Kenzi and dyson relationship counseling

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kenzi and dyson relationship counseling

Bo, Kenzi and Dyson go to juvie, Dr. Hotpants lays down The Slap her skills from being voted best camp counselor three summers running. Kenzi is the ultimate snarky sidekick, always there for Bo with a witty remark or hug, and her relationship with Bo is often cited to be the core of. Kenzi is extremely protective of Bo and does not take kindly to anyone she considers She has become very close to Trick and seeks his advice often. Her relationships with Dyson and Lauren are friendly but more guarded, due to the fact.

It was hard to process. It was hard to recap. Because breakups are hard. Well, not totally brand new. When presented with imminent danger she picks up a bat. Bo, rejuvenated after her successful completion of the Boring Dawning is a flush with power and blue eyes. She feels good, but Kenzi feels bad about the person who seems to be breaking into their shanty.

Seriously, how is that place still standing? I can see through the boards to the outside and some sections of wall seem to be covered only in paper mache. Bo and Kenzi who has chosen a samurai sword named Geraldine and one boxing glove as her weapons of choice — never change, girl, never change sneak up to the rattling door and yank it open.

When did this happen? I need to see the blueprints to this place to understand its counterintuitive structural soundness.

kenzi and dyson relationship counseling

But instead of a hulking burglar behind the door they find a startled Lauren who promptly dumps a tray carrying the romantic breakfast in bed surprise for Bo on the floor. Ta-da, hope you like your eggs Formica. While Lauren is still trying to feel her out not in that way, pity about her Dawning experience, Bo is all rejuvenated, giving group hugs and trying her hand at cooking.

Kenzi is now rightfully suspicious.

kenzi and dyson relationship counseling

I still have my ideas as to who Bo's papa is from my knowledge of mythological beings that have been referred to as "The Wanderer," but I'm not certain if we'll be learning any more about that any time soon.

Kenzi and Dyson head over to Dr Snook's office and force their way into Snook's examination room, where they see Snook removing the memory of a cheating husband from the mind of a designer-clad Real Housewife of Fae County.

They ask Snook if he was the one responsible for removing Aoife's memories, and Snook tells them that Snook only takes away memories yes, Snook constantly and annoyingly refers to himself in the third personand doesn't restore them. According to Snook, Kenzi and Dyson are also missing memories, and Snook isn't responsible.

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The mark in the eye is like a distinct signature that changes based on who is doing the erasing. Anyone else singing, "Memories As I suspected, this explains why they don't remember Bo! And the Fae responsible is someone far more skilled than Snook. Kenzi returns to Trick's and fills him in on the info from Snook. Trick tells Kenzi how they can get their memories back. There's a special compass that was lost off the coast of Madagascar, but someone has paid a lot of money to have it recovered -- Engelram, "The Collector.

Kenzi texts Dyson to try and score tickets to Engelram's soiree, and then tries to make a quick exit until Trick asks if she's forgetting something.

Kenzi has fallen upon hard times and is trying to steal some knick-knacks from Trick to fence for cash. The photo of Bo comes out along with the items that Kenzi produces from her purse, and Trick has an uncontrollable shaking reaction to it. He asks Kenzi to share everything she knows about her client.

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The Morrigan, has met her demise and our new Dark Fae leader is none other than Vex! Is there anything more delicious than his remark to a hapless seamstress: In another award-winning line from the episode, Vex refers to Dyson as "Marmaduke. Dyson demands Vex's tickets to Engelram's party and if Vex doesn't comply, Dyson is going to tell everyone that Evony is not really dead -- just imprisoned behind a wall in Vex's office.

Dyson and Hale arrive at Engelram's ball, and revellers are dancing to music that brings snake charmers to mind. In a moment of exposition, Hale tells Dyson that every year at Engelram's ball, one lady is chosen to meet the "elusive Collector," who also happens to be a wish granter. At the loft, Kenzi is having a fashion emergency as she prepares for the ball, and actually calls Lauren, but doesn't get an answer.

kenzi and dyson relationship counseling

Kenzi leaves a message for the Doc saying she wanted some advice on "colour blocking" and hopes that Lauren is safe. Sleazy, slimy Massimo the Druid shows up with a crossbow and Kenzi's secret weapon, the Spark Extract -- straight from the genitals of a Sprite -- that has been giving her the fake Fae powers. Kenzi had gone to Massimo and asked him to make her Fae but he tricked her.

kenzi and dyson relationship counseling

She's also in his debt for previous sparkle juice orders, and he suggests that she can pay in other ways. I really hope that in a future episode that Kenzi makes him suffer. Kenzi is fashionably late to the ball in the most va-va-va voom dress ever. Some other females have already attracted Engelram's attentions, but Kenzi thinks that she can still win. Kenzi grabs Hale and he's not the greatest dance partner, but Dyson comes to the rescue, leading to a sizzling, sexy dance threesome.

Again, I have that icky Lannister feeling but I can't deny just how awesome Kenzi and Dyson look together. I guess it takes three to tango in the world of the Fae!

The dance garners the attention of Engelram and Kenzi heads off to The Collector's private chambers. Engelram ends up being none other than much-hyped guest star George Takei, who is some type of Serpent Fae.

Now that snake charmer-esque music really makes sense! Back in the ballroom, Vex makes a grand entrance -- think Dr. He announces to the crowd that that the Una Mens are coming.

Vex clears the room when he uses his Mesmer powers on an unsuspecting female.

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Engelram makes his way toward Kenzi in his chambers and hisses that he is but a "humble gatherer of Fae memorabilia" to which Kenzi replies, "Slow your roll, Slytherin. Kenzi asks for the compass, and Engelram is surprised.

kenzi and dyson relationship counseling

Now that he granted her wish, he's planning to swallow her whole. Somebody call because out on the dancefloor, Dyson and Vex are about to have a standoff. I need to be upfront about this. I am not a "shipper" when it comes to this or any series, but if there is any hot TV pairing at the moment, it's Dyson and Vex.

Also, I'm a bit jealous that Paul Amos walks in heels better than I do. Vex's memories have been altered as well and he figured it out ages ago.

Vex also did terrible things to get his Mesmer back. Hale is really ticked off and unleashes a Siren-storm on Vex. Apparently Vex betrayed Kenzi to the Una Mens. Vex, how could you? Kenzi is still trying to escape Engelram and tries to get her spark on. When she goes to apply more of the Spark Extract, she only finds a note in the jar from Massimo that says "Pay me. Time for the signature Takei "Oh my! For a moment, they contemplate not restoring their memories, but Kenzi knows that the status quo isn't right and it hasn't been for a while.

The compass is activated, they look at each other, and they say "Bo" at the same time. Aoife is on the prowl for unsuspecting sailors during Fleet Week and has a surprise reunion with her daddy, Trick! Their memories also return, and someone clearly has some daddy issues. Although Trick says he'll help Aoife find Bo, Aoife lunges at him with a knife and says that all that has kept her alive is her hatred for him. Vex and Hale have also regained their memories, and we are treated to a brief reunion of "Mascara Chat with Vex and Kenzi" before they get down to the task at hand -- finding Bo.

Dyson's alarm sounds and he heads back to the scene of his and Tamsin's accident.