Karev and jo relationship quiz

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karev and jo relationship quiz

Are Jo Wilson and Alex Karev getting back together in Grey's Anatomy A trivia quiz on Grey's Anatomy Meredith Grey, with questions about her relationship. Over the years, the relationships of Grey's Anatomy have made us laugh, Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) and Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington). Can you name all the Grey's Anatomy Relationships (through Test your knowledge on this television quiz to see how you do and Alex Karev, Hook Up (Flashback in Season 6) Jo Wilson, Ex-Husband (Season 14).

Question 8 Which Grey's Anatomy couple left panties on the surgical floor? Meredith and Derek snuck off during the prom and left her panties. None, Addison found the panties in Derek's pocket. None, Callie left her panties on the surgical floor. Callie and George snuck off during the prom and left her panties.

The punishment was to give Chief Webber's cancer ridden niece a prom. Another requirement was for everyone to attend it. Meredith was dating Finn, the vet and Derek was back with Addison. Izzie was in love with Denny, who had just gotten a new heart, and George was still trying to figure out his thing with Callie. Which couple snuck away from the prom and left panties on the surgical floor? Question 9 Which couple hasn't had sex in the on-call room?

Cristina and Owen Richard and Ellis Ben and Miranda The on-call room at Grey's Anatomy is famous for more reasons than just waiting for surgeries, or getting some much-needed sleep. It's also the place where a lot of interns, residents, and attendings get it on. Their lives revolve around their patients and the hospital, but they must find time for their own relationships. Many of which begin in an on-call room. However, there are some couples who haven't gotten it on in the on-call room.

Which out of these couples hasn't had sex in the on-call room? Question 10 Which couple didn't introduce themselves until the morning after they spent the night together? Meredith and Derek Cristina and Preston Callie and George This couple met at a bar and spent what was supposed to be a one-night stand together. They both woke up the next morning, in a rush to get to work. The couple realized that they hadn't exchanged names as one of the parties was showing the other party their way out.

Introductions were made and that was supposed to be the end of their relationship. Which couple didn't introduce themselves until the morning after they spent their first night together?

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Question 11 This surgeon's girlfriend was close to the same age as this boyfriend's daughter. The problem was mostly due to their age difference and tons of comparisons were made, making her seem more like a teeny bopper than a first-year intern. Just as things began to die down, a young girl popped up claiming to be the surgeon's daughter. The paternity results came back positive that he was the dad. The girl was 18 years old, which wasn't much younger than his own girlfriend.

One was romantic, the other was gorgeous. The only problem was that one of them was the other's patient. They were both consenting adults. It also wasn't the only time a surgeon fell for their patient on the show.

This relationship led to many mistakes, as did the other relationships that formed between surgeons and patients on Grey's. Which of these surgeon, patient relationships began over flirting and checkers? Question 13 Which couple split up a marriage over what turned out to be a huge mistake?

Callie and Arizona George and Izzie Richard and Ellis Sometimes best friends are better off staying in the friend zone.

This couple learned this the hard way, after a drunken night of sex. However, things didn't go as planned once the dirty deed was done. They didn't work out, and one of them almost got their ass kicked by a spouse. Which couple split up a marriage over what turned out to be a big mistake? Question 14 Which Grey's Anatomy guy jizzed in a cup for this girl?

Alex gave his semen to preserve Izzie's eggs before she underwent chemotherapy. Alex gave his semen to check his sperm count for Jo. Alex gave his semen to check his sperm count for Izzie.

karev and jo relationship quiz

Alex gave his semen to preserve Rebecca's eggs before surgery. This Seattle Grace surgical intern was one of the toughest cookies when it came to feelings. He didn't catch feelings easy, and wasn't one to show those feelings once he had them. This was the first out of only a couple of ladies that he has actually loved.

She's also the one he jizzed in a cup for. He did this because he saw enough of a future with her despite a serious illness. Which Grey's Anatomy guy jizzed in a cup for this girl? Question 15 This guy kissed this girl at a party for the first time? The girl was always a complicated person, when it came to relationships. She was known by the others as a robot who was less human than the rest of the interns.

The girl didn't love often and was a closed door when it came to her first relationship. However, she was able to find love a couple times on Grey's. Which of these guys kissed this girl at a party for the first time? Question 16 Which Grey's Anatomy couple never had sex at all? Izzie and Denny Meredith and Finn Bailey and Eli This girl was trying to move on from what she thought was going to be her last relationship. She was deeply hurt by something that he had done. In fact, her idea was to stay celibate entirely.

