Kamui and kagura relationship poems

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kamui and kagura relationship poems

I believe that he just would like to persuade himself that Kagura is not dying. I believe we can understand What kind of relationship between you and Kagura, Okita san? Even Okita acted as . Poems about Okikagu blackhaiper · Today is Kamui birthday 6/1 Happy birthday to my dear Baka-Aniki Kun. just like Byakuya-sama and Rukia, I have strange interest in the relationship between brother and sister, so, Kamui x Kagura all the wayyyyy. Thread: Shinzaverse/Masada's Chuuni Mind - Dies Irae/Kajiri Kamui That poem was full of grammar errors though, like "Fusen" instead of "Füße" . sister marrieng another dude (they had a kind of incestuous relationship).

Kamui would always protect Kagura while Kagura would always protect Kamui. And that broke the relationship they had. It's easy how simple words and little acts can break a bond so strong that it would take it years to be repaired.

Many years have past since the death of Kouka, the baldness of Umibouzo and that faithful day when Kamui left Kagura. In the present he sees Kagura as a weakling. He tries to kill her. He doesn't know how much stronger she actually is. And that she might be stronger then him. Now don't get too triggered I will explain what I mean.

Kamui may be strong in physical way but mentally he is still a child. He has isolated himself from his family while Kagura has been with her 'family' for long time. Family is made of LOVE and no matter how powerful you are, not having the love your family gives you and the support there always have for you makes you weak. This battle is important because it shows how much Kagura has grown and how much not of a weakling she is.

Exactly after that fight Kamui finally acknowledges that Kagura may not be just a weakling but something more. Rakuyou Decisive Battle Arc or as I call it it's the battle of changes.

kamui and kagura relationship poems

Kamui in his wishes to kill his father attacks him. In their fight is kinda obvious that Kamui is presented like an immature child and Umibouzu - as the strong willed father, saying stuff like: The only think the girl wants it to have her biological family back together. To have the strong bond with her brother and to feel the fatherly love again.

Kagura may not match Kamui's powers but her purpose is stronger, brighter. I think that, that hug represents the rebonding of the siblings.

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The hug is brief but it shows so much emotions going on. Kagura is labeled a delinquent in her school, and she simply can't seem to get along with Okita Sougo, who does nothing but piss her off. Sougo, on the other hand, is unable to convey his feelings properly. How will the two deal with one another?

Heavy hints of GinTsuki included. Rated T for Kagura's foul mouth. T - English - Angst - Chapters: This was one thing he did not sign up for when he joined the police force.

T - English - Humor - Chapters: A sadist's den is like a bed of nails, it only brings pain by thirteenchrysanthemums reviews Catherine learns the hard way that breaking and entering is wrong. She shows the Sadist who's boss and looks sexy doing it. With appearances of Diamond Perfume, the rest of Yorozuya, the Shinsengumi and Zura there is no telling what could happen at Soyo-hime's birthday party. The Harusame is involved too?

Rated T for violence and maybe swearing in future chapters. Rekindle by Aeneid reviews AU. He could not understand why, as a child, he had always looked at the Moon with longing.

Rated M for suggestive references. M - English - Romance - Chapters: The story focuses on the part when Takasugi Shinsuke entered the scene. This is basically about the love triangle of Sougo, Kagura, and Takasugi. The story is about how Kagura and Okita decides to spend the last hours.

Please leave a lot of reviews, so I can continue the story! Being drunk could make a normal person do funny and outrageous things.

kamui and kagura relationship poems

How about the sadistic pair then? Leaving without looking back is even harder.

kamui and kagura relationship poems

Leaving for good is probably the hardest. And, leaving someone behind usually requires all of the above. A one shot about Kagura, Okita, and a train track.

T - English - Romance - Chapters: KaguOki, with a light hint of SabuNobu.

T - English - Drama - Chapters: Contains heavy hints of SabuNobu. A withdrawn pianist, a runaway soul, and the ongoing storm. What will happen between the two? Another Okikagu read for all you lovers! Check for chapter updates! The Baby You by alicesphinx07 reviews Kagura foolishly ends up eating a weird potion that reverts back to her child self!

How will the Yorozuya family and the Shinsengumi officers deal with her? Once again, I suck at summary. They saw one another no more than 15 minutes a day, but it was more than enough. Rating changed due to language and sudden mature content. That, or you can always bash your rival's face.

See ya by trisha23flow reviews All good things come to an end, but just to start a new beginning. Kagura leaving the Yorozuya to start a new life on her own. Just rated T for some stuffs. Unfotunately, I'm not yet that confident to write my own lemon so, just T for now.


There's another otaku on the loose. Lime scenes at the beginning of the fanfic Gintama - Rated: Slightly AU, set before the war took place with the amanto. A reimagining of the second half episode from Kamui's point of view. Now prince of planet of sadist should start helping her There is also a promise between two Yato siblings