past few days, I finally have the answer I was looking for. Why did she leave it to me to get everything back to the way it was? The altered world or the original?

And I have to choose. What the hell was I thinking? Afterward, Asakura repeatedly changed the seating arrangements, but Haruhi always ended up sitting behind Kyon. Haruhi told him about all the clubs she had joined, and why they were so boring.

Kyon gave a long speech about human inventiveness. Haruhi's immediate reaction was negative, but during a class, she excitedly announced she would form her own club. She dragged Kyon with her to a room used by Yuki Nagato of the Literature Club to use as their club room and abducting Mikuru Asahinaat which she announces the name of the club the SOS Brigade and transfer student Itsuki Koizumi to join her club, Haruhi unknowingly drags the exact types of people she wants into her life.

The club room and the SOS Brigade When Haruhi sees Kyon wrestling with Mikuru over a computer mouse, she becomes jealous and creates an alternate reality a closed space in which she and Kyon are the only inhabitants. This becomes a threat, as the new world would possibly replace the old world. By kissing her, using clues from Yuki and a future Mikuru, Kyon convinces Haruhi to bring the old world back.

Haruhi thus becomes a participant in many activities surrounding her that she does not understand: Over the vacation between first and second year at North High, Haruhi met Kyon and his friend from middle school Sasaki. Unfortunately, Sasaki introduced herself as an "old friend" of Kyon's, seemingly making Haruhi jealous. This resulted in the creation of closed space.

You can help Haruhi Wiki by expanding it. In her second year, Haruhi starts to accept new first-year recruits into her Brigade, but is picky about who enters; she kicks out who she wants and challenges those who have the guts to return to the brigade room. When Yuki mysteriously falls ill, Haruhi organizes the rest of the brigade to go rescue her. In The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiyashe shows a much more human and even motherly side when she cooks and makes remedies for the ailing Yuki.

Because Haruhi lives next door to the boy who is implied to have created Mikuru's TPDDKyon realizes that it is possible for the boy to have seen the theory and thus create the mechanism. Alternate Haruhi appears in the Disappearance arc. She becomes a key player in this arc and helps Kyon to return to his former world.

When Kyon tells her about espers, time travelers, and aliens, she believes him and helps gather all the members of the brigadeallowing Kyon to go back in time to Tanabatayear 0, call out to Haruhi to "take care of Kyon" and eventually restore the world.

This erased the alternate reality constructed by Yuki Nagato. She asks him why he's wearing his "old high school uniform" then is called out to by someone in the distance College Kyon. She appears confused and surprised as to why a uniform-clad Kyon was in front of her and a normal one calling out to her at the same time. Kyon time hops to another time-plane right after that. Her age is speculated to be anywhere from 19 to Kyon comments that her hair had grown out since high school.

Yasumi Watahashi The appearance of Yasumi. She expected him to recognize her voice and said she was only expecting to say hi to him and hear his voice. Kyon briefly seemed to confuse her with Haruhi. She also said that if she needed to trouble him another time, to please take care of her, and wanted to be with him for a longer time.

Yasumi was initially presented as a freshman showing interest in joining the SOS Brigadebecoming the only one to pass the "tests" Haruhi sets forth the last one being to match Haruhi's endurance in a marathon to join on Wednesday.

Haruhi Suzumiya

She became an extremely enthusiastic member on Thursday. Haruhi told the SOS Brigade members to instruct her in things like tea making. Kyon felt there was something unusual about her, but when he told Koizumi this, he said that he felt no worry. Haruhi specifically mentioned that Kyon had worked on it, but Yasumi insulted its crudity. Kyon, feeling suspicious, invited Koizumi outside to "play catch", but this was really an excuse to discuss Yasumi without Haruhi overhearing.

Koizumi said that Yasumi was probably there because Haruhi desired a new club member, and furthermore, he believed that Asahina knew nothing about her. While they tossed balls at each other, Yasumi threw them a paper airplane. It had a message written on it: Upon returning, Kyon noted she had greatly altered the website, but Yasumi had left early.

She had apologized repeatedly to Haruhi, saying something had come up. However, when Kyon made it home, Yasumi was waiting in his room for him. She said she just wanted to visit him but made confusing statements, such as not being able to keep pets anymore and wanting to see some in friends' houses.

She noted Shamisen 's intelligence. She left quickly, saying "let's meet again" and asking him not to hate her. Asahina revealed that Yasumi had left a strange flower from the mountain near Tsuruya 's place at the clubroom.

Kyon was worried, as a previous note delivered to him in this way nearly resulted in his death at the hands of Ryoko Asakuraso he first tried to find Yasumi, and upon failing to find her he went to Nagato for assistance.

Nagato told him she was nothing, but there was no student by that name at the school. Nagato also said she was "different" from an alien, time traveler, esper or slider. Nagato couldn't reveal if Yasumi was normal "at that moment" but said the meeting would likely have a positive outcome, and that Yasumi could assist him in some matter. Meanwhile, Yasumi met Haruhi and told her she had to skip class going to the clubroom that day. At the clubroom after school, Koizumi arrived late and noticed the flower that Yasumi had brought.

He took pictures of it and sent it to sources, who informed him it was an orchid. Kyon had to embarrassingly excuse himself to avoid Haruhi and return to the clubroom. He found Yasumi there, and she looked happy.

She said she didn't know what would happen when someone knocked at the door. Another Kyon walked in, and Yasumi got them to clasp hands and combine into one. She called him "sempai", but noted she'd made a mistake. She said they would meet again before vanishing. Tachibana admitted them to the school, which was under Sasaki's closed space.

kyon and haruhi relationship questions

Upon entering the clubroom, they discovered another Kyon along with Yasumi. She got the Kyon's to clasp hands and combine into one. They combined into one Koizumi as well. Combined Timeline A disembodied voice Yasumi's explained what happened to Kyon.

Meanwhile, the school appeared to be within Haruhi's closed space as well as Sasaki's. Kuyou used her powers to summon Haruhi to threaten her and so force Kyon to move Haruhi's powers. When negotiations proved fruitless, Kyon jumped out of a window to catch Haruhi.