Kirito and suguha relationship quotes

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kirito and suguha relationship quotes

Their relationship got a bit rocky ever since then, and Suguha knew he her dearest brother/cousin, Kirigaya Kazuto, the clearer of Sword Art. Asuna is Kirito's partner and main love interest in the series. they resided on the 22 Floor for two weeks as their honeymoon until being called back to the front lines. . Kirigaya Suguha is Kirito's real life adopted-sister/maternal cousin. I've gotten into relations MUCH faster than Kirito and Asuna have. . I agree % with that last quote. . going "Oooh, he should be with Suguha, not Asuna," but then again, most of those people just like Suguha's boobs.

One of my good friends from Japan hit it off with his fiance almost immediately. Of course, the strange custom on that side of the world that I've noticed is they'll actually date for quite a long time before they'll get married.

He's been dating his fiance for about 5 years before they plan to tie the knot in It's the same with a friend of mine from Taiwan. He's been dating the same girl for almost 4 years but she wants to spend a few more years with him before they decide to get married.

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I understand that sort of thing does happen here in the US as well, but not quite as often. A lot of people do end up getting married after only dating for about a year or two. The culture doesn't stop there either. I have a friend from Taiwan living in NYC and we talk about relationships a lot.

As I mentioned before, I'm 27 and currently single with no kids. I end up getting pressured by my parents a lot about getting into a relationship and having kids because they believe I'm "of age" and they want grandchildren. It's a little hard for me now because the last girlfriend I had was a few years ago and things were pretty serious before I found out she cheated on me while she was attending college in another state.

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Since then, I've been a little insecure about getting into relationships although I do want one. Anyway, to get back on-topic, my friend from NYC just keeps telling me not to rush it and that I'm still ridiculously young to get married. I tell her about how it's "normal" for guys my age to get married here while she just tells me a lot of guys in Taiwan don't get married until they are in their 30s. As for the series, I think a few different factors played into Aincrad in comparison to Alfeim.

For one, the enormity of the Sword Art Online game dictated a slow pace. In a sense, it's pretty similar to a lot of the RPGs that I play.

I'm the sort of gamer where I like to reach Level 99 and max out my stats before I get to a final boss. I think it's the same with Aincrad. The people that are trapped in it are just being cautious because if the try and rush to the top, they'll die.

They need to be coordinated and leveling up at extreme levels. Kayaba Akihiko Heathcliff Kirito mentioned in the beginning of the series that Kayaba Akihiko was his hero, and he looked up to him. Akihiko is indirectly responsible for numerous tragedies around Kirito, as it was because of him that the players who would die in the game would die in real life as well.

kirito and suguha relationship quotes

Nonetheless, Kirito and Akihiko are shown to have mutual respect for each other. Pina Pina has a strange attraction to Kirito, as Pina is said to fly off of Silica's shoulder and curl up on Kirito whenever she came across him sleeping [2].

Even when Kirito is not sleeping, Pina is still attracted to him, like when Silica invited Kirito to a restaurant to celebrate her birthday, Pina became interested in Kirito's tart, even though Tamed Monsters are only supposed to be interested in food when fed by their tamer, and then curled up on his head. Kazuto created distance between them when he found out they weren't real siblings but instead cousins. After clearing SAO, this becomes something he regrets as he tries to reforge their relationship.

When Kirito was trapped in SAO, Suguha was conflicted with her feelings for Kirito and eventually realized she loved him. She originally joined ALO, using the alter-ego name Leafa in an attempt to better understand him. She becomes depressed when Kazuto visits Asuna on a consistent basis, realising where his feelings lie.

Suguha's feelings

She unknowingly met Kazuto under his screen-name Kirito while he was trying to save Asuna in the World Tree. She eventually developed feelings for him without knowing Kirito was really Kazuto and was distraught when she found out his identity. After helping him rescue Asuna, she had come to deal with her feelings and instead acted as a supportive sibling towards her cousin, similar to their original relationship. Asada Shino Sinon When Kirito first logged into Gun Gale Online, he soon became lost and attempted to ask the first person he met for directions.

Due to his new avatar being shorter than his spriggan avatar, Kirito did not realise that Sinon, the first person he encountered, was a girl until he had already attracted her attention.

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Kirito pondered how to act in this situation, fearing that Sinon would think that he was trying to flirt with her, but when he realised that Sinon had mistaken him for a girl, he decided to use this misunderstanding to his advantage.

Kirito quickly gained respect from Sinon the instant he tackled an extremely difficult arcade game and won on the first try. However, when he inadvertently saw Sinon changing her equipment in preparation for the Bullet of Bullets preliminaries, he finally decided to inform Sinon that she had mistaken his gender.

The circumstances caused a rift to form between them, transforming Sinon's early amicability to a heated sense of rivalry.

kirito and suguha relationship quotes

On the other hand, Kirito tried to remain friendly to her throughout. He also acknowledged Sinon's sniping abilities, believing that she was a dangerous sniper [3]and valued her experience in Gun Gale Online, such as when he relied on her input when they formed a team to defeat Death Gun during the main Bullet of Bullets tournament [4].

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The rift in their relationship was gradually mended over the course of the tournament, especially after Kirito and Sinon shared their mutual traumatic experiences of having killed another person with one another.

In the aftermath of the Death Gun incident, Kazuto, with the help of Asuna and Rika, arranged for Shino to meet Oosawa Sachie, the young mother Shino had saved during the post office incident, and her daughter Mizue, helping Shino tremendously in overcoming the guilt that had burdened her for years.