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Bleach―ブリーチ― 53 [Burīchi 53] (Bleach, #53) by Tite Kubo

The relationship between the Royal Guard and the Nobility · Zanpakutō Vol poem analysis Urahara Kisuke and Shihōin Yoruichi are NOT nice people. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Just what does Yoruichi look like when she is halfway between her cat and human forms? Urahara Kisuke is what stands between salvation and the complete and utter Shihouin Yoruichi, the sexy cat woman. They stay together, lovers till the end. Their relationship heats up when Yoruichi wants to spice things up a.

Yoruichi is also being a massive hypocrite in this scene. Lest you have forgotten: With that in mind, I am inclined to believe the boundaries Kisuke and Yoruichi have set between them are not what one might expect of a more traditional friendship. If you want to characterize Kisuke as highly problematic, then go on ahead, he is. But so is Yoruichi. And the only reason and work for me, is precisely because of how fucked up both of these characters are.

Again, just like Yoruichi herself, Kisuke is a kind man, but not a nice person. Do I believe his apology to Ichigo after their return from SS was genuine?

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Yes, yes I do. People might not be aware of this, because it was missing in the translation forbut Kisuke spent some time listening in on the fight before intervening. So what does he do?

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He temporarily gives Yoruichi her mobility back and then suggests they unleash her uber thundercat form. Now the thing about consent, is that trying to find loopholes is a slippery slope. So, then, why does the situation in make so many people uncomfortable? The problem though, is that the blame here lies entirely with the creator, not with Kisuke.

Not because it swaps higher mental faculties for more power. Let me put up the following mini-collage for your consideration: Yes, I edited that top panel with a more accurate translation, because it was bugging the hell out of me. I explain why here Interesting how in the first instance, while Yoruichi is still herself, Kisuke is being a pervert.

Yet when she switches to her new mode, when her reasoning and much of what makes her Yoruichi is gone, the pervert up and vanishes. Sure he enjoys affectionate Yoruichi to some extent: I've become what I've always dreamed of. Zangetsu, I won't ask you to 'lend me your power' any more. And I won't tell you 'don't get in my way'. I won't even say 'let us fight together'. I'll fight for myself. I don't mean kiddy shit like "One's a person and one's an animal" or "One has two legs and one has four.

There's only one answer. In order for identical beings to get stronger and gain the power they need to become king, they must search for more battles and power! They thirst for battle, and live to mercilessly, crush, shred, and slice their enemies! Deep, deep within our body lies the honed instinct to kill, and slaughter our enemies!

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But you don't have that! You don't have those pure, base instincts! You fight with your brain. You try to defeat your enemies with logic!

And it doesn't work! You're trying to cut them with a sheathed sword! That's why you're weaker than me, Ichigo! Tell me, does a person become your friend, just because you introduce yourself to him? Does a stranger become your friend just because you asked him his name? I'm his true form. I guess you could say I'm his instincts. Looks like your instincts, and your desire to fight, aren't completely gone.

Guess there's no way around it. I have to recognize you as the king, for now. But don't you ever forget! Don't forget that either one of us can become the king or the horse. If you ever give me the chance. I'll drag you down and crush your skull! And one last warning. If you really want to control my power, make sure you don't get yourself killed before I come back! So I still haven't reached you Just how many times must I strain my voice before it will reach you? And yet, nowhere in this world can there be anyone who knows me better than you.

I hate the rain. Rain falls in this world, too. When your heart is in chaos, this sky becomes clouded. When you are sad, rain falls so terribly easy. The horrible feeling of being pelted by rain when you're all alone in this solitary world?

If only to stop that rain, I shall lend you any strength.

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If you trust in me, I won't let a single drop of rain fall from that sky. You are not fighting alone. You still have not called on me. You should be able to hear it now. That which blocks your ears is worthless fear.

The enemy is one -- You are one. What is there to fear? Cast off your fear! Retreat, and you will age. Hesitate, and you will die. Though you fight a fierce battle on the outside, your inner world trembles not the slightest. Littered with hope-filled skyscrapers that pierced the sky!