She had even taken up knitting to void off the nagging urge. However, she met this guy, who kind of swept her off her feet. They became a couple, but nothing sexual ever happened between them. Which Grey's Anatomy couple never had sex at all? Question 17 Which couple began their relationship in season one and ended up with a wedding?

Marriage isn't for everyone and Shonda Rhimes has made characters like this for us, even if they do make an attempt at getting married and finding happiness. This doesn't mean that there hasn't been happy endings for the mushy people.

We did see dark and twisty get McDreamy, didn't we? Which of these couples began their relationship in season one and ended up with a wedding? Question 18 This Grey's Anatomy couple broke up a long awaited relationship with a fling that didn't get far?

karev and jo relationship quiz

Mark, Addison George, Izzie Owen, Teddy This couple broke up a long awaited relationship over a fling that didn't last long. There was a kiss, unmeaningful sex, and a sharp, swift breakup. The couple put so much into this new relationship, but the truth was that they were never meant to be together.

In fact, the long awaited relationship would have went on had a friend not overheard the new couple talking about their first kiss.

Which couple broke up a long awaited relationship with a fling that didn't get far?

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Question 19 Which surgeon fell in love with this dying patient? Attendings date and fall in love with their interns, residents do the same, and there have even been a couple of patient-surgeon relationships. In this situation the surgeon fell deeply in love with a dying patient.

They even agreed to marry the patient, which helped when it came to their medical expenses. The patient eventually died, leaving the surgeon heartbroken and unable to forgive their best friend. Who fell in love with this dying patient? Addison, Derek, and Meredith.

Izzie, George, and Callie Christina, Preston, and Colin Some of the most amusing storylines on Grey's Anatomy have been based on awkward, or bad sexual experiences. This was one of those times. To make matters worse, a phone call interrupted the bad sex. The call was made from a recognizable number, so one party answered and said they were in the middle of bad sex and hung up. However, the call wasn't made by the owner of phone number. Which couple was having bad sex when this ex called? They do get to have one, but not in the way you might have thought.

Most would have done things the medical way. However, this baby came during a break in their relationship. The parties who made the baby have always been close. In fact, they spent a lot of their friendship as friends with benefits. Still it was this couple who ended up with the baby in the end.

Who fell in love with who, but had their baby with who? Question 22 Which couple almost destroyed a new family bond twice? You've got your friends doing your roommates. Your roommates doing patients. Hell, it might even be you, who's doing the patient. The point is that when someone on Grey's hooks up with someone else, it tends to cause a ripple effect.

In this situation a sister was forming a family bond, but her coupling up with this roommate almost destroyed that family bond. Next Up Criminal Minds Exclusive: This article contains spoilers about the Season 12 finale of Grey's Anatomy. Read at your own risk! Of course, Alex doesn't know this yet, but they've also got other problems to deal with. And that's not the only intriguing thread dangling over next season. The finale revolved around the idea of finding a second chance at love, and all the dark and twisty emotions that come with that process.

Amelia and Owen each wondered if they were just settling for the other as they prepared to get married; Meredith and Alex lamented that they'll never find anyone as good as Derek and Izzie, respectively; and April and Jackson grappled with the fact that they might lose yet another baby.

Let's recap what went down: Here are all the new shows coming your way Alex and Jo After Jo Camilla Luddington rejects his marriage proposal but suggests they have a baby together, Alex Justin Chambers decides he's done with drama.

Good luck staying on this show, then! All he wants is a wife and a house and a family, in that order. Jo, convinced she's lost Alex for good, decides to get shmammered at the bar to cope with her feelings. DeLuca Giacomo Gianniotti shows up and, as he's helping her stumble out of the bar, Jo confesses that she's already married.

Back at the loft, Jo drunkenly explains to DeLuca that her husband was abusive, so she left and changed her name so that he could never find her. The problem with that is, she can't try and divorce him now, because then he'll know where she's living. As she's saying all this, she's pulling off her jeans and top and getting ready to collapse into bed. We all know where this is going, right?

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As DeLuca's trying to help her into bed, he falls on top of her - and of course, Alex comes home at that precise moment, just in time to see DeLuca on top of his half-naked girlfriend in their bed.

DeLuca tries in vain to spit out an explanation, but Alex proceeds to beat the s out of him.

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In addition to any physical damage to DeLuca those punches were wince-worthy, even as a viewerit's uncertain at best whether Alex and Jo's relationship can survive the fact that he doesn't even know her real name. But, after some initial hesitation in which she came thisclose to being a Runaway Bride, Amelia's feeling pretty positive about her and Owen's future as she starts making her way down the aisle, thanks to a pep talk from Meredith Ellen Pompeo over Slurpees.