Kol and bonnie relationship

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kol and bonnie relationship

I totally ship Kol and Bonnie that would be so fun and interesting to watch a relationship between those two characters grow!. In the first season, Bonnie discovered her magic and tried to figure out . The Bonnie/Jeremy relationship introduced in the second season was. The relationship between the Witch, Bonnie Bennett and the Original Vampire, Kol Mikaelson. In All My Children, Bonnie and her mother, Abby, assisted Esther in her ritual to kill the Originals. Bonnie briefly saw Kol and his brothers approaching to stop the spell, where Esther told.

Still a Ghost by wanderlustfaery reviews Kols' a ghost, Bonnie's a witch, And somehow they both end up being ghosts and body jumping to stop Silas from destroying the otherside. K - English - Humor - Chapters: Now, Bonnie couldn't believe it: Kennett-only series of drabbles. The conversation is not one she expects. K - English - Chapters: Arke reviews Kol finds a fascination with an insane witch who proves him wrong.

And then hell broke loose. Because if you don't dance with me to this tasteless and drab Top 40 song, I'm going to have to compel the bartender into taking the night off to keep me company," he drawls.

Complete Vampire Diaries - Rated: Bonnie Bennett has been his confidant of sorts.

Bonnie and Kol

One night, injured and alone, Bonnie finds herself turning to the one person she never thought could help her. She has to find somewhere to live, get a job and balance a heavy study load There is one perk though, her new neighbour across the hall. Bonnie Bennett is dead. Trapped behind the veil, she finds herself aimlessly walking the Other Side.

Bonnie stumbles upon bewitched night club Afterlife where departed souls often congregate. To Bonnie's displeasure, one of Afterlife's nightly patrons is none other than sadistic and sharp-tongued Kol Mikaelson.

Kennett with a hint of Beremy. Will contain mature content. Klaus gives Kol his thanks, saying they will be in touch. Bonnie is aware of this, and agrees to perform the spell so Kol won't kill Jeremy. Season Four Kol returns. In After School Specialafter Bonnie had been visiting her mentor, Atticus Shane, she left his office and casually walked down the hall, passing Kol as she did.

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She glanced at the Original curiously while he simply returned her gaze with a smile. She turned the corner to realize that she'd seen him somewhere before.

Finally recognizing who he was, Bonnie rushed back into Shane's office.

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He however, had already been taken by Kol who found out that Shane knew the location of the supposed cure for vampirism. Kol then tortured Shane by drowning him for information. Bonnie knew how much danger her mentor was in, thus casting a spell that would protect him from any harm. This proved successful when Kol impaled Shane, hoping to murder him after discovering he was trying to awaken the immortal, Silas. Her spell protected Shane without Kol's knowledge, allowing him to live despite being stabbed through the chest with a metal pipe.

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Bonnie effectively stopped Kol from succeeding with his own plans. Bonnie defends herself against Kol In A View to a KillKol ambushed Bonnie at the school, desperate to stop her and her friends' search for the cure.

kol and bonnie relationship

He grabbed her by the throat, telling her that they wouldn't be able to get to the cure if she was too dead to find it.

He betrays her and heads to New Orleans to have a not so affectionate reunion with his siblings. Nearly a year passes and Bonnie finally goes after him, ending up in New Orleans and finding herself swept up in a brand new dangerous tug of war between Kol and Klaus. He's there, standing off to the side, unnoticed by all but her. And why shouldn't he be?

kol and bonnie relationship

He's dead and she is the only one that can see him. She stops and their eyes meet. And suddenly, they are the only two people in the world.

kol and bonnie relationship

Bonnie attends the ball, after all, and collides with one of the Originals with some messy consequences. Finding Haven by criticofcocaineThis isn't the first time Kol and Bonnie have been in the old witch house.