It's now been degraded to a copy of that tiny town you grew up in! The constant raining in this world has stopped, but in return, everything has sunk into this sea!! It's all, Ichigo, because you despaired and ceased to walk forward. I won't let you remain this way.

Right here and now, I will pull out the source of your despair. What I wanted to protect was you Ichigo. You have become strong. I have had the pleasure of standing by your side all this time, watching you grow. What greater happiness can there be?

Bleach―ブリーチ― 53 [Burīchi 53]

You are the guy Jump into your father's bosom! It's okay, Yuzu, don't cry! Daddy will show you something really hilarious! It's one of the basics So I will teach you. A shinigami at the rank of Captain can control the size of his zanpakuto got it? Otherwise everyone'd carry around ginormous swords You can't fathom the power of your rival simply from the size of his zanpakuto. You shouldn't give lectures about Shinigami until you understand that. I didn't hate it as much as I said.

That hollow, that is. If there's anything that I've truly hated for 20 years without thinking twice Live well, age well, go bald well, and die after me. I got no intentions of becoming a captain. Becoming a captain would mean that I can't fight under Captain Zaraki. If your wish is to surpass Kuchiki Byakuya Well, you sure have weird ways of doing things.

The one who taught me how "to give your name out to he whom you are about to kill" also said That way, if you do end a person's life I'm of the 11th Division, 3rd seat, Madarame Ikkaku! You're right, there's no reason for me to hear your name, because the most important thing is that you know mine. After all, it is the name of the man Awww maaan, and I really didn't feel like using it this early either.

Better watch closely, and make sure you don't tell a soul! You can't carry me AND dodge at the same time, Tetsuzaemon! If you're gonna put your life on the line, you do it as equals! I don't care if you're brothers, or master and apprentice, or whatever! You should only die for a guy who'd die for you!

There's nothing honorable about throwing your life away as though it's nothing! That's just showing off like a kid! If you save Kaien, then what becomes of his pride? If you go to his aid now, his life will be saved. There are two kind of fights in this world.

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As long as we place ourselves in battle, we must always know the difference: And the fight to defend pride! If you were in this situation, what would you have done? You would run after Byakuya And then kick him in the butt, right? No matter how one captain complains, the Central Government won't change their decision for one person. But if it was you, you would still run around appealing to save Kuchiki You would probably do something completely different.

You always chose the path that lead to the most danger. The Commander-General's rather violent today, wouldn't you say? What I mean to say is that you are unforgivable!!

I do not hate you. However, to protect our peaceful existence, there is no other way! You are a demon. You belong in the darkness. So of course you do not fear it. If it's not enough to believe in justice, then I will become justice.

I will seek out all evil in this world and wipe them out like the clouds in the sky. I swear I will I told you before, Komamura. The only paths that I see with these eyes are the ones not dyed with blood. Those paths are the paths to justice.

So whichever path I choose Justice without a great cause begets nothing more than slaughter. That same slaughter in the of a great cause I was trying to chop off your head from the eye up. A little scratch counts as a miss. It must make you sick to know an underling like me is going to kill you. I knew it would. Someday we would cross swords and one of us will die. Is that supposed to be sarcastic?

Lord Aizen has given me something far more powerful than a bankai. Then and now, my fear has always been that I would die a Soul Reaper like you. You said that deceiving my friends and subordinates and pursuing power is deprived.

Then let me ask you this. A person enters into an organization for the purpose of revenge and in so doing, forgets his purpose amidst a life of peace and harmony. Isn't his pandering to that organization also a deprived? To my blind eyes, it is the same. So didn't you find it odd that one whose friend was killed would join the very same organization as the killer?

So this is the sky!! So this is blood!! So this is the world!! And so that is what you look like, Komamura. You're not what I have expected You're much more uglier.

When you dodge, you're afraid of getting killed. When you attack, you're afraid of killing someone. Even when you try to protect someone, you're afraid of letting them die. Yes, your sword speaks to me only of absurd fear. What's necessary in a fight isn't fear. Nothing can be born of that. When you dodge, "I won't let them cut me. You were just given the key to the door in front of you. There's no need to know the cause. No need for sorrow or sadness.

What comes next is up to you. You can use your keys to open the door